Betano Withdrawal – Monthly Limits and Withdrawal Time

betano withdrawal time
Betano Withdrawal Time
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If you decide to use Betano Casino and make a withdrawal request, the maximum amount you can pull out is €30 000 or €10 000, depending on the payment solution and the country where you reside. Nostrabet’s team has tested the option, so we can safely say that the process is safe.

Although the processing time for such transactions is usually long, this isn’t the case here. The Betano withdrawal time is up to 3 days if you’re using a credit/debit card or up to 24 h for eWallets. The minimum requirement is €10, which means you can make a request at any time.

With that out of the way, let’s learn more about the Betano payout process to have a smooth experience.

Betano Withdrawal

Understanding Betano Withdrawal Policies

People who’ve been involved in sports betting or something else at Betano will come to a point where they’ll want to withdraw money. Once that time comes, they need to check all of the important rules regarding this process. Similar to other online betting operators, the Betano withdrawal procedure has its specifics and limits.

Before taking a look at the different policies, you need to remember that only people with a verified Betano account can make a withdrawal request. So, the only way to take your winnings is by completing the KYC process, so learn more about it.

Betano Withdrawal Limits

Payment MethodWithdrawal MinimumWithdrawal MaximumTime for Withdrawal
PayPal LogoPayPal€15€5 000up to 24 hours
Visa LogoVisa€10€10 0003 days
MasterCard LogoMasterCard€10€10 0003 days
ApplePay LogoApplePay€10€30 0001 - 4 days
Sofort LogoSofortN/AN/AN/A
GiroPay LogoGiroPayN/AN/AN/A
Trustly LogoTrustly€10€20 000Next working day
Paysafe Card LogoPaysafe Card€10€2 500up to 24 hours
Skrill LogoSkrill€10€10 000up to 24 hours
Bank Wire Transfer LogoBank Wire Transfer€20€10 0001-3 Working Days

In addition to the Betano payout time, one of the rules that people need to check is the withdrawal limits. Knowing the maximum withdrawal limit and the minimum amount you have to pull out will help you because you will know when to make a request.

The minimum withdrawal amount is something that everyone needs to have before making a request. Betano decided to implement this so it could regulate the withdrawal requests. Similar to the minimum deposit, people can only request to get their winnings once they meet the limit.

Interestingly, this gambling site has a pretty high maximum withdrawal limit. This allows people to pull out larger amounts of money without going through the withdrawal process multiple times. Of course, there has to be a limit to the amount people can get because Betano does not have unlimited finances.

Betano Maximum payout

People who create an account are often interested in the many betting markets available inside the sportsbook. One of world’s leading gambling sites will allow punters to wager on a lot of sports, and they can win a lot of money. With that said, the betting site has certain limits that people need to know before they place bets.

The maximum payout for sports at Betano is usually capped at $25,000 for a single bet. Even though this may not seem impressive, the Betano maximum payout is a lot higher than most other websites for sports wagering in the country. Betano players are interested in all kinds of sports, so here are the maximum payout limits for some of them.

Remember that there are different requirements for the maximum net winnings per bet, depending on what you wager on. For example, you can win up to $1,000,000 per bet on the FT Result market if you wager on the UEFA Europa League.

Sport Maximum Payout
🏉 Rugby$500,000 per bet
🏒 Hockey$1,000,000 per bet
🏌 Golf$1,000,000 per bet
🏈 Football$1,000,000 per bet
Soccer$1,000,000 per bet
🏀 Basketball NBA$1,000,000 per bet
🥎 Tennis$1,000,000 per bet

Factors Affecting Withdrawal Time

Regarding the Betano withdrawal time, this is one of the few operators where people do not need to wait long. Whether they choose bank transfers or something else, the Betano website will offer them a fairly fast withdrawal process. Yet, a few things can have an effect on the processing time.

The first thing is the payment options because some require more time to work than others. As mentioned earlier, making debit card withdrawals is faster than using eCahout.

Another important factor related to the withdrawal time at Betano is your account’s state. Some players forget that they need to be verified before making a request. Consequently, they need to wait until the Betano platform reviews everything.

Lastly, Betano will try to review every transaction individually. So, there might be situations where many people will be interested in withdrawing money simultaneously, so users may need to wait a bit longer until the payment team goes through everything.

Withdrawal Time for Different Payment Methods

When you decide to make a Betano payout, you will have the opportunity to choose from three types of payment solutions. Besides the maximum deposit limit, the company also has specific requirements for its withdrawals that you need to take a look at.

Starting with e-wallets, this is the method of choice for people who do not wish to use debit or credit cards. Choosing one of the convenient payment methods will allow you to withdraw between €10 and €30 000 in a single transaction. You do not need to pay any additional fees, and the processing time can take between 1 and 3 days.

On the other hand, debit and credit cards are withdrawal methods known for faster transactions. They have some similarities with e-wallets, such as the minimum requirement and the fact there are no fees. However, these two alternatives have much lower maximum limits (€10 000), and the average payout takes around 3 days.

At the time of writing this, clients can’t use other payment options to make withdrawals. However, since debit cards and other chances are available, Betano may decide to provide users with even more alternatives in the future. If we check the site’s options in other parts of the world, we can see that it has other kinds of things, so it’s a matter of time before they become available.

How to Withdraw Your Winnings from Your Betano Account

To withdraw winnings from your account at Betano, you should do the following:

withdraw from betano
  1. Log into your account at Betano.
  2. Go to the payment method section by selecting “Deposit”.
  3. After that, press “Withdrawal” to reveal all of the alternatives.
  4. Choose the withdrawal method you like the most, followed by the amount you wish to get.

Once you’re done, Betano will review your request and check if everything is okay. If the answer is yes, you will receive the amount you’ve requested within a few days (depending on the option).

Tips to Expedite Withdrawals

Even though Betano is known for its withdrawal processing times and the fact that you don’t need to wait for long, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process. Perhaps the most important one is to keep your account information up-to-date. Considering that this is a legit iGaming brand, it needs to collect data about you, so try updating everything on time before going through Betano withdrawals.

Since we’re on the topic of your account, as mentioned, you need to verify it on time. So, before choosing one of the Betano offers, it’s important to provide the required information so that the operator knows who you are. If you don’t do this on time, you must go through it before the withdrawal request.

Common Betano Withdrawal Problems

Although you should not have any major withdrawal problems, even on the Betano app, some users may experience difficulties. We’ve tried the most common problems related to this process, so check them out before you start playing.

Betano Account Not Verified

verification process betano

As mentioned, you need to verify your account before making a Betano Withdrawal request. You can do this by submitting information about yourself. Contact the customer support department if you need further information.

Not Enough Funds

Considering all payment methods have a minimum requirement, people who don’t have enough funds can’t pull out their winnings. If you’re in this situation, you must try reaching the minimum limit, which means placing more bets.

Restricted Account

Even if you want to use the same payment methods as in your deposit, Betano may decline your request if your account is restricted. There are many reasons why this could be the case, so if you’re not sure what happened, talk to the support team. In most cases, people end up in this situation when they violate the Terms and Conditions.

Using Bonus for Sports Betting or Casino

Depending on the promotion, there are cases where people who’ve been using a welcome bonus or another active perk won’t be able to make a withdrawal while it’s active. That’s why you should check the rules of the specific perk.

Wanting to use a Betano casino payment alternative that’s not available for withdrawals

Unfortunately, Betano does not offer as many options for withdrawals compared to the deposit alternatives, at least in some countries. Therefore, users interested in a bank transfer, cryptocurrencies, or something else will not be able to make a transaction.


Despite the absence of many Betano withdrawal options, the company has one of the smoothest and safest processes in the business. The operator will let you get your winnings safely without the need to wait for weeks. Moreover, the min and max requirements are user-friendly, so you can get what you’ve won easily.


What factors can influence the withdrawal processing time on Betano?

The payment method itself can have an impact on the Betano withdrawal processing times.

Which payment methods are supported on Betano, and how do their withdrawal times compare?

Betano supports a variety of payment alternatives, but clients can use debit/credit cards and an ewallet for withdrawals. The withdrawal times are much faster than what’s available on most other platforms.

Are there any tips to expedite the withdrawal process on Betano?

Yes, you can speed up this process by verifying your account ahead of time. Also choosing the payment solution with the lowest processing time is also a plus.

What should I do if I experience delays in my withdrawal from Betano?

You can always contact the support crew and ask them about your Betano withdrawal.

Is there a monthly withdrawal limit at Betano?

No, there should not be any limits, but you obviously can’t withdraw more than you have in your account.

What’s the Betano withdrawal time using the app?

The withdrawal time using the Betano app should be the same as on your desktop.

Can I increase the maximum withdrawal limit?

No, you can’t increase the maximum withdrawal limit at Betano yet, but this may become available in the future.

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