Betano Affiliates: How to Join the Affiliate Program?

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The Betano brand among the most popular gambling platform in the world that is strictly regulated and offers a well-managed list of options and features to players in different jurisdictions. This brand has managed to establish an excellent reputation as an online sportsbook. However, the casino services of the operator can also impress many gamblers out there. 

As a leading brand on the market, Betano can also compete with other gambling sites with its affiliate programme. It is designed to help the operator and its partners achieve better results using smart and innovative solutions. 

In the following sections, we will introduce you to the main details of the Betano affiliate programme. We will tell you how to become one of the Betano affiliates, and you will find out more about the features and advantages that the programme offers.

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How to Join Betano Affiliates?

Becoming a partner of Betano is a rather simple and easy procedure. You must opt in for the affiliate application form of the Betano contact and create a new affiliate account. And here are the steps that you need to take. 

Betano affiliate registration
  1. Enter the affiliate site of Betano and click on the “Create a Single Sign-On Account” tab.
  2. You will see a new section that will pop up on the screen. 
  3. There, you need to fill in specific details. They include your name and email. You also need to create a password.
  4. Next, you have to click on the “Create” button below.
  5. Then, you need to access your email and check for the verification link that you need to use to request a validation of your income access. 

Betano Affiliate Program Rules

What you need to know is that the Betano affiliate programme has specific terms, and there are some major rules that you need to follow. Otherwise, you will not be able to promote the service of the operator successfully. If, for any reason, you violate the essential rules, your partnership might be terminated. 

Nevertheless, as a business partner, the operator also has to meet all requirements that are specifically outlined in the terms and conditions of the affiliate programme. Below, you can find more details about the duties of each party. 

What are the main duties of Betano?

The operator’s team has to provide its affiliate partners with all up-to-date promotional bet tools. These may include banners, marketing materials and others. Besides, affiliate partners need to receive accurate information about the bonus programme of the operator so that any bonuses are promoted correctly. 

As part of the mutual agreement, the operator must pay commissions on time, within the established procedures. Of course, the affiliated managers of Betano need to assist the partner companies in case any specific issues may occur.

What are the Main Duties of Affiliates?

First of all, you need to promote the latest affiliate links provided by Betano so that you can reach better conversion rates. Moreover, you need to provide the operator with up-to-date information about your website and give access to the Betano so that the operator can check whether you comply with the requirements.

As part of the requirements, you cannot promote gambling services to people under 18. You also need to comply with all responsible gambling requirements implied on behalf of Betano.  

Betano Affiliate Commission Model

Every affiliate programme in the gambling business has some sort of a commission model. This scheme is used so partner companies and operators can benefit from the partnership.

The commission model of the Betano affiliate program is rather attractive and highly competitive in the market. Below, you can check the main options you can benefit from as a partner. 

Rev Share

This is one of the most popular commission models that allows partner companies to get part of the winnings as a percentage. For example, if the affiliate partner generates a specific amount of traffic that leads to specific earnings, the affiliate partner can get a commission. This commission can be a percentage of the revenues. 

The percentage of the commission rate may depend on the revenues generated by referred players who have registered and deposited on the Betano website. The more players have registered and deposited, the bigger the commission rate can be.

Depending on the specific level of the affiliate partner, the revenue shares of the Betano affiliate scheme can be between 20% and 30%. 


In this situation, the affiliate partner can earn commissions based on players’ activity. Therefore, the affiliate partner can get an estimated amount once a player clicks on the promotional banner or registers on the website. 

The more active players are, the better the CPA model will pay back. Sometimes, the CPA model can be combined with the revenue share scheme. This is sometimes called a hybrid model. Unfortunately, Betano does not offer this type of model.

Sub Affiliates

This model can support both gambling brands and their affiliate partners. It is related to using a network of bogs, content writers, influencers and other channels that help promote the services of the gambling operators. The sub-affiliate model is extremely popular and can sometimes lead to impressive results in generating better traffic. 

What is the Betano Affiliates Software?

The software that the gambling platform uses is one of the significant elements related to the affiliate partnership that needs to be taken into serious consideration. The better the software, the better the possibilities for operators and their partners. 

In the case of Betano, the operator’s affiliate programme uses state-of-the-art technologies to promote its services. Betano’s platform is powered by Income Acces. This is the name of the software used to build up the affiliate programme of Betano. 

This software offers various solutions that can be requested and helps the operator to manage its partnership with other companies more efficiently. The software helps for a better payment system and smooth transactions. 

How to Promote Betano?

The Betano affiliate scheme is similar to those of other operators on the market. Still, it has its specific terms. In most cases, Betano partners will be able to use several major options to promote the services of the gambling brand. 

Betano affiliates will be able to use special banners and specific promotional materials. They can display them on their websites, aiming at attracting more potential customers. 

On the other hand, Betano partners will also receive a special affiliate link. It will be one of the major options used in the Revenue Share payment mode. 

Depending on their performance, some affiliates may receive exclusive bonuses that they can promote for better conversion rates. These bonus offers can also be used together with special promotional links.

Which are the Target Markets of Betano?

Betano is a leading gambling brand and is available in many countries around the globe. Betano’s gambling platform has a valid licence from leading gambling regulatory organisations. Therefore, partners in many jurisdictions where Betano is legal will benefit from the affiliate program. Here are some of the jurisdictions where Betano is legal. 

  • Bulgaria
  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Ontario (Canada)
  • Ecuador
  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • Peru

How to Redeem Commissions as a Betano Affiliate?

To be as competitive as possible, the Betano affiliate program supports some of the most preferred and widely used payment methods. These include Skrill, Neteller and Bank Wire transfers. 

These payment methods allow secure, fast and reliable money transactions. Therefore, Betano affiliates can redeem their commissions as soon as possible, as these payment processors offer excellent payout solutions. 

What kind of iGaming Options can you promote with Betano?

What is good about Betano’s gambling platform is the fact that it offers both online casino and betting services. A dedicated live casino section is also available. All this means that partner companies will have lots of options to promote the services of the operator. 

This is good news since other companies involved in affiliate marketing tend to focus on promoting specific sports betting services or online casino services. Since Betano covers both products, affiliate partners can benefit from a wider range of options, thus facilitating their promotional campaign and using multiple communication channels.

Who operates the Betano betting site?

The company that stands behind the gambling platform of Betano is Kaizen Gaming. This is one of the fastest-growing GameTech companies in the business. It was first established in 2012. Back then, the only available brand managed by Kaizen Gaming was Stoiximan. Betano is the second successful brand of the company that quickly gained serious popularity and a strong reputation among gamblers in different countries around the globe.

Since sports betting is a major focus of Kaizen Gaming’s services, it sponsors various sports teams. Among them are FC Porto, Barcelona S.C, Apoel FC, Paok FC, S.L. Benfica, Sporting CP and many more. 

As part of the gambling industry, Kaizen Gaming is also a company that promotes responsible gambling. As part of its portfolio, Betano also complies with strict responsible gambling policies that are a serious indication of the trustworthiness of both the managing company and the gambling brand itself. 


How to register as a Betano Affiliate?

First, you need to access the Betano affiliate website and click on the dedicated button on the registration form. Then, you need to provide specific details required for your new account. Once you are ready, you will have to access your email and click on the special account verification link that you will receive.

What is the maximum commission in Betano Affiliate Program?

The Betano commission plan is rather flexible and can offer partner companies great opportunities. The revenue share commissions can start from 20% to 30%. This is not the highest commission rate on the market, but it is well-balanced and hits the industry average. 

Do Betano Affiliates have a negative carryover?

You need to know that, by default, the Betano affiliate scheme has a monthly negative commission carryover. If, at the end of the month, an affiliate partner has a negative commission amount, this amount is transferred to the next month and is deducted from the total positive commission amount for the next month. 

Is there a minimum threshold for Betano Affiliates?

Yes, the minimum threshold for the Betano affiliate program is $100. This applies to all available payment methods that the affiliate scheme supports. In most cases, the payouts are received in the first two weeks of the billing period. 

Does Betano Provide a Hybrid deal?

No, currently, the hybrid affiliate model is not available for the Betano partners. Nevertheless, affiliates can benefit from other extremely convenient options, such as revenue shares and CPA.

How long is the cookie duration of Betano Affiliates?

In most cases, cookies for the affiliate programme of Betano should be by sessions. Like other affiliate programmes on the market, the Betano cookie duration can be up to 30 days. 

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