Betano Handicap Odds: Spread & Asian Lines Betting Explained

betano handicap betting
Betano Spread Betting (Handicap Lines)
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Sports betting is one of the fastest-growing sectors in iGaming due to the wide range of betting options. If you are new to sports betting, you may have heard about Betano handicap betting. However, while you may have heard about handicap betting, you may not understand what it is about. Fortunately, this Betano handicap article will explain what handicap betting is and provide information about the different types of handicap betting markets.

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What is Betano Handicap (Spread Betting)

Betano handicap betting is a way for the bookie to even the odds when the odds favour one team over the other. In doing so, Betano is able to improve the odds and increase the odds of a 50/50 outcome. For example, if you were backing the New York Rangers in a hockey game against the Tampa Bay Lightning with a -2/+2 spread. This means that for the handicap Betano spread to win, the New York Rangers need to win by 3 goals. Likewise, if you bet on the Tampa Bay Lightning to win +2, they would need to win out or lose by 2+ goals.

betano spread betting nhl

What types of Handicap Betano Markets are Available?

One of the reasons handicap betting is so frequently accessed by bettors is due to the variety of markets that are offered by You will notice that it includes Asian handicap bet and European handicap options. These are often preferred as many bettors understand that local regulations can cause the Betano spread to lean in their favour. Likewise, there often isn’t any unnecessary waiting for results to be posted. As for the types of handicap Betano markets that are available, here is a sample of what you can expect:

Asian Handicap Bets:

  • Handicap 0
  • Handicap +0.25
  • Handicap +0.50
  • Handicap +0.75
  • Handicap +1.00
  • Handicap +1.25
  • Handicap +1.50
  • Handicap -0.25
  • Handicap -0.50
  • Handicap -0.75
  • Handicap -1.00
  • Handicap -1.25

European handicap bets:

  • Handicap -3 1
  • Handicap -3 X
  • Handicap +3 2
  • Handicap -2 1
  • Handicap -2 X
  • Handicap +2 2
  • Handicap -1 1
  • Handicap -1 X
  • Handicap +1 2
  • Handicap +1 1
  • Handicap +1 X
  • Handicap -1 2

Bear in mind the list above represents the most popular types of handicap bet markets that are available at Betano. When betting on certain sporting events, you may find a variety of other handicap markets, or you may find less.

European Handicap (Spread Game Result)

betano handicap betting soccer

European handicapping is one of the most popular forms of handicap betting as it does not use half-decimals. That means that a tie is possible if that is the outcome of a sporting event. In addition, European handicap betting allows for the outcome of an event to end if a draw. This makes it particularly attractive when betting on sports like soccer, hockey, or baseball.

Asian Lines

betano asian lines on soccer

Unlike European handicap bets, Asian lines use half-decimals to eliminate draws. While this is not based on local regulations, you will notice that questions can arise about whether European handicap bets are a better option as they also have quarter lines, but due to results being based on the point spread, they remain a popular option.

Spread 1st Half

betano spread betting first half

Spread betting 1st half is another popular form of handicap betting that lets you wager on the point spread for the first or second half of a game. The result of a wager in the first half is decided by the half-time score, and the wager for the second half-time result is decided at the end of the second half. However, the score for the second half only applies to goals scored during the second half and does not include those scored during the first half.

How to Place a Betano Handicap Bet?

To avoid any unnecessary waiting times, the fastest way how to place a handicap bet is to follow our Betano Handicap betting guide below. This will allow you to quickly place a bet before any changes to the odds. Remember that if you have any other inquiries, you can always contact customer service and submit your questions. This can be done via phone, email, or live chat. For residents of some countries, Betano com even has the option for a callback request which will have the first available agent call you.

betano spread betting place bet
  1. Select the sport you want to bet on via the sportsbooks navigational menu.
  2. Locate the game that interests you from the list of available sporting events.
  3. Select the team and handicap market you wish to back and enter the amount of your stake.
  4. Click “Bet Now”.

Which Sports Provide the Spread Betting Market?

One of the perks to spread betting is not having to undergo any unnecessary waiting when placing a bet. That allows you to quickly review the different sports handicap bet options that are available at the Betano Sportsbook. Football, tennis, soccer and basketball are among the most popular sports for handicap betting at Betano.

That said, ice hockey and baseball are also popular options for handicap betting, as are boxing, horse racing and badminton. However, there are times when local regulations for certain sports will allow the bookie to offer a spread betting market for other sports. If none are showing, you can always send an email about any questions you may have about the spread betting market and wait for the first available agent to respond.

Betano Spread Betting Strategies

At times, it can be beneficial to use some proven betting strategies when punting on spread betting markets. As such, to avoid any unnecessary waiting or learning curves, we have included several strategies you can use when spread betting.

Always go for Value

One of the best ways to maximise your profits when spread betting is to look for value. By looking for value and selecting the best picks, you will generate more profit over the long term.

Never chase your losses

One of the golden rules to spread betting is to never chase your losses. If you ever notice you are chasing your losses, it is time to call it a day. Remember, it is always better to walk away when your picks aren’t producing results.

Manage your Bankroll

Another important strategy when spread betting is to ensure you manage your bankroll responsibly. In doing so, you can ensure you avoid having to re-deposit monies that you may not be able to afford.


How Does the Betano Handicap Work?

The way Betano handicap bet works is that it evens out the odds whenever the odds are in favour of one team winning over the other.

What Do the Betano Asian Lines for Goals Mean?

Betano Asian lines mean you are betting on whether a match will have more goals than the totals offered or fewer goals than the totals offered.

Can I Bet the Same Game Parlay with Betano Handicap Markets?

Yes, you can bet a same game parlay for most Betano handicap bet markets. However, it is advisable to check with the first available agent at Betano to verify if a particular sports type is excluded from the same game parleys.

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