Bet365 vs. BetVictor – Which is Better


*Data is entirely based on a snapshot of the listed bookies during May 2024. For more accurate info, please visit the official websites of both bookmakers.

Following the in-depth comparison between the two gambling operators, I can conclude that bet365 is the better company for online bettors than BetVictor. This article will go through a full analysis of the two brands so you can see why one is better than the other.

Finding an unbiased and in-depth comparison of two leading gambling sites is difficult. I know that, so I will provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision. After all, choosing the proper betting website for your needs will greatly affect your gambling experience.

Before I go into my in-depth research and results, I suggest checking the table below. It will provide quick answers to some things you might want to know regarding bet365 and BetVictor.

🎁 BonusesMany offers for sports and casino gamesLoad of promotions for new and existing users
💸 Minimum Deposits£5£5 – £25
Live StreamYesYes
Live BettingYesYes
Cash OutYesYes
Virtual SportsYesYes
📱 Mobile AppsYesYes
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Welcome Bonuses: Bet365 or BetVictor

Bet365 has slightly better welcome bonuses, although BetVictor is close behind, so it wins the round. For starters, bet365 bonuses are created in a way that allows me to have more fun after registering. After claiming the offer, I had the chance to wager on many things. That’s why I think bet365 has slightly better bonuses for new customers and wins the first comparison.

BetVictor’s offers are also attractive, especially for people who have never used a gambling site before. However, their amount of money is not just as impressive as bet356. For example, I had to bet a small amount to get the sports offer, but the reward wasn’t that impressive.

bet365 Rating – 4.5/5BetVictor Rating – 4/5
🏆 Winner: bet365

Bonus for Existing Players

Regarding the bonuses for existing customers, I am sure that bet365 is the better option. The site offers more bonuses that people can use on a wide selection of sports and casino games. For example, some of the promotions I had access to were specifically designed for football/soccer. I was impressed with everything offered by the brand, so I think it deserves to win this round.

The ranking score for BetVictor’s offers for registered clients you will see below is a bit lower. One of the main reasons for this is that the rewards were not as intriguing as the ones available at bet365. I didn’t find a special offer for the sport I liked, and some of the proposals weren’t that good. That’s why BetVictor loses compared to bet365 in terms of bonuses.

Having good bonuses is important, and it is actually one of the important factors bettors consider when choosing a sports betting service in some countries.

bet365 Rating – 5/5BetVictor Rating – 3/5
🏆 Winner: bet365

Bet 365 vs. BetVictor – Sports Betting & Markets

It wasn’t easy, but judging from what I found, bet365 won this round. There was never a time when I didn’t have access to at least a couple of sports to bet on. What’s even more impressive is that the options I liked always had enough markets, such as Asian handicaps. That’s the big reason why bet 365 wins this round.

Although BetVictor’s score for this round is a bit lower, it is also an excellent online bookmaker. There are enough sports and markets to pick from, but they are not as impressive and diverse as bet365’s proposals. Some of the sports I came across only had a few options, so I couldn’t choose anything to punt on. That’s why bet365 receives a slightly higher rating than BetVictor.

bet365 Rating – 5/5BetVictor Rating – 4.5/5
🏆 Winner: bet365

BetVictor/Bet365: Bookmakers Odds

Odds Comparison – Average Payout Percentage


Average odds payout percentages based on the snapshot of the bookie markets conducted in May 2024. Odds payouts may be different now.

I was eager to learn which of these two bookies offers better odds, but after my analysis, I think this round is a draw. Both websites had exceptional odds, at least for the sports events I was interested in. The odds were great if I checked the popular markets and those that people don’t often go for, such as Correct Score. I think that bet365 and BetVictor deserve to win the round, so it will be a draw.

Another important thing I’d like to point out is that both sites offer different odds formats. I always use Decimal, but it is good to know that users can access more options. I am a responsible bettor, so I always use the most comfortable format and research the markets that offer higher odds before punting on them.

bet365 Rating – 4.5/5BetVictor Rating – 4.5/5
⚖️ Draw

Live Betting: Bet356 or BetVictor

Bet365 appears to offer a better Live Betting experience to its customers interested in betting on live sports events. I never had problems finding active live matches to bet on, even when I visited the operator at night. There were cases where I could bet on multiple live football and eSports events worldwide. BetVictor also had intriguing live betting options, but I think bet365 is better, so this round goes to it.

bet365 betting in-play
This photo was taken at 11:23 on 19.06.2023
BetVictor In-Play section

As you see, BetVictor received a slightly lower rate than its counterpart. The big reason is that the site doesn’t always have live sports events. Hence, I had to check what time it was before visiting the site to be sure there were things to choose from. That’s why bet365 gets a slightly better rate.

bet365 Rating – 5/5BetVictor Rating – 4.5/5
🏆 Winner: bet365

Live Streaming

After my extensive tests, I think bet365 has better live streaming services in comparison with BetVictor. Firstly, I had access to more options, some of which were not available elsewhere. I could watch live football matches and even come tennis matchups that no other bookie offered. At the same time, the quality of the streams was second to none. There was never a moment where I had buffering problems or signal loss. Hence, bet365 wins this round.

bet365 Live Streaming T&Cs:

Reference: Bet365 TnCs apply | You need to have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours. For Horse Racings place bet of at least €0.50 win or €0.25 each-way on your selection. Any event we are Live Streaming will have a video icon displayed beside it. |

The score for BetVictor is slightly lower than bet365’s, but this doesn’t mean the site is not good. In fact, the main reason for my decision was that BetVictor focused mostly on popular events. I could watch many top-tier matches, but this wasn’t the case for the lesser popular events. That’s one of the reasons for bet365’s victory in this round.

bet365 Rating – 5/5BetVictor Rating – 4.5/5
🏆 Winner: bet365

BetVictor vs. Bet365 – Cashout

I used both sites’ Cash Out option, but I liked bet365’s option more. One of the reasons for my decision was that I could use the feature for a wide range of events. Furthermore, bet365 had one extra feature that wasn’t available on BetVictor – Auto Cash Out. Both sides offered partial cash out, but because of the different options, I will give this round to Bet365.

BetVictor’s Cash Out option also helped me on many occasions. I was able to partially cash out and keep my bets “alive”, but the lack of an Auto Cash out option meant that I had to keep track of everything. That’s why BetVictor receives a slightly lower rate.

bet365 Rating – 4.5/5BetVictor Rating – 4/5
🏆 Winner: bet365

Other Betting Features – Bet365 or BetVictor

Bet365 wins the round regarding the additional betting features. The big reason why I chose bet365 over BetVictor is that the features are just working flawlessly. I had the chance to use Bet Builder and Edit Bet, which gave me access to higher odds and the option to change some parameters of my bet. I found them useful, so I will give this round to bet365.

BetVictor has a few other options despite receiving a lower score. In addition to Bet Builder, this site also provides Bet Request that it calls #PriceItUp, and an option known as Pick6. Nevertheless, I think bet365’s options are more refined, which explains why it won this round.

bet365 Rating – 4.5/5BetVictor Rating – 4/5
🏆 Winner: bet365

Bet365 Casino vs. BetVictor Casino

I examined both sites and concluded that BetVictor’s online casino is better. The site provides an impressive array of casino games split into multiple categories. Since online casino searches in the UK increased in the last few years, companies like BetVictor offer things like jackpots, slots, tables, instant wins, live casino games, and more. The number of options and everything else about the casino is impressive, so this round goes to BetVictor.

bet365 casino section view
This photo was taken at 16:10 on 21.01.2021
betvictor casino section overview

bet365’s casino is also nice, but it is not as good as the other one. There are several high-quality titles to pick from, but there are fewer options at your disposal. For example, I couldn’t find a specific title I was interested in. That’s why BetVictor deserves to win this round.

bet365 Rating – 4/5BetVictor Rating – 4.5/5
🏆 Winner: BetVictor

Bet365 App vs BetVictor App

I was fascinated by both gambling applications, which is why this round is a draw. It is rare to come across such advanced betting applications that provide an impressive range of options. I never had any problems with the BetVictor app for Android and iOS, as well as bet365’s alternative, regardless if I wanted to play casino games or bet on sports. As a result, this round ends in a draw.

Aside from the mobile apps, bet365 and BetVictor also provided me with working mobile sites. These things didn’t require me to download and install any apps. Speaking of the devil, getting the apps was easy, and it only took me a couple of minutes. I use both Android and iOS, and I can say that the application for Apple’s devices was easier to download and install.

mobile sports betting at bet365
This photo was taken at 16:10 on 21.01.2021
betvictor mobile app - sports betting
A view of the BetVictor Mobile Version
bet365 Rating – 5/5BetVictor Rating – 5/5
⚖️ Draw

User-Friendliness – Bet365/BetVictor

After using both sites extensively, I am confident that BetVictor will win this round. The site is just more intuitive and easy to navigate, especially for someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience. For example, finding the sportsbook and the promotions were faster, whereas this wasn’t always the case on bet365. Hence, BetVictor wins this round.

To be honest, I didn’t have any significant problems with bet365 either. However, the site is not good for bettors who haven’t used such a platform. Some things require you to go to a couple of menus to find them, and the number of options might “scare” some people. That’s why this round goes to BetVictor.

bet365 Rating – 4.5/5BetVictor Rating – 5/5
🏆 Winner: BetVictor

BetVictor or Bet365: Available Payment Options

As expected, this round is a draw because both betting websites offer an impressive payment section. None has a massive array of deposit and withdrawal alternatives, but the available options are enough for almost everyone.

BetVictor offers most things you expect to find. Almost everything offers instant deposits, and the minimum requirements range between 5 GBP and 25 GBP. Withdrawals start from £10, and the processing time ranges between 1 and 5 days.

Bet365 also provides an exciting selection of payment options. Although some of them might not seem interesting on paper, I was satisfied with what I had access to. Needless to say, all of them offered secure money transfers.

bet365 Rating – 4.5/5BetVictor Rating – 4.5/5
⚖️ Draw

Customer Service & Support: BetVictor/Bet365

I tried out both customer support services, which is why I think this round also ends in a draw. I was surprised that BetVictor offers such high-quality support options. Usually, bet365 is in a league of its own regarding the support department. Still, it seems like BetVictor is on par with it.

I had the chance to use live chat and send emails. Both options allowed me to learn more information about the platform. Furthermore, the support team gave me the answers I was looking for. This helped me learn additional details about some of the bonuses and a few other things.

bet365 Rating – 5/5BetVictor Rating – 5/5
⚖️ Draw

Bet365/BetVictor – Responsible Gambling

Interestingly, both websites offer excellent responsible gambling options, so the last round of this comparison is another draw. Aside from the social responsibility related to gambling that both sites promote, they also offer users different tools. For example, self-exclusion is a popular way for gamblers to prevent themselves from using a betting company. That’s why I think both betting platforms deserve the maximum possible rating.

bet365 Rating – 5/5BetVictor Rating – 5/5
⚖️ Draw

Bet365 vs. BetVictor – And the winner is…bet365!

Following the evidence in this review, bet365 is a better betting operator than BetVictor. I can’t deny that both sites offer world-class services and options and will live up to your expectations. However, after checking each section, it is clear that bet365 has a few advantages over its rivals.

bet365 Overall Score – 66/70BetVictor Overall Score – 62/70
🏆 Winner: bet365

The site has better sports betting services and provides significantly more bonuses. You can use your BetVictor login details to check the available rewards for existing users, but bet365’s propositions are just better. Hence, the company wins this comparison review.

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