Bet365 vs. Betfair – Which is Better


*Data is entirely based on a snapshot of the listed bookies during April 2024. For more accurate info, please visit the official websites of both bookmakers.

After I had the chance to compare both sites side by side, I can conclude that bet365 is the better betting operator than betfair. You can learn why I’ve chosen this company by reading my expert comparison review.

The reason why I compare these two betting brands is to help users choose their next betting platform. By reviewing everything they offer and evaluating it, punters can see which brand stands out. The information from this betfair vs bet365 comparison will show them which is the better company for the thing they want to use it.

Before I analyze everything, the table below will show you some of the things you can expect to find.

🎁 BonusesMany offers for sports and casino gamesPlenty of offers for new and registered punters
💸 Minimum Deposits£5€5-15
Live StreamingYesYes
📱 Mobile AppsYesYes
Cash OutYesYes
💎 PokerYesYes
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Welcome Bonuses: Bet365 or Betfair

After testing both, It appears that bet365 has a better welcome promotion than Betfair. That’s because it gives users a reward that allows them to place bets on the things they like. For example, clients do not need to wager with their own money because the reward will let them place a bet. As a result, bet365 wins.

Betfair loses this round because new clients can use bet365’s welcome proposition to wager on a variety of things. Betfair’s offers will grant new users the chance to get extra funds, but they will have to make a more substantial deposit. Moreover, they might need extra promo codes and other things. As a result, I think that bet365 deserves to win the round.

bet365 Rating – 4.5/5Betfair Rating – 3/5
🏆 Winner: bet365

Bonus for Existing Players

Following our Betfair vs bet365 review, I conclude that bet365 has better promotions for registered players. The site allows its clients to avail themselves of a wide range of perks for different sports. For example, the company often provides rewards for soccer and other things. The promotions for registered customers also come in a variety of forms. As a result, punters can use most of the popular types of bonuses. Due to the reasons mentioned above, this round goes to bet365.

It is worth noting that both operators will offer their clients a wide range of things. Bet365 may have better promotions, but Betfair also provides an impressive range of perks. Nevertheless, this is not enough to win, so the round goes to bet365.

bet365 Rating – 5/5Betfair Rating – 4/5
🏆 Winner: bet365

Bet 365 vs. Betfair – Sports Betting & Markets

The Betfair vs Betr365, a better comparison, shows that both betting websites offer excellent sports betting services and markets, so this round is a draw. Both sites will provide online punters with an incredible selection of sports and multiple markets. As an example, users have the chance to wager on eSports, football, basketball, and many other popular sports. That’s the reason why this round ends in a draw.

These two companies are among the best in the world when it comes down to betting on sports. As a result, you can’t go wrong with either. Since players in Great Britain participate in various gambling activities, these betting operations try to provide more options than others. Hence, they deserve the same rating, which explains why the round is a draw.

bet365 Rating – 5/5Betfair Rating – 5/5
⚖️ Draw

Betfair/Bet365: Bookmakers Odds

Although this Betfair vs bet365 comparison shows that both sites offer good odds, Betfair has slightly better deals, which means it wins this round. After comparing the same sports events on both platforms, you can often find better odds on Betfair. For example, some football matches provide slightly better odds for the most common markets. This is enough for Betfair to win this part of the comparison.

Odds Comparison – Average Payout Percentage


Average odds payout percentages based on the snapshot of the bookie markets conducted in April 2024. Odds payouts may be different now.

Another reason why Betfair should win is that the site also offers a betting exchange. Everyone familiar with it knows that the odds there are special. Therefore, this round goes in favour of Betfair.

bet365 Rating – 4.5/5Betfair Rating – 5/5
🏆 Winner: Betfair

Live Betting: Bet356 or Betfair

Both websites allow you to bet on live sports events, but bet365 has a slightly better live section, which is why it wins the round. Thanks to its wide array of sports, the company will always provide you with a live option to bet on. You can open the live category at any time, and you will find different football matches, as well as other options. As a result, bet365 should win this round.

The ranking for Betfair is a bit lower. One of the big reasons for it is that there are cases where punters won’t have something to bet on. Furthermore, the number of live betting markets is also lower. These are just some reasons why Betfair loses when it comes down to live betting options.

bet365 betting in-play
This photo was taken at 11:23 on 19.06.2023
betfair live betting sports
bet365 Rating – 5/5Betfair Rating – 4.5/5
🏆 Winner: bet365

Live Streaming

Although both sites offer top-tier live betting options, my analysis shows that bet365 has a superior live streaming service. First, I had the chance to watch a wide range of sports events in real time. bet365 allowed me to check some of the most anticipated football events and many other options. For this reason, I think bet365 has to win this round.

bet365 Live Streaming T&Cs:

Reference: Bet365 TnCs apply | You need to have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours. For Horse Racings place bet of at least €0.50 win or €0.25 each-way on your selection. Any event we are Live Streaming will have a video icon displayed beside it. |

Betfair’s result is just a bit lower, mainly because the site didn’t provide as many options. Although I found the most popular events, there were times when the brand didn’t have any ongoing streams. For example, I couldn’t watch some of the tennis events I was interested in. As a result, this round deserves to go to bet365.

bet365 Rating – 5/5Betfair Rating – 4.5/5
🏆 Winner: bet365

Betfair vs. Bet365 – Cashout

I used the Cash Out option on both sites for this Betfair vs bet365 comparison, and I can say that Betfair has a slight edge over its opponent. The site allowed me to use it on every event I wanted to wager on. I had the chance to Cash Out my football bet earlier than usual, which helped me save a portion of my winnings. Betfair also allows me to use Partial Cash Out and an Auto Cash Out option. For example, I had the chance to settle my bet without even using the site. These reasons are enough for Betfair to win this round.

Although bet365 loses when it comes down to Cash Out, I was also impressed with what it offers. In fact, the company also has an Auto Cash Out and a Partial Cash Out. However, there were situations where the brand disabled the features for a few seconds, and I couldn’t use them. Hence, I prefer Betfair’s Cash Out option.

bet365 Rating – 4.5/5Betfair Rating – 5/5
🏆 Winner: Betfair

Other Betting Features – Bet365 or Betfair

People reading Betfair vs bet365 which is better comparison have to know that Betfair has better overall betting features. The main reason I’ve chosen this brand over it its competitor is the fact that it provides more options. For example, I came across Bet Builder, Bet Request (called #OddsOnThat), a Betting Exchange, Enhanced ACCAs, and Oddsboost. Unsurprisingly, these things are enough for Betfair to win this round.

Bet365 loses the betting feature comparison because the site provides fewer alternatives. Although it has Edit Bet, something that’s not available on Betfair, the site does not provide most of the other options. It has Bet Builder, but it is not enough to improve it, so this round goes to Betfair.

bet365 Rating – 4.5/5Betfair Rating – 5/5
🏆 Winner: Betfair

Bet365 Casino vs. Betfair Casino

Betfair appears to have a more lucrative casino category when compared to bet365. The site’s casino section seems a bit more interesting because it works with a wide range of software suppliers. You will come across all sorts of options when shopping for the latest casino games. For example, the brand provides roulette, table games, jackpots, megaways, live casino games, slots, and more. Betfair also has a good range of casino perks that can satisfy even the most niche states. Users can claim free spins and take part in daily cash drops. These are the reasons why Betfair wins this round.

The ranking score for bet365’s casino is slightly lower. One of the reasons for this is that the site does not offer as many titles as its competitor. It is more complicated for people to find that there aren’t many options. That’s the primary reason why bet365 loses the casino category comparison.

bet365 casino section view
This photo was taken at 16:10 on 21.01.2021
betfair casino section
bet365 Rating – 4/5Betfair Rating – 4.5/5
🏆 Winner: Betfair

Mobile Application – Bet365 or Betfair

After testing both apps for Android and iOS, I was more than happy with what I saw, which is why this round is a draw. Both applications provided me with the best possible experience while betting on the go. I had the chance to wager on sports, play casino games, use features and try out different bonuses. Even though their designs and menu layouts are different, I think this round should be a draw.

The bet365 vs Betfair comparison shows that both sites offer excellent mobile services is a big plus. Since mobile phones have become the most popular option for betting online, people can have the best experience no matter which brand they go for. After all, bet365 and Betfair provide great mobile services.

mobile sports betting at bet365
This photo was taken at 16:10 on 21.01.2021
Betfair mobile live casino for Android
A view of the Betfair Mobile Version
bet365 Rating – 5/5Betfair Rating – 5/5
⚖️ Draw

User-Friendliness – Bet365/Betfair

I had the chance to use both sites for a while, so I am confident when saying that Betfair has slightly better user-friendliness. The site’s design won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it makes up for it by offering easy-to-access options. I didn’t have any problems when trying to see the available sports events, casino games, or bonuses. Hence, I think Betfair has to win this round.

Bet365 loses to Betfair when it comes down to user-friendliness by a small margin, mainly because the site provides tons of options. Experienced users probably won’t have problems navigating. However, punters new to iGaming who want to learn more about some features or sports may have difficulties. That’s why this round goes to Betfair.

bet365 Rating – 4.5/5Betfair Rating – 5/5
🏆 Winner: Betfair

Betfair or Bet365: Available Payment Options

I wasn’t surprised that bet365 and Betfair provide an impressive range of payment solutions, so this round ended in a draw. Even though none will let you access many options, both sites focus on popular, safe, and easy-to-use alternatives. They will let you make fast money transfers in seconds, whether you want to punt on sports or use other sections. Hence, the round is a draw.

Betfair has a good selection of options that offer instant deposits and fast withdrawals. The minimum and maximum amount for a transaction will vary depending on the option.

In terms of bet365, I also had the chance to use most of the popular payment solutions out there. Some of you may not like specific alternatives, but there will be at least one or two payment gateways that you can try out.

bet365 Rating – 4.5/5Betfair Rating – 4.5/5
⚖️ Draw

Customer Service & Support: Betfair/Bet365

Honestly, I expected bet365 to have better customer service and options, but after using Betfair, I definitely think this round is a draw. I had no problems contacting both bookies’ customer support services using all kinds of options. The people at work helped me find more information about the bonus and even guided me on how to do certain things, and reminded me that there is no such thing as a sure bet, which is why I have to be responsible while gambling. I am impressed by both, so I think this round needs to be a draw.

bet365 Rating – 5/5Betfair Rating – 5/5
⚖️ Draw

Bet365/Betfair – Responsible Gambling

After checking bet365 and Betfair, I think both sites provide an excellent range of responsible gambling options, which is why the last round in this comparison is also a draw. Having the chance to use different options that allow you to control how much money you wager is a plus. For example, I was able to use a deposit limiter, as well as several other tools that allowed me to have fun and not worry about overspending. Both sites offer such things, which is why I am confident bet365 and Betfair deserve this round to end in a draw.

bet365 Rating – 5/5Betfair Rating – 5/5
⚖️ Draw

Bet365 vs. Betfair – And the winner is… Bet365

There is no arguing that Betfair and bet365 are among the best iGaming operators on the market. Even though the difference between them is not that big, bet365 is the better option for your day-to-day betting activity. The site provides a top-notch sportsbook, better bonuses, and excellent mobile betting features. Betfair also offers similar things, as well as better features, but it is not enough to win the comparison. So, following my extensive tests, I recommend using bet365.

bet365 Overall Score – 66/70betfair Overall Score – 65/70
🏆 Winner: bet365
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