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Nostrabet World Cup 2022 Fantasy is one of a kind football fantasy game organised by Nostrabet. Taking part in the Fantasy League World Cup 2022 is absolutely free. Anyone above 18 years old is welcome to take part. Brace yourself for extra fun and the chance to scoop real-money rewards alongside the Qatar World Cup with NB fantasy league. A total of 700 Nostracoins* make up the prize pool of the game!

Nostrabet Fantasy League is set up on the official FIFA+ website, and it is the one and only official fantasy football game part of the Mondial 2022. Don’t miss the chance to create your dream team as part of NOSTRABET league using FK69AJ8B as your code. Hone your coaching skills by playing against football teams from all over the world. Prove you can be the best Fantasy manager in our Fantasy game during the World Cup matches in 2022.

Registrations for the Nostrabet Fantasy World Cup League are now open! Join before the start of the first match in the Mondial so as to accumulate as many points as you can. The more points you scoop, the better your rankings. Thus, you will be in a competition for the 700 Nostracoins. The only thing you need to do for a chance to grab a reward is make a prediction for at least 20 matches from the FIFA World Cup Qatar on our site. It does not matter whether your prediction is correct or not.

*During the NOSTRABET WC2022 Fantasy, 1 Nostracoin equals €1


700 Nostracoins (NC) is the total prize pool for the Nostrabet Fantasy World Cup 2022 league. The NCs will be distributed among the first 5 contestants that top the ranking list of the fantasy league. You can start creating your football team now, even before the beginning of Mondial 2022. It will take place on the 20th of November (Sunday) with the match between Qatar and Ecuador, thus marking the official start of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

  • 🥇 1st place – 300 Nostracoins
  • 🥈 2nd place – 200 Nostracoins
  • 🥉 3rd place – 100 Nostracoins
  • 🎯 4th place – 50 Nostracoins
  • 🎯 5th place – 50 Nostracoins

Don’t forget that for the duration of the Nostrabet League, 1 NC equals 1 EUR. Mind you, only players who have placed their own predictions for a minimum of 20 matches from the World Cup on the website will qualify for a reward.

We suggest you sign up for our newsletter or allow push notifications from NB site. This way, you will never miss out on the important dates of the FIFA World Cup™ Fantasy League. We will remind you of the start of the Fantasy game and inform you of all H2Hs, topical news, and useful tips you can use to your advantage during the Mondial.

Once the Fantasy game is over and the finalists are announced, we will expect all winners to contact us. Send us an email with your User Name in the Fantasy FIFA game, together with a screenshot of your team profile. That way, you can prove that you are indeed an owner of a fantasy team in the Nostrabet league FIFA. Get in touch by emailing us at


Keep an eye on the current ranking list of the top 20 players in the Nostrabet Fantasy league right here. The list will be updated after the end of each matchday. A full list of all players can be found on the official FIFA+ page, which hosts the Nostrabet Fantasy League game.

Important: You should fill in your Fantasy League’s Team Name in your profile in Nostrabet! They should match, and we will verify them before applying any rewards!

All the winning players should contact us about their prizes within 5 days (deadline: 13:00 (+2 GMT) on Friday 23.12.2022) of finishing the Fantasy league. Our team will check the authenticity of every profile in the Fantasy League and whether the other rules for the prizes are completed!

Final NOSTRABET WC2022 Fantasy Ranking

⚡ Position⚽ Fantasy team (User)🎁 Reward
🥇 1emi90 (Емилия Николова)300 Nostracoins
🥈 2mishonik (Михаил Николов)200 Nostracoins
🥉 3nikolov7 (Simeon Nikolov)100 Nostracoins
🎯 4inter-bs (Hristiyan T.)50 Nostracoins
🎯 5imarios (Marius Babus)50 Nostracoins
🥇 Rank⚽ Team Name⭐ Total Points
1🥇 emi90 *The player is successfully verified!442
2Mutsi Team *The player did not contact us, is not validated and is dropped from the rankings!442
3🥇 mishonik *The player is successfully verified!441
4SHUSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *The player did not contact us, is not validated and is dropped from the rankings!438
5🥇 nikolov7 *The player is successfully verified!434
6🥇 inter-bs *The player is successfully verified!430
7❌ stoyanicus *Unfulfilled condition for predictions of at least 20 World Cup matches!429
8❌ IAmNotYourGuru *The player did not contact us, is not validated and is dropped from the rankings!425
9❌ TheFantasyCafe *The player did not contact us, is not validated and is dropped from the rankings!419
10❌ bobbyfm *Unfulfilled condition for predictions of at least 20 World Cup matches!410
11🥇 imarios *The player is successfully verified!409


Taking part in the Nostrabet Fantasy League requires registration on the FIFA+ official site. Once you finish the sign-up procedure, you will need to create a football team and join our NB League using a unique code or a link. The step-by-step procedure is detailed here. Follow our instructions to join the football battle full of fun and rewards.

FIFA+ Registration

  1. Launch the FIFA website using this link:
  2. Select the profile icon in the right corner of the site or click the Sign In button (as an alternative, follow this link directly).
  3. Now you must log into the site with your profile. If you don’t have one yet, click on Register to create it.
  4. A registration form in 3 easy steps will appear. Fill it out with your name, email, date of birth, country, and language for communication.
  5. FIFA registration - step 1
  6. Once you double-check the info you provided, click on Continue to move on.
  7. Step 2 of the sign-up form will require you to agree with the FIFA and Fantasy League terms and conditions. Once again, click on Continue.
  8. FIFA registration - step 2
  9. The last step will allow you to create your account Password. Fill it in twice and then agree to the general T&Cs. Opting in for promo emails is not necessary.
  10. FIFA registration - step 3
  11. Finally, select the Create Account button to finish the registration.

Finish the sign-up and go to your email Inbox. FIFA+ will send you a mail with an activation link. You have only 30 minutes to activate your new profile before the link expires. We strongly recommend using the same email address when registering at the FIFA website as the one you used for your profile. This way, no further verification will be needed if you win part of the prize pool in the NB FLWC.

How Do I Create My World Cup Fantasy Team?

Creating a fantasy football team for World Cup NOSTRABET League is quite straightforward. Choose 15 football players for your team. Each of them must also take part in the real Mondial FIFA Qatar 2022. Each player will have a $100 million virtual currency budget that can be used to create the best team possible.

Now that you have your FIFA+ profile, log in and start creating your team right away. Here are the steps you will need to take.

world cup 2022 fantasy team
  1. Click on My Team on the FIFA+ site.
  2. Think of a name for your football team in this Fantasy game.
  3. Add players to your new team from the suggestions on the right.
  4. Click on the + icon to add a football player. Use the filter option to find a specific name more quickly.
  5. You will need to choose 1 goalkeeper, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders, and 3 forwards while keeping in mind that you cannot go over the set budget you are given.
  6. Once you have your 15 footballers, click on Save to create your very own Fantasy Football team for the FIFA World Cup 2022

Keep in mind that before the Mondial in Qatar commences, you can make any changes to your dream team. Depending on the phase of the tournament, you may need to compromise one player or another due to team restrictions. In the beginning, during the group stage of the WC 2022, you will be allowed to get 3 players from the same team in your rankings. More details and restrictions can be found in the rules for creating your team we have listed further down.

Where Do I Need To Enter My Nostrabet Code for Joining the League?

Now that you are all set up with your World Cup Fantasy Football team, you can link it to our Nostrabet League game for the chance to win awesome rewards. Here is what you need to do:

world cup 2022 nostrabet fantasy league enter
  1. Go to FIFA+ Fantasy and select Leagues from the menu
  2. Click on the Join Leagues hyperlink.
  3. Enter NOSTRABET WC2022 Fantasy in the search box – this is the official name of our league. Click the JOIN button and enter FK69AJ8B to join.
  4. Alternatively, you can follow this link directly and participate in the Nostrabet World Cup Fantasy right away.
  5. Once you join our NB Fantasy game, you will be able to track your ranking in the game qualification stages.

It goes without saying that referring this Nostrabet Fantasy League for the World Cup to your friends is much welcome. Join together and get in head-to-head’s together to see which team is better. Battle against the NOSTRABET fantasy team as well. Prove that you are the better football manager that can create a winning fantasy team.

How to Make a Football Prediction for a FIFA World Cup match on NOSTRABET?

Add your own tips for the Qatar World Cup 2022 matches on To do so, you will need to register a profile for our site. That way, you can contribute to the Predictions page on our portal.

nostrabet how to add tip
  1. Open the Predictions page from the main menu to see all World Cup matches for Qatar 2022 that are available.
  2. Select a FIFA World Cup match of your choice.
  3. Click on the Add Tip button to make your prediction.
  4. Browse the available markets and add the credit amount of your choice. You can add a comment explaining your choice.
  5. Confirm your prediction and send in your tip.

A total of 64 matches will take place during the FIFA World Cup 2022. However, just 20 tips on your part will allow you to get rewards for the NOSTRABET WC2022 Fantasy. This equals just ⅓ of the total matches that will take place in Qatar in 2022. Remember that you will not get any rewards unless you add a minimum of 20 predictions. Even if you finish in 1st place at the end of the Nostrabet World Cup Fantasy League, you will not get your prize unless you can prove your 20 tips.

Whether your predictions are successful or not does not matter. What matters is that you meet the minimum requirement of the number of tips in the Nostrabet WC2022 League.


There are certain rules you will need to follow to create your team for the Fantasy FIFA World Cup football league. All terms and conditions are also available on the official site of FIFA+. We have selected the most important ones here.

Each team is made up of 15 players in total. Choose the footballers from the 32 real football teams that will play in the Mondial. Each manager in the fantasy game will start with a $100 million budget. Use it to transfer players to your dream team. When creating your fantasy football team, you can rely on the 8 different types of formations:

  • 4-4-2
  • 4-3-3
  • 4-5-1
  • 3-4-3
  • 3-5-2
  • 5-2-3
  • 5-3-2
  • 5-4-1

To add a player to your team, select the “+” icon next to the name of the football star. Remove a player by clicking on the “X” icon. If you can’t bother to select the players yourself, use the auto option allowing the system to select players randomly.

There are several restrictions you will need to bear in mind, though. You must pick a pre-select number of players from the same national team depending on the stage of the tournament. Here are the rules at a glance:

🏆 World Cup Stage☝️ Players Restrictions
Group StageMaximum 3 players from a team
Round of 16Maximum 4 players from a team
Quarter-finalsMaximum 5 players from a team
Semi-finalsMaximum 6 players from a team
Third place play-off & FinalMaximum 8 players from a team

What is the Rule for Using a Captain?

Prior to each Fantasy Cup stage, you will be able to select a captain to lead your team. You will get double points depending on their performance. Click the “C” button that stands for “Capitan” once you open a specific football player profile. You can change captains before each stage of the Mondial.

world cup 2022 fantasy capitan

Players who qualify as captains need to participate in a match during the stage of the game. However, you will double your points only for the new captain selected and this is allowed once during a stage.

When Can I Use Substitute Players?

Each team is given the chance of 4 substitutes. All substitute players are selected when creating your FIFA fantasy team. These players play a big role overall. You may substitute players before each new stage of the game.

All substitute footballers get points according to their performance in the real Qatar World Cup 2022. However, they will not go toward your overall team score during the current group stage. Only points earned by starters on the team count for your current points balance.

And yet, if one of your main players does not take part in a match, your 1st substitute players will take their place. In that case, their points will go toward your team score. So what we suggest you do is re-arrange your substitutes by priority immediately after the goalkeeper backup.

world cup 2022 fantasy substitues

Feel free to make any changes to your Fantasy team and players before the start of each stage. Make modifications even while the last match of the current stage is still playing. So this is when you can substitute the 11 starters with a player from the ones waiting on the bench. Once the stage is officially on, no changes to your players will be possible.

What are the FIFA World Cup™ Fantasy Team Boosters?

Each team in the FIFA fantasy game can make the most of the so-called Boosters. They will be available after the start of the Mondial in Qatar.

  • Wildcard – allows you to make as many transfers as you would like before the start of each stage (plus another 2 free transfers during the game);
  • 12th Man – allows you to select a substitute player whose performance points will count toward your team score;
  • Power Captain – will allow you to double the points of the best-performing player among your 15 automatically.

Remember, you are allowed to use each of these boosters once only during the FIFA World Cup fantasy game. Also, once activated, there is no way to deactivate it and use it at a later stage.

What are the rules for transfers among the Fantasy League Teams?

Get to know the transfer rules in the Nostrabet Fantasy League World Cup 2022 consulting the table below.

🏆 Tournament StageAllowed Transfers
Prior to Mondial 2022No limits
Prior to Matchday 22 transfers
Prior to Matchday 32 transfers
Prior to Round of 16No limits
Prior to Quarter-finals4 transfers
Prior to Semi-finals5 transfers
Prior to Final6 transfers

The table above shows the number of free transfers players are allowed. You can make more transfers, of course, but each one will cost you 3 points.

You have the right to change all players in your Fifa World Cup™ fantasy team 2 times – before the start of the tournament, after the group stage right before the Round of 16. In these two instances, all transfers are free and with no limits as to the number.

All submitted transfers are final and cannot be changed.

What are the Stages for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Matches?

The Mondial Fantasy League 2022 will take place in 7 stages. The phases of the tournament and their dates are listed in the table below.

👉 Matchday🏆 StageDates
1Group Stage20.11 – 24.11
2Group Stage25.11 – 28.11
3Group Stage29.11 – 02.12
4Round of 1603.12 – 06.12
5Quarter-finals09.12 – 10.12
6Semi-finals13.12 – 14.12
7Third place play-off & Final17.12 – 18.12


Your fantasy team consists of 15 players. They will earn points depending on their real-life performance during the FIFA World Cup 2022. How many points exactly? This depends on their overall performance in the matches as follows:

Point System for All Players

Action🏅 Points
Gameplay (60 mins or more of match time)+1
Yellow card-1
Red card-2
Own goal-2
To win penalty+2
To concede penalty-1

Goalkeepers Point System

Action🏅 Points
Clean sheet – No goals (with 70 mins+ playtime)+5
1st goal conceded0
Each subsequent goal-1
Goal scored+9
Saved penalty (penalty kicks to determine winner not included)+3
For every 3 saves+1

Defenders Point System

Action🏅 Points
Clean sheet – No goals (with 60 mins+ playtime)+5
1st goal conceded0
Each subsequent goal-1
Goal scored+7

Midfielders Point System

Action🏅 Points
Clean sheet – No goals (with 60 mins+ playtime)+1
Goal scored+5
For every 3 tackles+1
For every 2 key passes+1

Strikers Point System

Action🏅 Points
Goal scored+5
For every 2 accurate shots+1


Here is a detailed list of all terms and conditions regarding the Nostrabet Fantasy League. Each player participating in the game agrees to these rules once they join the NB league. Read them carefully.

1. Main terms and conditions of the NOSTRABET World Cup 2022 Fantasy game

1.1 The game is free to join by anyone who is 18 or older.

1.2 Taking part in the NB League requires registration on the FIFA website and joining the fantasy league of Nostrabet.

1.3 Each player can participate in the NOSTRABET Fantasy league with 1 team only. Any attempts to break this rule will result in all your teams being disqualified from the game.

1.4 Accumulating points for the game starts with the beginning of the World Cup on 20.11.2022. The Fantasy game will continue until the final match in the tournament (planned to take place on 18.12.2022).

1.5 Your place in the ranking depends on the points you get on the FIFA site where the Private Nostrabet Fantasy WC2022 league is located.
1.5.1 The final ranking will be announced on the NOSTRABET site after the end of each stage of the Mondial. The ranking is final and will go towards the prize pool distribution.

1.6 The prizes will be paid only if the winner can prove they have added 20 predictions for World Cup 2022 matches on the site of Nostrabet.
1.6.1 Players who have made less than 20 tips for Mondial 2022 will be disqualified and their winnings will be void. The next player in the ranking will get their reward.

1.7 By participating in this game, you agree with all rules, terms, and conditions of the promoter of the league – Nostrabet. You also agree for NB to use your personal information for the ranking list we show on our site.

1.8 Taking part in the game, registering on the Nostrabet website, and signing up for our newsletter means you agree to receive promotional materials and notifications to do with the game, other news, promo offers, and bonuses from betting sites.

1.9 Nostabet reserves the right to disqualify a player from the game in the event of a rules violation or terms breach.

1.10 Nostrabet is the sole promoter and organiser of the NOSTRABET World Cup Fantasy league. It reserves the right to change, modify or end the game without any notice and at any time.

1.11 Nostrabet is not responsible for any problems with the FIFA system, which hosts the Fantasy League for the football World Cup tournament in 2022 Qatar. FIFA World Cup™ Fantasy is the official entity organising and hosting the fantasy league. Nostrabet Fantasy is only a part of the official game.

1.12 In addition to these terms and conditions, all other T&Cs of the site, as well as the Nostrabet Tipsters League T&Cs, are valid.

2. Prize Pool for the NOSTRABET WC2022 Fantasy

2.1 The Prize Pool for the Nostrabet Fantasy league for World Cup 2022 is 700 Nostracoins.

2.2 Within the current game organised by Nostrabet, 1 Nostracoin is worth €1 (1 Euro).

2.3 Nostracoin is NOT a fiat currency or any cryptocurrency you can use to pay or buy with.

2.4 The prize pool in the Nostrabet fantasy game for the World Cup will be divided among the first 5 players after the final stage of the tournament as follows:

  • 1 place – 300 Nostracoins (~ €300)
  • 2 place – 200 Nostracoins (~ €200)
  • 3 place – 100 Nostracoins (~ €100)
  • 4 place – 50 Nostracoins (~ €50)
  • 5 place – 50 Nostracoins (~ €50)

2.5 All prizes will depend on the final ranking of the fantasy game on the FIFA site.
2.5.1 A player will receive their reward only if they have made 20 predictions or more on the website for matches from the Football World Cup 2022.
2.5.2 The ranking of a winner will be valid only if, after the end of the game, there are tips added for at least 20 World Cup matches on the Nostrabet site.
2.5.3 If there are less than 20 (or no) predictions for football matches for Qatar 2022, the player will be disqualified, and no winnings paid.

2.6 Before the final ranking of the game is officially confirmed, Nostrabet will check whether the condition of the placed predictions of matches of the World Cup in Qatar has been met.

2.7 All provisional standings (the current ranking) in the game are announced on the Nostrabet WC2022 Fantasy page on the FIFA website, as well as on this page on, where the ranking of the top 20 participants will be updated after each completed round.

2.8 The ranking is determined by your overall team score and the points indicated for each player/team on the FIFA website.
2.8.1 In case there are two or more players with the same number of points in the final ranking, the player with more Nostrabet predictions for the World Cup matches will be ranked first.
2.8.2 In the event of a tie in condition 2.8.1, that participant whose team at the end of the game was created using a lower budget will be ranked first.
2.8.3 If there are ties in conditions 2.8.1 and 2.8.2, the higher ranking will be determined randomly by the organiser during the live draw.

2.9 All cash prizes from the Fantasy game come in the form of Nostracoins, which are later converted into cash (outside the game organiser), which are then sent to the top 5 winners in the final ranking.

2.10 All rewards will be paid within 14 days after the end of the Nostrabet fantasy game.
2.10.1 Any unclaimed prizes for the duration of up to 14 days after the end of the game will be considered forfeited.

2.11 In order to receive your prize, you must verify your identity and your profile of the fantasy game.
2.11.1 Nostrabet reserves all rights to require account confirmation from a player through email address verification, screenshots, and any other method it deems fit.
2.11.2 It is advisable that you use the same email when registering on the website and on the FIFA website.

2.12 The prize is paid by the payment provider to the winners after they provide the necessary information regarding the sending method.

2.13 Prizes will be paid via one of the specified payment methods – PayPal, Skrill, Revolut, Wise or, and this is not done by the game organiser, but by the partners who hold the financial transfer rights.

2.14 A participant is eligible to receive only 1 prize within the Nostrabet World Cup 2022 Fantasy game.

2.15 Nostrabet reserves all rights to change any of the transfer methods or to require additional verification from a participant at their discretion.

3. Abuse and unfair practices

3.1 Nostrabet reserves all rights to disqualify and exclude a participant from the ranking of the Fantasy League game if they:
– have created more than 1 profile for the game
– use the same IP as another player/participant
– act upon any other illicit activities, suspicious practices, or term breach procedures

3.2 In case of suspicion of fraud and abuse on the part of a given user, Nostrabet reserves the right to exclude the participant in question with no explanation.

3.3 For queries, questions, obvious mistakes, or feedback, feel free to send us a message at

4. Limitations / Disclaimer

4.1 The terms and conditions stated here for the Nostrabet World Cup 2022 Fantasy League are subject to change at any time, and the organiser is not required to notify the participants of these changes prior to implementing them.

4.2 Any disputes in the game will be resolved solely by its organiser, Nostrabet.


Can I participate in the Nostrabet World Cup Fantasy 2022 for free?

Yes, you do not need to pay a joining fee to take part in the Fantasy tournament organised by Nostrabet for the FIFA World Cup 2022 game.

What is FIFA Fantasy league?

FIFA World Cup™ Fantasy is a fantasy football game, where anyone can create an imaginary virtual team consisting of 15 top players that will play during the Mondial this year.

When will the Fantasy League in Nostrabet start?

Nostrabet Fantasy league will begin on the 20th of November when the 1st match of the Qatar 2022 World Cup is scheduled to start. Still, you can sign up and create your dream team even before that date.

When will the Nostrabet Fantasy WC League for Qatar 2022 end?

The winners will be announced after the final match of the Mondial – on the 18th of December, 2022, and once all points and team scores are calculated.

How do I take part in the Nostrabet Fantasy game?

You must join the FIFA Fantasy game using our unique code and thus join the Nostrabet Fantasy League.

What is the Nostrabet Fantasy league code I need to use?

Use FK69AJ8B to join our Nostrabet league on the official FIFA World Cup™ Fantasy webpage.

What are the rewards for the top players in the Nostrabet game?

NB will reward the top 5 players with a prize pool consisting of 700 Nostracoins (300 NC for 1st place, 200 NC for second, 100 NC for third, and 50 NC for the players who rank 4 and 5).

What are Nostracoins?

This is the virtual credit that we use for the prizes in the Nostrabet WC2022 Fantasy League.

How will I get my rewards?

A member of the NB team will get in touch with you via email and will explain how you will receive your winnings from the fantasy league game.