EURO 2024 Odds

Euro 2024 Odds
Euro 2024 Odds

Considering we are near the beginning of EURO 2024, it’s no surprise football fans are interested in the best odds. No matter the bookmaker you choose, you will find the EURO 2024 odds for the potential winner. A lot of users want to know more about the Outright Winner’s odds and which team to choose, so let’s dive in.

EURO 2024 Outright Winner Odds

When talking about the EURO 2024 betting odds, the important thing to remember is that they will be different depending on the bookmaker. We at Nostrabet work with the best companies, allowing us to check each one to see if they have good odds. The results were surprising because most good iGaming operators offered good options.

If we take a look at bet365, betano and Stake, for example, we can find the following odds for the Outright winner of the tournament:

UEFA EURO 2024 Winner
Czech Republic151.00150.00151.00

*Odds are subject to change

The odds on most other sports betting websites are similar. It seems like England to win Euro 2024 odds are the lowest everywhere because bookmakers firmly believe this team is the favorite. There might be some exceptions, however, so we recommend checking everything before you start betting.

Odds for Euro 2024 and each team’s most recent results

Now that you’ve seen the EURO 2024 winner odds, it is important to analyze each team in the top 10. Analyzing the squad’s past performance can indicate its future results.


England national football team
Source: BTA

Starting with England and Euro 2020 (the last event prior to this one), the team did extremely well. After dominating the groups, it eliminated Germany, Ukraine, and Denmark before reaching the Final against Italy. However, the English squad lost the penalty shootout and couldn’t lift the trophy.

The bad news for the English team is that its 2022 World Cup performance wasn’t that impressive. The team survived the groups and eliminated Senegal in the Round of 16, but it lost against France in the Quarter-finals.


France National football team
Source: BTA

As for France, the FIFA World Cup 2018 winners failed to impress at Euro 2020. Despite the solid performance in the groups, the French squad was unable to defeat Switzerland in the Round of 16. This put an end to their quest to win the tournament.

Fortunately, the French team rose from the ashes during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and finished 2nd. The Final against Argentina was one of the most exciting football matches we have seen in our lifetime.


Germany national football team
Source: BTA

Some of you may be surprised by the Euro 2024 odds, but Germany is always among the favourites to win these types of competitions. Although the squad usually has consistent results, Euro 2020 was not that good for it because it was eliminated in the Round of 16.

The 2022 World Cup was also a disaster for the DFB Team because it finished 3rd in Group E.


Portugal national football team
Source: BTA

The next name on our Euro 2024 winner odds list is Portugal, the champion from Euro 2016. Despite having no problems qualifying for Euro 2024, it’s worth knowing that Cristiano Ronaldo’s team did not perform that well in the last 2 major football events.

Portugal’s Euro 2020 performance was cut short in the Round of 16 after failing to overcome Belgium. The team achieved better results during the Qatar World Cup, but it lost in the Quarter-Finals to Morocco.


Spain national football team
Source: BTA

Spain won Euro 2012, and the team was consistent in the next couple of tournaments. The data from Euro 2020 shows that Spain reached the Semi-finals, where it lost against Italy, the team that ended up winning the competition.

As for the 2022 World Cup results, La Furia Roja lost to Morocco in the Round of 16.


Belgium national football team
Source: BTA

Belgium has an interesting team full of world-class footballers, which explains the Euro 2024 odds that they have of winning the tournament. The squad’s Euro 2020 results, however, were not that good because it lost in the Quarter-finals to Italy. The 2022 Qatar World Cup was even worse because Belgium failed to leave Group F, where it played against Morocco, Croatia, and Canada.



Despite being the defending champion after winning Euro 2020, the Euro 2024 odds for this team are not as favourable as some of the others mentioned so far. This is because Italy failed to qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup a few years ago. Nevertheless, the team looks good right now, and it will be intriguing to see if it can win this competition.


Netherlands national football team
Source: BTA

Some football experts call the Netherlands a dark horse because they believe the team can steal the show and win. Before checking the Euro 2024 odds, however, note that the country lost against the Czech Republic in the Round of 16 during Euro 2020.

The 2022 World Cup looked better for Oranje, but it couldn’t defeat Argentina in the Quarter-finals. This was one of the most epic matches in the competition, but in the end, Messi and Co won.


Croatia national football team

Despite Croatia’s impressive performance during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the country’s results at Euro 2020 weren’t that impressive. The team was eliminated in the Round of 16 against Spain.

The good news for Croatia is that the team played exceptionally well at the 2022 World Cup. Croatia ended 3rd after losing to Argentina in the Semi-finals and defeating Morocco in the third-place play-offs. This is the main reason why it has attractive Euro 2024 odds.


Denmark national football team
Source: BTA

The last on the list of the Euro 2024 odds that we want to mention is Denmark. The Danish Dynamite usually performs really well during Euro competitions, and the same thing happened in 2020. Denmark defeated Wales and the Czech Republic before losing to England in the Semi-finals.

Sadly, Denmark’s results at the 2022 World Cup were not good because the team finished last in Group D. This is probably one of the reasons why online bookmakers like bet365 did not give it favourable odds for Euro 2024.


Even though most bookmakers we’ve analyzed offer the same odds for choosing the Outright Winner, there might be exceptions. Therefore, we recommend checking all of the best bookmakers and see which ones have the most attractive odds. We at Nostrabet will continue to monitor everything and provide you with the latest details.

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