Euro 2024 Ball

UEFA EURO 2024 Ball
UEFA EURO 2024 Ball

Every major international football competition has its unique ball, and Euro 2024 is no exception. The event that begins this June has its own product called FUSSBALLLIEBE. The latter means “Love of football” in German.

There are a lot of interesting facts about the Euro 2024 ball, so let’s dive in and learn more about them.

Euro 2024 Football Ball Overview

Besides its unique name, the Euro 2024 ball also looks great. It features several colors, including white, black, yellow, green, blue, and orange. The ball’s design is done on purpose so it can present football’s energy.

Another unique design element regarding the Euro Ball 2024 is that it features illustrations of all Euro 2024 stadiums that fans can visit to watch the games. People who have the ball will also notice the name of each city that will host a match.

In terms of the manufacturer, Adidas created the ball for this year’s Euro. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise because Adidas has always been the leading brand regarding football.

Some sources claim that Adidas will also donate 1% of the revenue generated by the ball sales to Juan Mata’s charity called Common Goal. Furthermore, Adidas will give 900 balls to each city that hosts matches so that they can be donated. This is another reason why a lot of football fans are interested in the ball.

Another aspect we need to address regarding the Euro 2024 ball is the materials it’s made of. Adidas used recycled polyester, special ink, as well as different sustainable materials. The idea here is to make an eco-friendly ball.

The tech behind the ball

What’s different about the Adidas Euro 2024 ball is that it features the new Connected Ball Technology. This will allow the VAR referees to make better decisions, which should contribute to a much better overall experience when playing. The new tech is making its debut at a Euro, and it will be very interesting to see how it works out.

According to UEFA, the Connected Ball Technology should allow referees to monitor offsides and handball decisions much better. The tech will send data in real-time (500 times per second), giving unprecedented access to information about everything that’s happening on the pitch.

Euro 2024 Ball Price

Like any other ball from a big international football competition, people can buy it. A quick visit to Adidas’s store shows that there are a couple of variations, and each one has a different price.

screenshot of the EURO 2024 ball from the Adidas Store
A Screenshot of the EURO 2024 Ball from the Adidas Store (Credits:

The cheapest ball for Euro 2024 you can get starts at $15, and this will get you the Fussballliebe Mini Ball. Jumping to $30 will give you access to the Fussballliebe Training Ball, whereas $60 will grant you the Fussballliebe Competition Ball.

Lastly, we have the Fussballliebe Pro Ball, which comes at $170. Despite the steep price tag, if you check people’s opinions about it, you can see that many fans think that it is worth it.

Previous Euro Championship Balls

The Euro 2024 match ball is the most impressive one we’ve seen so far. However, this does not mean that there weren’t any good balls before. Each Euro has its own unique option, but some were more interesting than others.

Starting with Euro 2012, the ball was called Tango 12, and it was inspired by the Tango series from the 1980s. This competition took place in Poland and Ukraine, so the flags of these countries inspired the colors.

The Euro 2016 ball had the name Beau Jeu, and it was blue, red, and white, which are the colors of France’s flag. What’s interesting about this ball is that it was only present during the Group Stage. Once it was over, there was a slightly different version for the playoffs.

Lastly, we have the Euro 2020 ball called Uniforia. The name was inspired due to the organizer’s decision to host the tournament all over Europe.

Final Thoughts

There is no arguing that the Euro 2024 ball is the most innovative one yet. A lot of people do not approve of the usage of VAR in football, but there is no denying the new tech helps referees make better decisions. Considering this ball comes with the Connected Ball Technology, it will be very interesting to see the final results.

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