Unveiling Super Bowl LVIII: $1M+ Bets, Celebrities, Game Moments & More

Super Bowl LVIII: Celebtrations
Super Bowl LVIII Celebrations (@Source: BTA)

Super Bowl LVIII was one of the most anticipated sports events in the world, and it will definitely be the biggest one in the USA. After a fantastic battle, the Kansas City Chiefs won against the San Francisco 49ers. This victory made the Kansas City Chiefs the National Football League Champion for Season 2023.

Before diving into more details about what happened at this event, we are excited to share Nostrabet.com’s report about the fact that Drake has wagered more than $1.1M on the Kansas City Chiefs. This jaw-dropping bet resulted in an even more impressive payout of more than $2.38M. “While it’s true that Drake is sponsored by Stake, this is one of the largest sports bet ever made on the platform. The winnings are even more impressive because the odds for Kansas City Chiefs to win were 2.04”, said Kristiyan from NB.

Even though Drake’s bet was impressive, this was not the only $1M+ bet placed on the Super Bowl LVIII. Our team has discovered several other bets that deserve attention, so let’s check them. Also, we will share more details about the game and interesting data about people’s intentions before the match.

People’s betting intentions prior to the Super Bowl LVIII

Super Bowl LVIII Infographic

Before taking a look at some of the biggest bets placed at the Super Bowl LVIII, we want to share the stats from an interesting survey. According to it, around 33% of people 21 years and older who wish to place bets on the Super Bowl LVIII would want to wager $50 or less. As expected, this was the most popular answer.

The reason why most people answered this is because not everyone is willing to risk a lot of money, even in the USA. Although the recent changes to the gambling legislation opened the doors to a lot of new sites, some people are reluctant to give iGaming a shot. Others like wagering but prefer using smaller amounts of money.

Around 1% less (32%) answered that they plan on wagering between $50 and $99. Once again, this amount is not that large when you compare them to what high rollers use, so we’re not surprised that a lot of people chose it.

27% of the adults in the USA who took part in the survey said that they plan on wagering more than $100. What’s interesting is that it is not clear how much over $100 we are talking about. However, if we take a look at the average amount of money wagered by US gamblers, we can assume that it is close to the $100 mark.

Interestingly, 8% of people answered that they would bet something other than money. We have analyzed all top-tier sports betting websites in the USA, and we did not find licensed companies that offer other things. Nevertheless, people have access to offshore sites where they can wager with NFTs and other items that also cost money.

The big bets

Studies from the likes of the American Gambling Association have revealed that millions of adults in America would bet on the Super Bowl LVIII. Of course, this does not mean that everyone would wager jaw-dropping amounts of money. Having said that, it seems like some people did that because the stats show that there are many bets worth more than $1M.

For example, one of the biggest sportsbooks in the USA reported that a customer had wagered a $1M moneyline -120 bet on the San Franciso 49ers. The client was from Michigan, and it seems like this was the first 7-figure wager bet reported. If the client had predicted his bet, he would have won $1.83m, which means more than $833K in profit. Sadly, this did not happen because the SF 49ers lost the game.

What’s even more impressive is that the same bettor also wagered $200K on Brock Purdy to win the MVP. The 49ers quarterback had odds of +240, so predicting this bet would result in around a $480K profit.

The same user continued his betting streak by wagering $100K on tails for the coin toss with odds of -105. In other words, his total bets are equal to $1.3M, and the total potential payout he could’ve won would be $2.7M.

Aside from this player, we also found many other bets worth $1M+. In fact, some people on Twitter claim that there were more than 8 confirmed bets worth $1M and above on the Super Bowl LVIII.

Celebrities that were spotted at the Super Bowl LVIII

Besides insane bets, the most important NFL match of the year also allowed us to watch a lot of our favourite celebrities. Perhaps the most recognizable person at the Allegiant Stadium in Nevada was Taylor Swift. The singer who took over the world with her tour supported the Kansas City Chiefs because of Travis Kelce. As you know, the latter is Taylor’s boyfriend, and he is one of the best NFL players in the world.

Super Bowl LVIII: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
Super Bowl LVIII: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (@Source: BTA)

Alicia Keys was another big name that fans had the chance to see in action. She was on the stage alongside Usher during the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show. As you know, this is a phenomenon on its own, and it is one of the reasons why this is among the most popular sports events worldwide.

Other celebrities we saw at the event include Jeff Goldbloom, Jelly Roll, Luis Fonsi, Ice Spike, Donna Kelce, Andra Day, and more. Fans also saw Post Malone, Jay Z, and even Elon Musk himself. These were just some of the more popular names at the Super Bowl.

The game itself

When it comes down to the game itself, the Super Bowl 2024 was among the most interesting NFL games we have seen in a while. The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs played an amazing game, and we even got to see an overtime. Just when we thought that we would see more from this game, a touchdown changed everything and gave the Kansas City Chiefs the victory.

Super Bowl LVIII: Patrick Mahomes
Super Bowl LVIII: Patrick Mahomes (@Source: BTA)

Once the match was over, Patrick Mahomes was named the Super Bowl MVP. The player received his third MVP award after making 34 successful passes and securing several big plays during the game.

Super Bowl TV Commercial Price

The last interesting thing we’d want to mention here is the price of the Super Bowl TV commercial. Besides the NFL match, the numerous celebrities, and the popular halftime show, this sports event is also known for its expensive TV ads. We expected the 2024 Super Bowl to break the record from 2023, but by the looks of it, this was not the case.

According to the data we have, a 30-second Super Bowl TV commercial in the USA in 2024 was around $7M. The amount is the same as last year and a bit more expensive than the one from 2022 ($6.5M).

There are many reasons why the prices are not going up, and we believe that one of them is because of influencers. Some of the biggest social media stars with millions of followers charge way less for an ad than these amounts here. Sure, advertisers do not get as much exposure, but we can see that more and more companies have started using this advertising model.

As for the Super Bowl TV commercial price, the earliest data we have is from 2002. Back then, a 30-second ad would set you back around $2.2M. The amount went up year after year until it reached $3M in 2009. Just 4 years later, the same ad went up to $4M, followed by $5M 3 years after that.

If we analyze the price each year, we can see that there have been times when the cost of the ads went down instead of up. The most recent one is from 2020, when it was $5.6M, and in 2021, the same ad cost $5.5m. In other words, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Super Bowl 2025 TV ad is less than $7M.

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