The most expensive million! A crazy dreamer brought romance back to football

Joselu Real Madrid
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Joselu. Everyone is talking about him since last week. The forward single-handedly secured Real Madrid’s place in the Champions League final with his two late goals against Bayern Munich. Carlo Ancelotti brought him in the 81st minute, but almost nobody expected a brace from this guy.

The Stuttgart-born striker ruthlessly pierced the Bavarians’ defense in the 88th and 91st minutes.“Santiago Bernabeu” once again felt the magic of a late comeback in favor of Real. The football cathedral never stopped believing for a moment, and its son gifted all Madridistas worldwide with another sleepless night. Indeed, before this season, Joselu was considered nothing more than a passed-over academy middle-class player.

Now, he’s an icon.

Where are your millions now?

These days, top teams spend over 100 million on a new signing, and it’s considered a normal thing. There’s no need to list how much the other attacking players at Real are valued. Meanwhile, Joselu was loaned from the second tier of Spanish football, and his buyout clause is… 1.5 million euros. In the end, the million-euro player sends you to the big final – that’s the game we all fell in love with years ago.

In this case, no one blames Real – Bayern was also full of players bought for crazy money. Such is the cruel reality now.That’s why Hoselu’s story is so beautiful.

It brings back the romance.

It brings back a bygone era.

The boy searching for a pirate link to watch Real!

In 2012, Joselu tweeted: “Can someone give me a link to Real?”. He simply wanted to watch how the team of his heart plays. At that time, he was already a player of Hoffenheim after not getting a chance to break into the “los blancos.”

In another message from that period, Joselu expressed a desire about coming back to Madrid. He doesn’t regret not making it, he just hoped for a new chance.For years, such a chance didn’t come his way, but fate doesn’t forget…

Two years ago, a final as a fan – now the reason for this final

In 2022, Joselu posted a photo with his father from Paris. He was in the French capital to support Real in the match for the trophy against Liverpool (1-0). Just 24 months later, the striker became an unexpected hero for the Spanish giant. This time, he won’t need a ticket for the show.

He’ll be one of the main characters! Joselu truly chased down what seemed like a hopeless ball for the first goal. There’s no unrewarded effort, and it’s precisely in those moments that every drop of sweat on the forehead becomes apparent.

It was beautiful how Dani Carvajal rushed straight to him after the final whistle. The hero himself collapsed on the grass and cried tears of joy. Everyone in the club knows how much it has cost Joselu to get here.Before the big final, every Real fan can have a beer, a stronger drink, or a cola—in the name of Hoselu. Then they can enjoy the big match against Borussia Dortmund. The 15th is so close thanks to the dreamer who refused to give up!

Krasian Mitev
Krasian Mitev
Krasian Mitev is a Bulgarian sports journalist and analyst. He has worked for a number of sports media, including Topsport, Boets, Sportnamasa and many others. Krasian is responsible for a number of football analyzes and previews, as well as the verification of some bookmakers.

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