Mobile Gaming Analysis – $98B Industry in 2024, Top Games, Mobile Esports and More


People who are not familiar with the gaming and eSports scenes probably think that mobile games are not important. However, the reality is entirely different because these types of games have taken over both industries.

According to, the size of the mobile gaming market as of 2024 is close to $98.74B. What’s even more impressive is that many studies show there will be more than 6.39% growth every year until the market reaches $118.9B by 2027. “These numbers will definitely surprise a lot of people who are not familiar with mobile games. Gone are the days when people used to play those things when they did not have anything else on hand. Nowadays, mobile games are slowly taking over the eSports and gaming industries”, said Kristiyan from NB.

You are about to see an analysis of the mobile gaming scene and everything you need to know about it. Let’s learn more about the top games, the situation with sports betting, and other interesting facts.

Mobile games in sports betting

Besides having a crucial role in the eSports scene, mobile games are also a big player in sports betting. Even though land-based bookies will rarely offer a lot of options to choose from, this isn’t the case with iGaming operators. Modern companies have separate eSports categories, where you can find many options.

Normally, mobile games feature the same number of markets and competitive odds as regular eSports titles. Due to their specifics, however, you can often find unique types of markets. Sometimes, bookmakers will offer exclusive options to people using their mobile phones to bet on those things.

mobile phone online betting

Another thing we have seen is that some bookmakers that focus on eSports will provide more bonuses for their mobile titles. This is because many old-school bettors are not keen on wagering on these titles yet. Needless to say, having access to a bonus makes everything more interesting.

Users who decide to give mobile eSports a chance can also avail themselves of all the features the bookie has in stock. Live streaming and live betting are some of them, but most sites also offer Cash Out, Bet Builder, and others.

Something that you should remember before you start betting on mobile games is related to the odds. We have mentioned that some of them have outstanding odds, but there could be situations where they might seem too good to be true. This is because not all bookies have mobile gaming experts to determine the odds.

The leading mobile games

If you go to places like the App Store or Google Play, you will have access to a wide range of options. Generally speaking, we can divide mobile games into two big categories – standard and Esports. The latter are the titles where people can compete in different events and win big cash prizes.

When talking about mobile eSports, the hot titles change regularly. Nevertheless, some games have become household names, such as PUBG Mobile. This title has a load of different competitions that take place all over the world. Even though the battle royal genre is not as big as it was a few years ago, the game continues to have loyal fans who play on a daily basis.

pubg game

Call of Duty Mobile is another big mobile game that allows you to watch various tournaments. This is probably not surprising, considering that CoD is among the most popular game franchises in the world. The game’s console and PC versions are among the biggest eSports titles.

Another game that you can come across while browsing mobile eSports is Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Despite not being that big in Europe, this is one of the most prominent titles in Southeast Asia. The game requires a lot of strategy and synergy, making it incredibly popular.

Of course, Clash Royale is another title that has taken over the mobile eSports scene, and for a good reason. This is a card-based TD, where you need a lot of strategy to win. Nowadays, you can find various Crash Royale competitions, including the famous league.

Lastly, we can put Arena of Valor or Honor of Kings, depending on where you reside. This is a MOBA that is pretty big in China, Europe, SEA, and other regions.

The companies behind some of the biggest mobile games

Many of the titles mentioned earlier are developed by Tencent, which has to be the biggest name in the mobile gaming scene. However, this is just one of the many brands interested in this niche.

top grossing mobile games by tencent

We can also see the likes of Activision Blizzard, the company that was acquired by Microsoft. This brand is responsible for the likes of Candy Crush, CoD, Warcraft Rumble, and more.

Electronic Arts is another name you can see a lot because it’s behind games such as Plants vs Zombies. The same is true for Ubisoft, the dev behind Assassin’s Creed Rebellion. We can also include Nintendo, Pocket Gems, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and many more.

Reasons Why Mobile Games Are So Popular

There are a lot of reasons why mobile gaming is growing in popularity. The most obvious one is that smartphones are becoming cheaper and more powerful. Sure, all brands have their flagship devices, but you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a mobile gaming-capable smartphone and play the games you want.

One of the big issues with mobile gaming is your device’s battery life. Even though this continues to be a problem, the situation is much better. Modern smartphones use optimized software that allows players to game for longer.

Mobile connection is another reason why some mobile games are a lot more popular than before. Several years ago, we only had access to 4G, whereas today, 5G is found everywhere. The incredible internet speeds it provides mean gamers have a lot better experience.

Another thing most people don’t address about mobile games is related to transactions. Nowadays, almost all games are free to get, but each one has different in-game purchases. The latter gives players different advantages, and it seems like they are very profitable for the game’s devs.

We also have to address something important – streaming. Many of the best mobile players in the world are using some of the top streaming platforms to showcase their gameplay and skills. Unsurprisingly, this has a big effect on the number of players.

Mobile games are becoming more popular than console and PC alternatives because of their friendly UIs. Most games are designed so that people can pick up their phones and start playing immediately. Since there is little to no learning curve, most people are willing to give them a try.

Interesting mobile gaming stats

After sharing information about the most popular titles and what caused these games to become so sought-after, it’s time to look at a few intriguing gaming stats. Starting with the first one, many people predict that there will be more than 1.9B mobile gamers by 2027. Since smartphones are becoming more accessible, we wouldn’t be surprised if this number is even higher.

Another interesting stat is related to user penetration. Many studies show that, as of 2024, it is close to 22.1%, and the number is supposed to reach 23.3% by 2027. This is a substantial increase, once again related to the growing number of smartphone users.

Mobile gaming is growing in popularity across many countries worldwide. However, some achieve more impressive stats than others, such as China. The latter is the leader in this department because statistics show the country will generate close to $34,660M in 2024. Besides China, mobile gaming is also exploding in the USA. Besides the high number of smartphone users, the rules regarding sports betting also changed, resulting in more people wagering on mobile games.

Remember when we discussed that all mobile games have some kind of in-game transactions? Well, it seems like people love them because the stats reveal that the average revenue per player as of 2024 is close to $57. This is much higher than most people think, so imagine the situation a few years from now.

Final Thoughts

The stats clearly show that the world of mobile games is here to stay. In fact, it seems like it will become even bigger in the next couple of years, so we have to be prepared for a lot more games and options.

Speaking of titles, the alternatives we have mentioned are just some of the popular titles. You can also play games, such as Warcraft Rumble from Blizzard, CrossFire: Legends, LoL: Wild Rift, Battle of Spatula, and much more.

Smartphones will keep getting better and more powerful, so we can expect to see a lot of improvements in these games. AI is another thing that will impact the game’s development and the way people can interact with them.

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