Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson 2024 – A Clash of Generations

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson Fight
Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson

The news regarding the upcoming Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson match surprised everyone, to say the least. This is one of those matches that no one expected, yet everyone is interested in for obvious reasons. From what we know, the match will take place on July 20, 2024, and it will be live on Netflix.

According to Nostrabet.com, some of the leading betting websites consider Jake the favourite, which will definitely surprise a lot of people. “If you take a look at the odds of Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson, you can see that almost all top-tier bookmakers pick Jake as their favorite. Sure, he is much younger than the 58-year-old Tyson, but many people consider Tyson the best boxer of all time. Let’s also not forget that age is just a number”, said Kristiyan from NB.

There’s no arguing that the Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight will go down in history. There are a lot of interesting things we need to address about this fight, so let’s dive in.

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson – Details

As mentioned, most bookmakers you will find online already have some markets for this Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson match. Even though most of you probably expected the odds to favour Mike, this isn’t the case.

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson Fight - then and now

There’s no point in reviewing Mike Tyson’s career because everyone who’s interested in boxing knows what we are talking about. Jake Paul, on the other hand, is a very interesting name. He started his “boxing career” in 2018 when he played against Deji, a YouTuber who happened to be KSI’s brother.

Following this fight, Jake Paul decided to take fighting seriously, and he started training more. This led to his second match against AnEsonGib, followed by Nate Robinson and Ben Askren. Ben was actually his first “real” fighter.

In 2021, Jake Paul also played against the former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley. In fact, these two met two times, and Jake knocked out Tyron in the second match.

After that, Jake played against another MMA legend – Anderson Silva. He also had a match against Tommy Fury, the only real boxer on the list, which he lost.

Jake also fought Nate Diaz, Andre August, and Riyan Bourland. Now, it’s time for him to face his biggest challenge yet – Mike Tyson.

Speaking of the devil, Iron Mike’s last opponent was Kevin McBride, and the match between the two was in 2005. McBride was a relatively unknown boxer back then, but he still defeated the legend. After the match, Tyson decided to stop boxing. What’s interesting is that he also took part in an exhibition match against Roy Joines Jr in 2020.

How can you watch Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson for free?

Considering the calibre of this match and the fact that it will be on Netflix, there is no arguing that the PPV price (if there is any, because Netflix subscribers may get the chance to watch it for free) will be high. While we recommend paying for the event if you want to have the best experience, users can watch Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight without paying. This will be possible because of the different online betting platforms.

boxing matches with highest pay per views

As you probably know, some of the biggest bookmakers in the world have a feature called Live Streaming. The latter is an option that allows clients to watch certain sports events for free. Usually, the option requires people to have an account and/or funds in it, but it depends on the operator.

While it’s true that most PPV events are not live streamed, bookies know that people will want to bet on the Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul match. Consequently, there is a big chance that some of the big names in the business will let their clients watch it.

So, if you do not want to watch illegal live streams from websites with weird domains, it’s a good idea to check if your favourite bookie will offer it. While there, you can also take a look at the promotional section because there is a good chance that operators will offer something for the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson match.

If you, however, decide to watch the match in person, you will have to get a ticket for the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The match between the two will take place on July 20, 2024.

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul – Controversy

Whether you like these fighters or not, there is no arguing that people will be waiting for the date of the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight. These two are very controversial in their own way, but the fight itself is also weird in many ways.

Starting with the elephant in the room, the age difference between the two is massive. At the time of writing, Jake Paul is 27 years old, whereas Mike Tyson is 58. The two are roughly the same size, which is good, but being 31 years older than your opponent does not give you an advantage.

In fact, due to the age difference, a lot of professional fighters and boxers say that there’s no winner in this match. According to many experts, Tyson is only doing this for the money, and he is willing to risk his legacy and lose to a YouTuber who became a boxer.

On the other hand, we have Jake, who is constantly trying to prove his haters wrong. At the same time, winning against someone who is 30+ years older than you will not prove anything, and losing to this person will be a shameful moment in his career, even if it is against Mike Tyson himself.

What do other people have to say about the fight?

Needless to say, when Jake Paul announced that he would be playing against Mike Tyson, a lot of professional athletes and important people had something to say. Starting with Dana White, a person who has an ongoing beef with Jake, he said, “… It’s not my fight. I love Mike Tyson… there’s a 31-year difference in this fight; you guys know what I think about this stuff.”

Conor McGregor is another name that had something to say about the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson match. “The interest is low… I don’t understand it. I wish well for Mike”, said McGregor, which is probably not a surprise to those who’ve been following him. Jake Paul has been trying to secure a fight against McGregor for years, but the match hasn’t happened yet. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the future.

Another interesting comment came from none other than Eddie Hearn, one of the most popular promoters. When asked what he thinks about the fight, he said the following: “You are asking the wrong guy. He is one of my heroes… it is entertainment, I guess, but for someone who idolized the guy growing up, it’s not the best day.” He was also asked if Jake Paul would gain any credibility if he beat Mike, to which Eddie answered, “He is 58 years old”.


One thing is certain: the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight will go down in history, and both fighters will probably make an insane amount of money. Besides the fact that Mike Tyson is one of the most well-known boxers, he also has numerous old-school fans. These people will probably want to see him fight again. In other words, the Jake vs Mike fight might bring in new people who would not watch a Jake Paul match if it wasn’t for Mike Tyson.

When asked if he is doing it for the money, Tyson said that he is not. We hope that this is true, but we will have to wait and see what’s going to happen. Be sure to keep an eye on your favourite bookies because we expect a lot of surprises.

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