EURO 2024 Stadiums

UEFA EURO 2024 Stadiums
UEFA EURO 2024 Stadiums

The UEFA Euro 2024 is the most prestigious football event of the year. Starting on the 14th of June, we will have the chance to witness the top footballers from all over the continent play at the best football venues in Germany. In this article, we will list the EURO 2024 Stadiums hosting all of the highly-anticipated football matches.

Fans interested in visiting the tournament will be happy to know that all of Germany’s best stadiums will host 51 matches in total. There are a lot of things we want to cover, so let’s dive in.

EURO 2024 Host Cities and Stadiums

EURO 2024 will be the first big football event in Germany following the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Football fans who got their EURO 2024 tickets will be able to watch the games in the following cities:

  • Berlin – Olympiastadion
  • Frankfurt – Frankfurt Arena
  • Hamburg – Volksparkstadion
  • Munich – Allianz Arena
  • Stuttgart – Stuttgart Arena
  • Düsseldorf – Düsseldorf Arena
  • Gelsenkirchen – Arena AufSchalke
  • Leipzig – Leipzig Stadium
  • Dortmund – BVB Stadion
  • Cologne – Cologne Stadium

Each of the stadiums for EURO 2024 in these cities is world-class. Let’s go through each venue in the respective cities and learn more about it.

Olympiastadion Berlin

Olympiastadion Berlin
Source: Pexels (by Dario Rawert)

When talking about the EURO 2024 stadiums, we need to start with the Olympiastadion. It will host the biggest game of the tournament – The Final. Also, Olympiastadion Berlin is the venue where fans will be able to watch other important Euro 2024 matches.

It’s no surprise that this is the biggest stadium to host an EURO 2024 match. This was the place where we got the chance to see the 2006 World Cup final between Italy and France. In case you don’t remember, this match was where Zidane received a Red Card after “headbutting” Marco Materazzi.

Olympiastadion has a total of 74,461 seats and is home to Herta BSC. Unless something changes, it will host the following EURO 2024 matches:

  • Spain vs Croatia – 15/06
  • Poland vs Austria – 21/06
  • Netherlands vs Austria – 25/06
  • Round of 16 – 29/06
  • Quarter-final – 06/07
  • Final – 14/07

Frankfurt Arena

Frankfurt Arena
Source: Flickr (by Cedric Ramirez)

Besides being famous for the river Main, Frankfurt is also one of the cities included in the 2024 EURO. Fans who want to visit the city and check the EURO stadiums 2024 will see that Frankfurt Arena is on the list. The latter is the home of Eintracht Frankfurt and hosts around 54,697 spectators for the EURO.

Considering it has been around since 1925, it’s no surprise this stadium has hosted many big events. With that said, most people associated it with the quarter-final in the 2006 World Cup. We will be able to spectate the following EURO 2024 matches here:

  • Belgium vs Slovakia – 17/06
  • Denmark vs England – 20/06
  • Switzerland vs Germany – 23/06
  • Slovakia vs Romania – 26/06
  • Round of 16 – 01/07

Volksparkstadion Hamburg

Volksparkstadion Hamburg
Source: Wikimedia Commons (by Rob Bye)

Hamburger SV’s home will also be among the EURO 2024 stadiums that people can attend if they want to watch some of the games. The stadium’s capacity is around 52,000, and it opened its doors in 1953.

Over the years, Volksparkstadion Hamburg has been an arena where we have had the chance to see tons of epic matches. The most recent big clash was the 2010 Europa League final between Atletico Madrid and Fulham.

This stadium will host 5 matches from EURO 2024:

  • Poland vs Netherlands – 16/06
  • Croatia vs Albania – 19/06
  • Georgia vs Czech Rep. – 22/06
  • Czech Rep. vs Turkey – 26/06
  • Quarter-final – 05/07

Allianz Arena – Munich

Allianz Arena Munich
Source: Wikimedia Commons (by Richard Bartz)

If you check the EURO 2024 Stadiums Map, you will see that the Munich Football Arena (also known as Allianz Arena) is on the list. We can devote an entire article to this stadium because it belongs to none other than Bayern Munich.

Fußball Arena München has been home to tons of epic matches over the years, such as the 2012 UCL Final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea. Despite having the home advantage, the German squad lost after a penalty shootout.

Munich Football Arena will give us the chance to watch the following matches:

  • Germany vs Scotland – 14/06
  • Romania vs Ukraine – 17/06
  • Slovenia vs Serbia – 20/06
  • Denmark vs Serbia – 25/06
  • Round of 16 – 02/07
  • Semi-Final – 09/07

Stuttgart Arena

Stuttgart Arena
Source: flickr (by wolf4max)

The next on the list of the EURO 2024 stadiums is Stuttgart Arena. The latter is the home of VfB Stuttgart and can host close to 55000 people. Most of you probably know this stadium for its previous name – Mercedes-Benz Arena (it had it between 2008 and 2023).

Stuttgart Arena hosted many big matches over the years, but most people will always associate it with the 1998 European Cup Final. EURO 2024 will feature a total of five matches here:

  • Slovenia vs Denmark – 16/06
  • Germany vs Hungary – 19/06
  • Scotland vs Hungary – 23/06
  • Ukraine vs Belgium – 26/06
  • Quarter-Final – 05/07

Düsseldorf Arena

Düsseldorf Arena
Source: Wikimedia Commons (by Alexander Kaiser)

Home to Fortuna Düsseldorf, this stadium houses 51031 people, making it among the smallest EURO 2024 Stadiums. Despite that, it will be an arena where we will watch a lot of intriguing matches. Here is a list of what we can expect:

  • Austria vs France – 17/06
  • Slovakia vs Ukraine – 21/06
  • Albania vs Spain – 24/06
  • Round of 16 – 01/07
  • Quarter-final – 06/07

Arena AufSchalke

Arena AufSchalke
Source: Wikimedia Commons

As the name of the stadium suggests, Arena AufSchalke is home to Schalke 04, one of Germany’s most popular football clubs. The stadium’s capacity is around 55,000, and over the years, it has been home to many epic matches. Perhaps the most memorable one was the 2004 UCL Final between Monaco and Porto when Porto won the match and put José Mourinho on the map.

Arena Auf Schalke will allow us to watch 4 matches in total:

  • Serbia vs England – 16/06
  • Spain vs Italy – 20/06
  • Georgia vs Portugal – 26/06
  • Round of 16 – 30/06

Leipzig Stadium

Leipzig Stadium
Source: flickr (by Ungry Young Man)

Leipzig Stadium can host around 43,000 people and opened its doors in 2004. It is among the newest stadiums in Germany and is home to RB Leipzig. Some may not know, but this stadium was built to replace Zentralstadion.

EURO 2024 gave Leipzig Stadium 4 matches:

  • Portugal vs Czech Rep. – 18/06
  • Netherlands vs France – 21/06
  • Croatia vs Italy – 24/06
  • Round of 16 – 02/07

BVB Stadion Dortmund

BVB Stadion
Source: flickr (by Ungry Young Man)

As the stadium’s name clearly indicates, this is the home of Borussia Dortmund. It is safe to say this is one of the most iconic EURO 2024 stadiums because BVB’s fans are the most passionate in the world. BVB Stadion Dortmund is among the biggest stadiums in this year’s competition, with more than 65,000 seats.

Over the years, this venue witnessed many legendary football clashes. One of them is the 2001 UEFA Cup final, where Liverpool defeated Deportivo Alaves. People who want to watch EURO 2024 will have access to the following matches here:

  • Italy vs Albania – 15/06
  • Turkey vs Georgia – 18/06
  • Turkey vs Portugal – 22/06
  • France vs Poland – 25/06
  • Round of 16 – 29/06
  • Semi-final – 10/07

Cologne Stadium

Cologne Stadium
Source: Wikimedia Commons (by Raimond Spekking)

Lastly, we have Cologne Stadium, a venue with a capacity of 43,000 and home to 1. FC Köln. Although the stadium did not look that impressive before, it went through serious reconstruction in 2006. This made it a lot more appealing and became among the preferred options for multiple occasions.

Besides hosting various football events, this stadium also hosted American Football matches, music concerts, and more. Nevertheless, most people will remember Cologne Stadium for its 2020 Europa League final when Sevilla defeated Inter Milan.

Cologne Stadium will be the arena where you can follow these games:

  • Hungary vs Switzerland – 15/06
  • Scotland vs Switzerland – 19/06
  • Belgium vs Romania – 22/06
  • England vs Slovenia – 25/06
  • Round of 16 – 30/06

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the EURO 2024 Stadiums, all we need to do is wait for the event to begin. We at Nostrabet will make sure to provide you with daily coverage, so make sure to follow us. We will also give you access to tips and much more.

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