EURO 2024 Tickets

EURO 2024 tickets
EURO 2024 tickets

The 2024 UEFA European Football Championship is just around the corner. 24 teams will do everything possible to win the trophy in Germany, and fans will have the chance to watch them in action.

Even though many people prefer watching the clashes on TV, the most passionate football fans want to get their hands on the Euro 2024 tickets. It goes without saying, but there are a lot of things we need to mention about them, so let’s begin.

How to get Euro 2024 Tickets?

To get Euro 2024 tickets, you have to go to UEFA’s own ticket portal and purchase them from there. Those who failed to get a ticket from the initial phase will have to wait for the second or third ticket phase. If the ticket for the match and team you want to support is no longer available, you must look for it on the secondary market.

Keep in mind that the first ticket sale phase started around October last year. Remember to visit UEFA’s official ticket portal to check whether there are any free tickets.

uefa euro 2024 tickets
The official UEFA EURO 2024 Ticket portal

Euro 2024 Tickets Price

Fans interested in registering for EURO 2024 tickets and those intrigued by the secondary market have to know more about their prices. The amount users must pay depends on many factors, including where you are buying them from.

Our analysis has shown that people who purchased EURO tickets 2024 from UEFA have done that for as little as 30 EUR for Fans First Group Stage matches. Others (those in Category 1 for the Grand Final, for example) were €1000. The table below contains all of the information you need.

Group StageOpening MatchRound of 16Quarter-FinalsSemi-FinalsFinal
Fans First€30€50€50€60€80€95
Cat 3€60€195€85€100€195€300
Cat 2€150€400€175€200€400€600
Cat 1€200€600€250€300€600€1000
Prime Seats€400€900€500€700€900€2000

It probably goes without saying, but people looking for tickets outside of the official resale market will have to pay more. At the time of writing, we have seen tickets for Category 3 for around €1300. Although we can’t predict the future, it is very likely that the tickets for Category 1 will go up to 2500 EUR, if not more.

What are the different ticket categories for EURO 2024?

As mentioned, the UEFA Euro 2024 tickets have different prices depending on the category of tickets. They are as follows:

  • Fan First – These are the seats located just behind the goalkeeper.
  • Accessibility Tickets – These tickets are for wheelchair users and those who need easy access. What’s interesting about them is that the price will be the same, no matter where they are placed.
  • Category 3 – These tickets are not as close to the pitch as the other two categories. They will be placed in the corners as well as behind the goals.
  • Category 2 – If you get Euro 2024 tickets for Category 2, you will most likely be on the main stand. However, you can also find behind the goals or on the corners, depending on the match and stadium.
  • Category 1 – Located in the lower blocks of the main and opposite stands, these are among the most appealing tickets you can get. Of course, they also cost more money.
  • Prime Seats – People applying for EURO 2024 tickets will also notice that UEFA offers prime seats. They are located in Category 1, but in the center of it, allowing you to have an even better experience. The only bad news about them is that they cost a lot of money because the ticket for the final is 2000 EUR.

Am I allowed to resell my EURO 2024 Tickets?

Yes, you are allowed to resell your tickets. To do that, go to UEFA’s ticket portal and select the “RESELL TICKET” menu. The latter is the official resale platform.

The idea behind it is to guarantee that the seller receives the full amount of money and to eliminate the risk for buyers. With that said, the final resale window ends on April 15 at 11:00 CEST, so people who can’t sell their tickets until then won’t be able to use this platform.


When do Euro 2024 tickets go on sale?

The tickets for Euro 2024 went on sale in October 2023. There was also a sale in December.

Where do I have to go to apply for Euro 2024 tickets?

To apply for Euro 2024 tickets, you must visit UEFA’s official Euro 2024 website. Those who are not interested in using the official source have to look for resale marketplaces, but keep in mind that the price will be higher.

How will I get my EURO 2024 ticket?

You will receive your ticket for EURO 2024 in the form of mobile tickets. According to UEFA, the tickets are not sent all at once, and the process does not depend on when you purchased them.

Are the England EURO 2024 tickets more expensive than the rest?

No, the England EURO 2024 tickets are not more expensive than the rest if you purchase them from the official portal. On the secondary market, however, the tickets for some countries might be more expensive.

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