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MyStake Chicken Game Online
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MyStake casino has been operational since 2019. Over time, the casino has given players a wide selection of games, MyStake Chicken being one of them. Chicken My Stake is a popular mini-game that has created a wild craze among punters. This review discusses all aspects of this game.

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Chicken’s Layout and UX

Being a simplistic mini-game has made it easy for ChickenMyStake to gain immense popularity. Below is a description of each of the components of the game:

  • The section provides information about the minimum and maximum bet and maximum win.
  • Loading the game offers you a grid with 25 bowls. This is the grid that determines the outcome.
  • Besides, the lower part labelled 3 gives you a space to set your stake.
  • The section labelled 4 allows you to set the number of bones: the more bones, the riskier the game, and the higher the potential bonus.
  • The leftmost part of the game page allows you to review your past bets.
  • The green bet button allows you to place your bet. During the game, the button changes to a cash out button, indicating the amount you can withdraw. Besides, it helps you to exit the round.
  • Finally, there is a chat button labelled 7 if you need assistance.

To place a bet at Chicken My Stake:

  1. Set your stake
  2. Determine the number of bones
  3. Hit the green bet button

What is MyStake’s Chicken Game About

The gameplay of Chicken MyStake is simple. You win when you uncover a bowl and find a chicken drawing. The next step is either withdrawing your win or continuing to play. If you get a bone, you lose.

Before betting, you can set the number of bones between 1 and 24. The lower the bones range, the higher the chance of getting a chicken. Consequently, the multiplier will be low. If you select a huge number of bones, getting chicken will be harder and hence, higher multipliers.

If you manage to discover all the hidden chickens, you stand a chance to win a jackpot. This gives you the highest multiplier on the Chicken MyStake game.

mystake chicken gameplay

Below are some Chicken – MyStake rules:

  • The higher the number of bones set, the riskier the bet and the higher the multiplier.
  • After setting the bet, the Next Tile Win board shows the total win and the multiplier.
  • Finally, the minimum bet to place on the game is 0.2, while the maximum is 1000. Additionally, the maximum profit is capped at 10,000.
  • The RTP of Chicken – MyStake is 99%.

MyStake Chicken Tips & Strategies

Below are some strategies to use when playing this game.

  • Using Martingale Strategy
    Multiply your last stake by 2 if it is a losing bet until you win. Start from your single unit bet if it is a winning bet. If you can cash out at least two times, you are in profit.
  • Open A Single Dome
    If you select 1 bone when playing, the game is easy, but the multiplier is low. This game’s win is almost guaranteed, and you can take advantage by placing a big wager. If you bet with a 100EUR and the multiplier is 1.03, you get 3EUR extra. Doing this for several rounds builds up your profits.
  • Select 24 Bones!
    If you select 24 bones, you are looking for 1 chicken by opening the bowls 24 times. If you find the chicken at the multiplier of 24.75, you will be in profit. When using this strategy, select one tile all through. This is because the position of the bone keeps changing.

Pros & Cons of The Chicken Game

  • Pros
  • Offers a high RTP of 99%
  • Allows you to set your difficulty level
  • Playable on mobile devices without issues or restrictions
  • Cash-out option available any time during gameplay
  • Cons
  • Only available at MyStake casino
  • It relies mostly on luck


Chicken MyStake game is a great mini-game. It is entertaining and engaging due to its simple gameplay, theme, and sound. Its high RTP and the possibility of selecting difficulty level make it a choice for many punters.


Where can I play this game?

You can play this game at MyStake casino.

What’s the RTP?

The RTP of the MyStake Chicken game is 99%.

Can I cash out winnings from MyStake casino at any time?

Yes. You can cash out winnings from the MyStake casino Chicken game anytime.

Can I play the game on my iOS or Android devices?

Yes. Chicken Mystake is available on the site’s mobile site.

Will I get to cash out while playing the game?

Yes. MyStake cash-out option is available on the game.

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