LeoVegas Account Verification Process

leovegas account verification process
LeoVegas Account Verification
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Reputable and licensed online casinos like LeoVegas must follow strict data protection and encryption protocols and policies. This includes verifying the identity, residence, and payment methods of everyone who signs up at the casino.

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Verification is crucial in online casinos because it helps prevent unauthorised use and fraudulent activity. Verified users of LeoVegas can also participate in the VIP Program of the casino. This LeoVegas verify account guide will walk you through the steps you must follow to confirm your identity. Here’s what you should know.

LeoVegas Verification Documents

There are three primary documents you’ll need to submit to verify your LeoVegas accountProof of address, proof of identity, and proof of payment. These documents let the casino know you’re the rightful owner of the account you’re playing from and that you comply with your jurisdiction’s laws. Let’s see what each LeoVegas verify account document is needed for:

Proof of address

As you know, LeoVegas isn’t available in all locations and jurisdictions. The proof of address proves you’re playing from an authorised location, like the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, and others.

However, not all documents containing your address are accepted, as some can be edited. The acceptable LeoVegas verify account documents include a utility bill, a bank statement, or an insurance contract. You must also be aware these documents have to be rather recent.

Proof of identity

The terms and conditions of the LeoVegas verify account policy mention that you can’t register for someone else or if you’re underage. Therefore, LeoVegas is required to confirm your identity by asking for these documents.

Acceptable proof of identity documents includes a government-issued ID, passport, or current driver’s licence. You’ll also need to submit a picture through your webcam or phone camera, so the casino can match your identity.

Proof of payment

You can only use a payment method that belongs to you, whether it’s a debit card, a bank account, or an e-wallet. As such, LeoVegas requires users to submit proof of their payment method.

To verify your payment method, you’ll need to submit a photo of your debit card, a copy of your bank statement, or a screenshot of your e-wallet account information.

Step-By-Step Guide

Following our LeoVegas verification account guide may speed up the verification process at this online casino. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. leovegas verification - login
  3. Head to your profile and click “Verify Account”.
  4. leovegas verification - verify account
  5. Select which document you want to verify to be taken to the LeoVegas verify account tool.
  6. leovegas verification - documents
  7. Pick the type of document to be verified.
  8. leovegas verification - confirm identity
  9. Submit a picture of your ID.
  10. leovegas verification - upload documents
  11. After you’re done, click on “Add a proof of address”.
  12. leovegas verification processing documents
  13. Select the type of document and check the boxes below.
  14. leovegas verification - proof of address
  15. Upload your proof of address.
  16. leovgeas verification - upload proof of address


Learn more about the LeoVegas verify account procedure by reading the FAQs:

What if LeoVegas doesn’t accept my documents?

It’s likely your document wasn’t accepted for the following reasons:

Poor placement: LeoVegas requires all documents to be placed on a flat surface with the four corners visible.
Non-matching information: You won’t be able to verify your account if the information doesn’t match the documents submitted.
Disapproved documents: Not all documents are accepted, such as non-government-issued IDs, employment contracts, or receipts.

What if I can’t provide the required documents?

You won’t be able to verify your account if you don’t have the documents required. However, LeoVegas accepts several alternatives, such as your driver’s licence, insurance bill, or business contract.

How long does it take to get verified at LeoVegas?

Verification is usually completed within two hours, although it can take up to 24 hours if the team is under a heavy workload.

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