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Where can we bet securely and which are the leading bookmakers in Germany?

Find out information regarding the top three bookies for Germany from our table below. These are the most reputable and trustworthy betting sites for German players.

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Germany has a long history of betting, with the first casino being built in 1720, potentially making it the oldest in the world. However, with the shift of betting into the online world, the German government began to enforce notoriously strict laws. They prevent almost all of the country from using online casinos, and a small number of online bookmakers are licensed to operate in the country. Despite this relatively small market, the options available for punters are of incredibly high quality and offer a range of gaming services.

Interesting Facts about Betting in Germany

  • Germany generates approximately €14 billion in revenue from gambling per year
  • The majority of gambling is done in brick-and-mortar casinos or sportsbooks (over €10 billion of the total €14 billion in revenue was from physical betting, as opposed to online)
  • Although the online gambling market is relatively small compared to physical betting, it continues to grow annually
  • Approximately 37% of Germans regularly gamble
  • Gambling is illegal everywhere in Germany, except for in the state of Schleswig-Holstein
  • 38% of all gambling activity is done on sports betting, the most popular form of gambling in the country

Gambling Legislation and Laws

Various forms of gambling are legal in Germany, both in physical betting sites and online. The Interstate Treaty on Gambling, 2012, is the most significant piece of legislation that controls gambling within the country. This stipulates that punters are allowed to bet on card games in brick-and-mortar casinos. They are allowed to bet on sports from licensed bookmakers, and they can partake in lotteries. The European Union has previously ruled that the German government cannot restrict international companies from offering their services to a German audience online if that is what they wish to do.

As well as these overarching federal policies, each state has control over their own jurisdiction. This results in different legislation depending on the state in Germany. For example, the state of Schleswig-Holstein issued their online casino licenses (something that is illegal elsewhere in the country).

Top online betting websites in Germany

The extreme limitations on betting sites in Germany means that of all the companies that do receive licenses, users can have a high level of confidence that those that do operate to the highest standards. Below are some of the options available on the German market.

Bet365 is a British company created in 2000, that has since expanded to include a German audience. As well as offering bets in euros (the currently-used German currency), it provides its website and customer support in German, for the convenience of users. This site specializes in sports betting, with a vast range of games to bet on each day.

Existing for over 20 years, 888Sport is a subsidiary of the larger 888.com, one of the most reputable betting sites. The bookie’s size and experience make it a great website to play on. They offer a diverse range of games to bet on 24/7, including German domestic championships. This is an example of a reputable site that is also registered in other European countries such as the United Kingdom, providing German users with the knowledge that it is still a safe site to use. They also offer their services in German, for the ease of German punters.

Tipico is an online betting site that was founded in 2004, and has since expanded across the globe. They offer both sports betting and casino gambling for their German customers. This company is one of only seven that have been granted a license to offer sports betting on their first application. This indicates the quality of this company. They’re also one of the founding members of the German Sports Betting Association and are a strong presence when lobbying for the regulation of sports betting without such strict laws. As well as these overarching federal policies, each state has control over their own jurisdiction. This results in different legislation depending on the state in Germany. For example, the state of Schleswig-Holstein issued their online casino licenses (something that is illegal elsewhere in the country).

Competition between Operators

Germany used to have a complete monopoly on the majority of different forms of gambling. This was because only the federal states or companies run by the state could offer gambling services. This left no opportunity for private companies to enter the gambling market. However, the EU ruled that this was unjust and that the German government had to cede their monopoly. To this day they still severely restrict the number of licenses that are given to online sports bookmakers. However, it is no longer strictly a monopoly. There are approximately 20 active licenses for companies to offer their services to the German population legally. This reduced competition still restricts the legal opportunities for players.

A relatively large portion of the German online betting population is also choosing to bet on sites that are not registered or licensed in Germany, technically making the act illegal. This further reduces the state control of online gambling, with relatively minimal negative consequences for punters, who are not the target of prosecution.

Bonuses from German Bookmakers

There are many different bonuses and promotions available for German customers, both new and existing members. Almost all reputable sites will offer some form of welcome bonuses for clients when they sign up. This varies from website to website but often involves matching the first, or first few deposits. So if a customer signs up and makes an initial deposit of €100, the bookmaker will match that amount by 50%, or even 100%.

Existing members are also incentivized to continue using the gaming platform, and here bonuses and promotions vary a lot more from site to site. It is therefore essential for customers to find the bonuses and promotions that will give them the greatest benefit. Examples of bonuses include increased odds on certain matches, multi-bets, and cash-back options.

While the majority of these bonuses are not necessarily exclusive to players from Germany, it is important to note that even when a site is not licensed in Germany, players can generally still receive all of the bonuses and promotions offered to other international players.

Betting Features and Options from the German Bookmakers

There are several different features that most German bookmakers have that make betting from Germany such an easy and enjoyable experience. These can include:

Bet Builder
Bet building involves stacking several different bets on a single game. Often the bet builder is customizable, and punters can choose what to bet on. Bet builders are enticing because if all bets are successful, the odds are increased, resulting in more significant winnings compared to separate bets.

Live Betting
Live betting allows the punter to continue to place wagers even after a match has already begun. This allows users to bet in real-time alongside changing odds, so players do not need to be experts at sports betting necessarily, they just need to be able to understand the game and the changing odds.

Live Streaming
Live streaming makes betting online so much more enjoyable for a number of punters. Many sites will live stream most large, popular sports games so that punters can watch the event in real-time as they bet.

If a punter wishes, they can choose to cancel a bet in the middle of a sporting event, taking the odds at that point in time, regardless of the final outcome. Many sites also offer a partial cash-out option, and an automatic cash-out, so punters can choose to withdraw when odds hit a certain point.

Available Payment Methods

Most sites will also offer all of the usual ways to deposit and withdraw money – bank cards, e-wallets, wire transfers. Although PayPal is very popular in Germany and used widely on betting sites, not all operators will accept other e-wallets such as Neteller or Skrill. The majority of the options to deposit and withdraw money are free to use and should be relatively swift, but there are always exceptions to this. Users should always check the payment methods of the specific site before they register if they are concerned.

The minimum that can be deposited into a betting account is generally €1, but sometimes in order to qualify for welcome bonuses, first-time users need to deposit at least €10 for their first deposit. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn from a site at any given time varies more between sites, so it is vital to check each specific site for further details.

The majority of online betting sites accept the euro, the currency that is used in Germany. This includes sites that might not be registered in Germany because the euro is so widely used throughout the continent. This conveniently means that German players do not have to exchange their currency for playing on the international market.

Mobile Betting in Germany

Online casinos in Germany operate in somewhat of a legal grey area. Licenses can be obtained, but only from the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Currently, online casinos cannot be offered from the same sites that provide sports betting sites. To obtain a license for online sports betting, companies must demonstrate that they are not affiliated with any kind of online casino games as well. This means that customers interested in both types of betting often must visit two separate sites.

Alternatively, German punters can still easily access international betting sites that are not licensed to operate in Germany, but are still reputable, and offer a greater range of casino games.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are a favourite of some punters. However, the majority of online betting revenue still comes from sports. As such, the German government recently amended its policies in regards to the licensing of online bookmakers. To obtain a license to operate in Germany, sports betting companies need to prove that they do not offer casino services alongside their sporting betting services, as previously they had been banned altogether. This does not mean that German customers cannot bet on casinos or live casinos, only that the two cannot be offered under one platform.

Leading sports for betting in Germany

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling in Germany, and these are the most popular sports for punters:

  • Football
    One of the most popular sports to play in Germany, it might come as no surprise that it is equally as popular to bet on as well. Football has been one of the earliest popular sports to bet on and has remained in public favour.
  • Ice Hockey
    Although not as popular as football or horse racing, ice hockey is seeing a surge in popularity in Germany. This is due in part to the significant improvements of the national team, who won gold in the most recent winter Olympics in PyeongChang, increasing betting interest.
  • Basketball
    As well as interest in international basketball, Germany has its own national basketball tournament – Basketball Bundesliga. The Bundesliga is thought to be one of the best domestic championships in the world and is a favourite to bet on when playing online. Customers have numerous local and international options when it comes to betting on this sport, making it popular.
  • Horse Racing
    Similar to football, horse racing is one of the most popular sports to bet on in Germany, and one of the earliest-established. There are several sites that offer live betting on horse races from all around the world as well as locally, often in tandem with promotions to garner extra interest.
  • Handball
    The German national handball team is one of the most successful in the world, so understandable German punters want to bet on their side. Many different sites allow users to place bets, and some even offer live betting on the sport.
  • Boxing and MMA
    Boxing and MMA fights are widely available to bet on in a number of different sites, allowing German bettors the opportunity to win big from these fast-paced events.

The Profile of a German Bettor

The strict laws surrounding online gambling in Germany have not stopped many people from enjoying the pastime, as 10% of all punters who bet online globally, are from Germany. As a relatively affluent population with a long-held love of sports, Germans make the perfect candidates enjoy this hobby. German bettors are also regular users of these sites, with 60% of them playing at least once a week. Most online players bet on sports, with football being the most popular sport to wager on. Males still make up over half of all German bettors. However, gambling is becoming increasingly popular with women too.


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Our Verdict

The only concern with sports betting in Germany is the harsh laws surrounding licensing and running an online bookmaker, although the government looks set to loosen their stance on this shortly. However, the struggle to obtain licenses in Germany can be seen as positive for the user, who can now be assured that any site that has managed to secure a license is indeed reputable, and comes equipped with appropriate data security.

It should also be noted that regardless of the struggle to obtain licensing, and the legality of running a bookmaker in Germany, there appear to be few legal repercussions towards the user for simply betting online. Therefore, there is no risk to players who wish to play on international sites that are unlicensed in Germany. This allows them access to a number of international sites that are still highly professional and safe.

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