FortuneJack Dice: Everything You Need To Know

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FortuneJack Dice
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FortuneJack is a crypto casino with lots of amazing games and a great-looking interface. The bonus rewards are also inviting. Players that register here can play with various cryptocurrencies. As one of the provably fair games at the casino, Orbital’s Dice is one of the most rewarding tables you will play at the casino. We will further examine this title in our FortuneJack Dice review.

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FortuneJack Dice Review

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The dice game at FortuneJack casino is visually impressive, with an interface that makes it easy to play. The game is relatively straightforward. Dice are rolled, and you, as the player, must predict whether the result will be higher or lower than your selected value. The minimum bet is $0.1, while the maximum one is set at $100. You can also read our article on how to Deposit BTC on Fortunejack and play with cryptocurrencies.

fortunejack dice place bet

With this comes a maximum payout of 990X your wager. You can place bets on a single dice or make a prediction on all dice. You are playing for the jackpot all the time. Members will like how fast the game is and that all selections are easy to make. Use sliders and buttons to set your bet and roll the dice to start the game.

FortuneJack Dice Bot

Playing is fast, but there are FortuneJack dice speed settings to get things rolling even faster. Have the dice roll automatically with the FortuneJack dice bot. Set your bet parameters and press the auto roll button to activate the FortuneJack auto roll bot that automatically rolls the dice for you. You can always press stop to fix your bet and roll the dice yourself. If you are wondering how you know fortunejack dice servers down? The auto roll button stops functioning.

FortuneJack dice auto roll option

FortuneJack Dice Odds

Winning the dice game is largely about chance mixed in with a bit of strategy. While your strategy will increase your chances, luck plays a role in what you win. That the game is based on a 50-50 chance means you are more likely to make a successful roll than you would on other tables. With the odds for this game made better than the normal ones for a title played with two dice, you have more chances of emerging the winner. This means you have high odds of getting the FortuneJack dice jackpot every time you roll the dice.

Dice Game on FortuneJack Winning Betting Strategy

The thrill of hoping your prediction is right is part of the fun when playing online. It gets even better when you have a strategy. You need a workable FortuneJack dice betting strategy. The FortuneJack winning dice strategy is switching your bets more often. Shift between single-dice bets and bets on all dice to add more variety to your bets. Stick to your bet, whether high or low, when you are in a roll.

That the game is provably fair means that whatever youtube FortuneJack dice strategy you apply will work in your favour. There are more than a few dice betting strategies you can use. Don’t hesitate to switch between different play styles when you need to.


Are there any FortuneJack Dice bonuses?

No, the game does not offer any specific rewards. However, the casino offers bonus rewards playable in the game.

What’s the best FortuneJack auto roll?

The auto-roll option is often more rewarding when you play a high bet on all dice.

Are FortuneJack Dice servers down if I can’t play?

FortuneJack servers are rarely down, but you can find this out by checking how well games play and whether you can access features like live chat.

Can I play FortuneJack dice on mobile?

Yes, the casino offers a mobile version that runs on HTML5. Play the dice game on this platform and enjoy high-quality gaming on your smartphone device.

Can I play dice with fiat money?

Yes, the game is playable with cryptocurrency and fiat money as well.

What do I do when the FortuneJack dice chat is broken?

On rare occasions, you may have the FortuneJack dice chat broken. Fix this by restarting the game.

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