Fortunejack Bitcoin Deposit: Everything You Need To Know

fortunejack - how to deposit bitcoins
How to Deposit Bitcoins at FortuneJack
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FortuneJack is a popular Bitcoin betting site that allows you to anonymously deposit and withdraw while maintaining high-security levels. However, while Fortunejack provides the same quality, usability and user protection as other online betting sites, you may be wondering how to deposit bitcoins on Fortunejack. This article will explain everything you need to know about depositing Bitcoins on Fortunejack and how long it takes for deposit Fortunejack transactions to be approved.

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How to Deposit Bitcoin on Fortunejack

One benefit of depositing Bitcoins at Fortunejack is that each transaction is independent of the other and only requires approval from the Blockchain’s technology. Resultantly, they are never rejected and are typically approved within seconds. It is a similar process with other Fortunejack sister & alternative sites where you can play with crypto.

However, for someone new to depositing Bitcoin or depositing Bitcoins on FortuneJack, you must understand how to deposit Bitcoins on FortuneJack. While similar to other currency transactions, the steps are straightforward and included below.

fortunejack bitcoin deposit
  1. Start by logging into your FortuneJack account.
  2. Click on the “+” sign at the top of the site.
  3. Click “Deposit” and select Bitcoin from the list of crypto options.
  4. Enter the amount of Bitcoin in USD you want to deposit.
  5. Click “Deposit”, copy the BTC deposit address and paste it into your Bitcoin wallet.
  6. Enter the BTC or USD amount and verify the amount matches the one you entered at Fortunejack.
  7. Once your deposit is verified, you will be notified by Fortunejack via a confirmation email.
  8. After receiving the email, refresh Fortunejack and start betting.

Bear in mind that your Bitcoin wallet will charge a low or high miners fee for each transaction you process. Likewise, the price of Bitcoin may fluctuate between the time of sending your transaction and the time your deposit was confirmed. If the price drops, the amount of your Bitcoin deposit in USD will drop; if the price increases, your Bitcoin deposit in USD will increase.

How Long Does it Take Bitcoins to Get to Fortunejack?

Unlike traditional currencies, how long it takes Bitcoins to get to Fortunejack depends on the speed of your Bitcoin wallet and the mining of your transaction. Generally, most Bitcoin deposits are processed quickly, with the entire process averaging 4 to 6 minutes from start to finish. However, if demand is high, the time it takes for Bitcoins to get to FotuneJack can be as much as 40 minutes.

Best Crypto Games on Fortunejack

Anyone familiar with wagering with Bitcoin will appreciate the variety of provably fair crypto games Fortunejack has compiled. Fortunately, the best crypto games on Fortunejack are similar in diversity to other crypto casinos. While the options include traditional games like Baccarat, Keno and video poker, the best crypto games tend to favour a different vibe and have titles like Plinko, Mines, HiLo, Dice, and CyberDice.


CyberDice is a new crypto dice game that has you visiting a sci-fi world where you are greeted by exciting gameplay, stunning visuals, sound effects and 96x max win payout opportunities.


Plinko is the embodiment of simplicity where the object is to land a ball into the highest stake hole and potentially win a 1,000x max payout.


Mines is another space-themed, provably fair crypto game that favours simplicity by allowing players to customise the difficulty level and set win/loss targets and profits as they uncover mines.


Hilo is a hugely popular crypto game that is fun and easy to play where the object is to choose the odds of whether the next card will be lower or higher. With customisable features, this game offers a 99% RTP and 1000x max payout.


Dice is another of the best crypto games on dice that allows you to predict whether the dice will be lower or higher. Our FortuneJack Dice Guide shows that the game offers a 99% RTP and a max win of 1,000x the stake.

Texas Hold’em Poker

One of the best crypto versions of Texas Hold’em, this version lets bettors play their cards with the goal being to beat the dealer. With the same hand values as real Texas Hold’em, this is a great option for crypto-poker-loving players.


When playing with a cryptocurrency casino, knowing how long Fortunejack deposits take is an advantage. Fortunately, this article has explained that with Fortunejack offering an anonymous betting platform with the highest levels of security, depositing with Bitcoin at Fortunejack is not only easy but also safe.

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