Betway Multiple Bets: Complete Guide

betway multiple bets
Multiple bets on betway
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With over a decade in the industry (fully operational since 2006), Betway is a top-ranking betting site popular for offering players over 30 000 football, basketball, ice hockey, and tennis betting matches.

It is also one of the top gambling destinations worldwide for wagering on live games. Even more inviting is the Betway multi-bet feature!

This functionality allows you to wager on multiple events at once. If you are new to this form of betting, read this piece in its entirety as we discuss how Betway multi-bets work and explain the Betway multi bet rules.

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How Does Betway Multibet Work

Accumulator betting is one of the most prominent forms of gambling at Betway. If you are conversant with how to bet on sports, then you know that wagering on multiple bets at once increases the odds significantly.

As a result, you can enjoy a substantial payout in case your multi-bet wins. Take an example of the following four-fold bet:

  • Croatia (2.15) to win in a game against Canada
  • Germany (1.40) to win a match against Japan
  • Spain (1.16) to win in a match against Costa Rica
  • Belgium (1.50) to win in a game against Morocco

The operator will add the odds for the four folds resulting in a cumulative odds value of 5.26. If you decide to wager €100 for the accumulator, you will enjoy a payout of €526.00 if all bets in your bet slip are correct.

On the other hand, single bets of the same matches will cost you £400.00. You should, however, remember to add your stake on the multibet section and not on the single bet slots.

Betway Multibet Win Boost

The operator understands the risk punters take by placing multiple bets on Betway. As a result, they formulated a special promotion called Betway Multibet Win boost.

betway multiples win boost

Thanks to the bonus, the operator will increase your multi bet Betway winnings by a percentage. Remember that the win boost percentage depends on the number of legs on the accumulator.

For instance, 2 legs will earn you a 2.5% win boost, whereas 40 legs will earn you a 300% win boost. For more information, check the table below:

✔️ Number of Legs🎁 Win Boost Percentage

Betway Accumulator Bet Rules

Similar to other forms of gambling, Betway has accumulator bet rules that you must follow when wagering on multi bets. The terms and conditions guide you on what you can and cannot do during the entire process.

Furthermore, they stipulate what is required when placing accumulator bets on different sports, such as football, basketball, and horse racing. Note that the terms are mandatory whether or not you know how to win at sports betting. That said, here is a list of Betway accumulator betting rules you must note:

  • The minimum number of selections for an accumulator bet is 2 legs.
  • Betway allows up to 40 legs per multi-bet.
  • All selections have to be successful for you to receive a payout. Therefore, if one selection fails, the entire bet fails.
  • For accumulator betting, the maximum payout is dependent on the lowest limit set by the operator.
  • Adding selections twice from the same event is not permitted when placing accumulator bets.
  • Accumulator bets for Each Way are settled place-to-place or win-to-win.
  • In the case of the palpable error rule, the nullified selection of the accumulator will be void. As a result, if the accumulator had 6 folds, only 5 folds would count.
  • You cannot add the same selection on the bet slip to form an accumulator.

How to Make a Multi Bet on Betway

Placing an accumulator bet on Betway is an easy task so long as you have an active account. But then, if you don’t know how to make a multibet on Betway, follow these steps:

betway multiple bet slip
  1. Log in to your Betway account by providing your credentials in the spaces provided.
  2. Click the sports button on the top left corner of the site.
  3. Pick the sport you prefer, for instance, football.
  4. Add multiple selections on the bet slip.
  5. On your bet slip, scroll to the multi-bet section and enter your stake.
  6. Stake some cash and click the green “Place Bets” button to submit the bet slip.


Betway remains one of the top sites to consider when placing accumulator bets. As stated above, the brand has impressive sports coverage, with over 30,000 matches to bet on.

Furthermore, it comes with lenient multi bet betting rules, as indicated above. All you have to do is adhere to the accumulator betting stipulations and steps for an amazing gambling experience.


What are multibets also known as?

Multibets are also known as accumulator bets.

What is the difference between single and multiple bet?

A single bet entails punting on one selection, whereas a multiple bet is wagering on multiple folds.

Why should I use Betway’s multibet feature?

You should use Betway’s multibet feature if you want to spend less money wagering on multiple events and as a way of increasing the odds.

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