How To Cancel A Bet On Betway

betway cancel a bet
How to Cancel a bet on betway?
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To cancel a bet on Betway, you must check the company’s website and follow specific steps. Speaking of the devil, Betway is one of the world’s leading betting operators and one of the few places where you can wager on many things. As a result, players often make mistakes and look at how to cancel their bets.

Speaking of the devil, let’s go through everything you have to know about this feature. Don’t forget to check the website regularly because it may add even more betting tools that can help you when needed.

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Can You Cancel a Betway Bet

No, you can’t cancel a Betway bet, no matter which website version you are using. People interested in how to cancel a bet on Betway often check the company’s versions for other countries. However, they are yet to add this feature to their portfolio.

Once you go through the process of placing the bet, there is no way to cancel it. It doesn’t matter which sport you’ve decided to bet on; Betway won’t let you cancel the bet and place another one because of legal reasons. Unsurprisingly, one of the leading bookies must adhere to many regulations.

What Can You Do

If you’re wondering how to cancel a bet on Beway, you can do a couple of things. Since this operator won’t allow you to use this option, one of the few things that you can do is contact the Betway customer support department.

Betway will allow you to use several contact options. After picking one of them, try to talk to the Betway customer support team and explain that your bet was a mistake. You will most likely have to prove that you’ve placed the bet by accident. However, this may not be enough to cancel your bet, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen.


Not having the opportunity to cancel your bet on Betway might surprise and upset some people. However, punters should be responsible, so they must conduct their research before deciding what to bet on. It is also worth mentioning that Betway has several other features that can help, such as Edit a Bet, Book-A-Bet, and even Early Cash Out.

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