Does Betway Count Extra Time

betway extra time in betting markets
Does betway count Extra-Time in Sports Betting?
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People interested in online betting usually have some experience with the sport they want to punt on. Hence, they know it has regular time, such as the first 90 minutes of football and the extra time. The latter includes everything that’s not a part of these 90 minutes.

Other sports also have extra time, such as Ice Hockey, NFL, baseball, lacrosse, etc. Fortunately, all of them are available on Betway.

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Does Extra Time Count on Betway?

No, extra time does not count on Betway. According to the Betway additional times rules, all bets people place are based on the result during the regular time. For example, if you punt on football and the team you’ve bet on wins in the extra time, it won’t count.

This may surprise some online bettors, but every leading online bookmaker has incorporated this rule. Allowing users to bet on the extra time using the standard markets can lead to a lot of problems. For example, there might be glitches in the system that may not accurately represent the result. Moreover, there might be overlapping cases, such as when someone wagered on the number of penalties in the game and the match itself reaches this stage.

People who ask, “does extra time count on Betway” should keep in mind that Betway may provide them with special markets for this thing.

Extra Time in Online Betting Pros & Cons

Betting on extra time has its advantages and disadvantages, so here are some things you should consider.

  • Pros:
  • It is fun because you never know what will happen
  • Certain markets may have higher odds than usual
  • Betting on the extra time may allow you to use a special bonus
  • Cons:
  • You may not have access to some features, such as Cash Out
  • Users who ask themselves, “does Betway count extra time” know that it may cause confusion


What counts as extra time?

Everything that is not a part of the regular time in a given sport counts as extra time.

What features does Betway have?

Betway has a lot of features, such as the Betway reverse withdrawal, Cash Out, Live Streaming, Live Betting, and more. The operator is available in many countries, so some people have more options than others.

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