Betfred Boxing: Odds, Rules, Overall Review

betfred boxing betting
Betfred Boxing
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Boxing is undoubtedly one of the most popular combat sports that Betfred has followed for a long now. Whether you want to catch the frantic moment of Joshua vs Franklin or to place a bet on the sport, Betfred covers you with the latest odds.

In this article, we will check the Betfred boxing odds, rules, and other essential aspects you should know before placing your bet.

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Betfred & Boxing – Brief History

Boxing is one of the oldest sports known to humanity. It is believed to have started in 688 BC. Since then, the sport has evolved so much to its current state. Despite this, modern betting on Boxing started later in the 20th Century when the sport gave people a real adrenaline rush.

The original form of betting on Boxing came about in the early 1800s and 1900s when John Dempsey and Jack Johnson were the kings of the game. However, the kind of betting then differed from what is happening today. When Betfred started in 1967, it offered a wide range of sports to bet on, Boxing being one of them.

Betfred Boxing Odds

The boxing odds at Betfred are highly competitive. As with other sports, the odds differ from one event to another. The higher the likelihood of an outcome in a fight, the lower the odds. The less likely an event is to happen, the better the odds. However, Betfred boxing odds are higher than the industry’s average. Consequently, the bookie becomes a choice for many boxing betting players.

betfred boxing section

The excellent part of Betfred Boxing is that you will get odds from both the undercards and the main events. Whether you are looking for the lightweight title clash or the next heavyweight in whichever league, the odds at Betfred will give you an excellent edge to get a reasonable price for a correct prediction. Compared to rival bookies, Betfred is doing well in its boxing odds.

Betting Markets, Leagues & Matches

Betfred offers you a wide range of markets for Boxing. This ensures you have more than the obvious markets to bet on. Examples of these markets include outright, round, over/under and method of victory bets.

betfred boxing markets

On the leagues, Betfred makes it a norm to go for events from leading leagues. If you bet on the bookmaker, stake in the World Boxing Association (WBA). This league was founded as National Boxing Association in 1921. Additionally, you will find matches from World Boxing Council (WBC) and the International Boxing Federation (IBF). You can also bet on events from World Boxing Organization (WBO).

Under each of the above, you will catch many matches all year round. Thus, you will never miss an event to stake on at Betfred.

Betfred Boxing Bonuses

In addition to offering variety, Betfred is popular for its generosity to punters. Currently, its promotions section has more than 20 different offers and free bets. While some are specifically for sports like football and horse racing, some are general.

From the section, there are no specific free bets for boxing punters. But, the welcome bonus is a good starting point as it is available for all players. Keep in mind you should complete the Betfred registration procedure first and then avail yourself of the available offers.

How to Place a Bet on Boxing at Betfred

If you love Boxing, you could have a great moment at Betfred. Betting on the sport involves the following.

betfred boxing - place a bet
  1. Load the Betfred official website and log into your account.
  2. On the left menu, scroll and select ‘All sports’ and then ‘Boxing’ as your sport of choice.
  3. Next, load ‘Bouts’ and proceed to select a fight.
  4. Additionally, select your odds and enter the stake.
  5. Finally, hit the ‘Place bet’ button and wait for the bet settlement.


Betfred boxing betting is fun. The sport is among the oldest at the bookmaker, and thus, Betfred can give bettors the best in terms of both events and the markets. Besides, you can enjoy the best boxing leagues while learning much about the Betfred boxing rules.


Can I place a boxing bet at Betfred via phone?

Yes, it is possible to place your first bet at Betfred Boxing via phone.

Is there live betting for Boxing at Betfred?

Yes, you can bet on Boxing live in the in-play section. However, there were no active live bets during this review.

Are there live streams of Boxing at Betfred?

Yes, but only some of the events have live streams.

Are there any specific bonuses for Boxing at Betfred?

Currently, there is none. However, you can expect free bets and other bonuses for certain big boxing matches.

Is Boxing Betfred a game to bet on for a guaranteed win?

No bet guarantees you a win. It would help if you gambled for fun and not for wins.

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