Stiliyan asks: Can I trust the information on your website

Can I trust the information on your website?
Kristiyan Kyulyunkov
Certified Betting Expert

We received our first English question on the “Ask the Experts” panel. It comes from a user named Stiliyan, whose query says, “Can I trust the information on your website?”.

I will address this exciting question with my answer and explain what we are doing to gain the trust of our visitors. First of all, Nostrabet is an online website that works in affiliation with various gambling brands. This is not a secret; we have a special Ad Disclaimer page explaining our business model of work. Also, the About Us page lists all the team members working at Nostrabet (except our freelancers). There, you can find details for each expert individually.

Our team strives to deliver exciting content from first-hand experience about sports betting, casinos, sports predictions and the gambling niche as a whole. We work daily to make all of this happen and to satisfy our visitors with the information provided. Also, we are in the game! While we analyse each betting site, we test its services, and then we conclude the pros and cons, betting options, level of games and other characteristics.

We are staying with our own names and faces in front of each user, and that way, we express trustworthiness because we stand behind our words on each review, page or prediction.

My team and I have years of experience in online gambling, and every day, we work to improve ourselves, produce great content and betting tips, and deliver good bonuses for our users. With the Nostrabet Tipsters League, Ask the Experts platform, sports predictions, and more, we are trying to be creative and innovative for our customers so they can find valuable insights that can help them.

Nostrabet is a brand featured on leading media outlets like Business Insider and GPWA Times. Also, we are partners with various organizations like the Responsible Gaming Foundation in Bulgaria. This is freely accessible online, and you can check all these facts. In addition, Nostrabet and the team members have a presence on social media, so you can be sure that we are real people.

Based on these insights about our team, brand and work habits, every one of you can decide whether to trust us or not.

I believe nothing is perfect in this world, but everyone who wants to improve daily must work for it! We at Nostrabet are trying to be better for you – our community. We will continue improving and delivering the information you need around betting!

Kristiyan Kyulyunkov
Kristiyan KyulyunkovKristiyan Kyulyunkov specializes in bookmakers’ analyses. He has years of experience betting online and always keeps an eye on the different operators. His tasks in Nostrabet include writing, editing and publishing expert reviews.

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