About Ivan

My name is Ivan Georgiev, I’m 31, and I come from Varna, Bulgaria.

Almost as soon as I finished my secondary education, I began work as a web designer in the fields of advertising, programming, 3D design, graphic design, and SEO. I have studied Engineering Design at the Technical University of Varna.

My work experience includes some years spent in one of the biggest and most innovative advertising companies in Varna. During that time, I was in charge of designing games for slot machines, commercials, animations, and so on, allowing me to gain valuable experience in 3D modelling. Ever since then I have enjoyed working on 3D design, I was also involved in several projects as well as commercial videos for the company Varchev Finance.

Soon, I decided to hone my skills by taking on a variety of projects. Therefore, I became a freelancer for two years. Collaborating with people from all over the world gave me a perspective on work and life I wouldn’t have been able to get out of working in an office. Not only can you pick and choose your projects but the flexibility of the job allows you to maintain a great work-life balance. Still, it is my belief that every person should at least once in his lifetime dedicate his time and efforts on a cause with like-minded people. That is the only recipe for success I know of. Hence, I joined Nostabet. I started as a freelancer, but not after long I took on this project full-time. To be good at your work, you have to love and enjoy doing it.

My first steps into the online gambling

In fact, my first steps into the online gambling world were back in 2014. I took up a project as a primary developer in a start-up German outsourcing company in Varna – this city has it all 🙂 from beautiful women to drunken Germans and vice versa. Anyway, every tree must have healthy roots deeply rooted in the ground so it can grow high and mighty. If that were not the case, Nostrabet would never have become the number one site for people who like to bet in Bulgaria, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, and many more countries.

Together with my experienced and highly professional co-workers from Nostrabet, we have managed to create a quality product. My duties are quite straightforward as I am in charge of supporting the site, fixing bugs (hopefully this never happens), develop new sections. The layout and design of Nostrabet are also entirely up to me. However, I would like to point out that the whole team plays a significant role in the overall decisions for the structure of Nostrabet. Of course, we help each other whenever the need arises. Take this text for example, which I wrote myself although I am not good with words and do not have the talent to write.

I may not be very good at writing, but I can paint. Actually, I’m pretty talented, maybe even better than Vermeer himself. My passion is to portray objects that are as close to reality as possible. Another pastime of mine is listening to music and digitization. I can safely say that I’m a musical prophet. I have recorded hundreds of hours of my house tracks even on Fruity Loops. If you have not heard of me, I am apparently not good enough. 🙂 Nevertheless, visit my sound cloud and give me thumbs-up (DJ Weaker). The other thing I indulge in is what comes naturally for all programmers – I have a drink with friends after work. The summer weekends in Varna are usually spent on the beach or at Punta Kana (talking about the famous bar). I’m married and have got a nice ninja-like pincher 🙂

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