How to Play 888Bet Aviator – Tips & Strategies

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888bet tanzania how to play aviator

Aviator is a popular casino game developed by Spribe. The game involves betting on a virtual plane whose multipliers increase as it ascends into the air.

Play the Aviator 888Bet game using the steps below.

  1. First, load the game at 88Bet TZ from the main menu.
  2. Set your bet amount and wait for the next round to start.
  3. Finally, cash out before the plane flies away.

Go to 888Bet TZ

The game interface has various settings. You can initiate auto rounds and set your bet amount. In the right corner is a hamburger menu with all the game settings.

Where to find the Aviator game on the 888Bet Site

The Aviator game is on the main menu of the 888Bet TZ website.

Log into your account, find the game, and click on it to start playing.

Although locating it is easy, you must log into your 888Bet account to get the best view of the game and try its functionalities.

However, you can only access the fun mode when you are not logged in.

888bet tanzania how to find aviator

How the Aviator Game Works

To understand how Aviator works, you need to have a good understanding of each of the following.

Crash Game Mechanics

Aviator is a crash game. Hence, it works on a simple mechanic for you to get wins. When you place a bet, the plane will start moving up, and during this time, the multipliers will start increasing. However, it will get to a point where the plane will disappear. If you don’t cash out before this, you lose your stake.

Although a crash game, the 888Bet TZ Aviator version has a disappearance rather than a crashing feature to make it friendly to customers.

Aviator RTP and Volatility

Aviator is a medium-volatility casino game. Therefore, it gives you a moderate chance of winning. However, you will likely walk away with huge wins anytime you get lucky.

Moreover, the game’s Return To Player Ratio (RTP) is 97.0%. When you stake 100, you can get payouts of up to 97 coins. Thus, the house edge of the Aviator casino game is 3%.

Aviator Max Win

The maximum Aviator win at 888Bet is TZS 20,000,000.

To win this amount, you need to achieve the highest possible multiplier in the game. Betting the maximum possible bet of TZS 200,000 may increase your chances of winning.

Additionally, it is worth noting that the minimum bet is TZS 25.

888Bet Aviator Interface, Theme & Sound

888bet tanzania aviator design

888Bet Aviator game has an excellent interface that allows you to play it simply while deriving maximum excitement. The virtual plane is red, and so are the multipliers. The bet settings feature is clearly shown, and the bet button is green for ease of use.

The theme of the 888Bet game is space and aviation. This theme denotes the speed at which your multipliers build up as you play. Further, the theme is boosted by realistic space sounds that give the game some sense of realism.

The above has made the game very popular. According to USA Wire’s analysis, this game has over 10 million players globally, and over 2,000 online platforms offer it. This proves its global appeal.

Is 888Bet Aviator Demo Available?

Yes, the 888Bet Aviator game is available in demo mode.

Playing the game in this mode allows you to learn how it works and understand each feature. This helps you improve your playing skills, adopt winning strategies, and perfect your playing prowess.

After demo mode, you can stake real money. By then, you will have known how to play to win, and losses may not be as devastating as when you play blindly.

Aviator Game Features

Enjoy the live betting, live chat, live statistics, in-game chat, and rain promo features as you play the Aviator game.

Let’s see how each of these enhances your playing experience.

  • Live Bets – The 888Bet Aviator game is played in real-time. Therefore, all bets that are being placed are live.
  • Live Statistics – This section shows numbers that help you determine when and how to bet. You can access total bets, cashed-out amounts, and other details that inform your betting.
  • In-Game Chat – The in-game chat allows you to socialize with fellow players. You can exchange ideas, share strategies, and encourage each other.
  • Rain Promo – The Rain Promo allows you to get free bet rounds. The promo comes randomly and hits 55 times a day before disappearing.

888Bet Aviator Bonuses and Promotions

Although the Aviator game is interesting, it also has extra perks you can enjoy. These come as bonuses and promotions. While some are regular, some come randomly.

Observe all the terms and conditions to get the best from each offer.

During our review of this game, we encountered the promotions below.

888Bet Aviator Welcome Offer

The welcome offer for Aviator 888Bet TZ gives you up to TZS 10,000 in free bets on your first deposit.

However, the bonus you get depends on your first deposit. With a minimum qualifying amount of TZS 500, you earn TZS 250, while the maximum, TZS 25,000, offers a bonus of TZS 10,000.

Key terms:

  • Valid for new players
  • A withdrawal of funds before free bets are given to you leads to a loss of the offer.
  • Free bets offered expire after 3 days.
  • You will get your free bets bonus within 24 hours.

Aviator Free Bets

The Aviator Rain bonus promotion provides you with free bets, which fall at 55 random times daily.

To enjoy the free bet, be the first person to hit the ‘Claim’ button when the Rain feature activates.

This bonus’s prize pool is TZS 4,200,000 in free bets, and the giveaway occurs weekly.

Key terms:

  • The free bets will expire after 30 minutes of hitting ‘Claim‘.
  • To qualify for the Rain free bet, all your bets on Aviator should be real money bets.
  • Besides, you must have wagered at least TZS 500 or 1000 in the last 15 minutes.
  • Winnings from the Rain free bet can be withdrawn when you reach a maximum multiplier of 1.95.

In my experience, getting the 888Bet Aviator bonus is easy. However, it is important to observe the terms and conditions for each offer to get the most out of it.

Aviator Mobile Compatibility

888bet tanzania aviator mobile

The Aviator game does not have strict compatibility requirements. Provided your device has internet and a browser, you can access 888Bet TZ and play the Aviator game without issues.

However, it would be good to load the game with an Android device operating on Android version 5.0 or any iOS device operating on version 11.0 and later models.

Playing the Aviator game with the latest mobile devices gives you a great experience. The higher the screen resolution, the better the experience for you.

How to Win the 888Bet Aviator Game – Tips & Tricks

Despite being a game of luck, there are tips and tricks to get the best out of the 888Bet Aviator game.

Below are a few of these.

  • Betting Strategies – One good betting strategy is cashing out at low multipliers. While this may offer you low wins, you will surely walk away with some wins.
  • Risk management – You can manage risk by limiting how much you bet. Splitting your bankroll and placing unit bets on the game is better than placing all your stakes at a go.
  • Timing – Since Aviator 888Bet is a Provably Fair game, there isnโ€™t a best time to play it. However, always play it when your time and budget allow. You will be relaxed and sober enough to make good gambling decisions.

Is there an 888Bet Aviator Predictor?

No, there is no 888Bet TZ Aviator predictor.

However, some online sites claim to give correct and reliable predictions about the next win. This is not true at all. Remember, the game is provably fair, and thus, the results are random. No individual can predict the next outcome in random generator machine-based games.


According to my in-depth analysis, the 888Bet TZ Aviator game is excellent. It is simple to play, enjoyable and thrilling. Before you play with real money, you can try its many features and taste the theme, the playing mechanism, and the bonus features in demo mode.

Trying this great game at 888Bet TZ could give you the great experience you might want.

After trying the game in demo mode, I decided to play it in real money. I learned that the demo mode is not very different from the real money game. I have gained the skill and confidence to play the game now.


Is the 888Bet Aviator game fair and safe?

Yes, the 888Bet Aviator game is fair and safe.

Can I play 888Bet Aviator for free?

Yes, you can play 888Bet for free. Do this via the demo mode.

Are there any bonuses or promotions for the Aviator game at 888Bet?

Yes, there are some bonuses to enjoy at 888Bet Aviator. Examples include the Aviator welcome bonus and the Rain Free Bets.

What should I do if I encounter a technical issue while playing 888Bet Aviator?

If you encounter a technical issue while playing Aviator, contact customer support at 888Bet TZ.

Can I play 888Bet Aviator on my mobile device?

Yes, you can play 888Bet Aviator on your mobile device.

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