How To Delete 10Cric Account: Complete Guide

10cric how to delete account
How to Delete account at 10cric
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Anyone familiar with gambling in India will have surely heard of 10Cric. They are one of the biggest betting names in the country and have run a successful operation for many years. Given their popularity, they tend to deal more with new registrations than people leaving, but existing users exist. Whether it be for personal reasons, financial reasons, or to prefer another website, there are several reasons why someone might wish to delete their 10Cric account.

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Steps to Delete Your 10Cric Account

Unfortunately, 10Cric users cannot delete their accounts with just a few clicks. Instead, the process involves a little more but is still relatively straightforward. There are several ways to delete your account that we discuss below:

How to Delete 10Cric Account Via Live Chat

10cric live chat delete account

With 24/7 access to live chat and advisors willing to help, requesting an account deletion this way seems sensible. However, you will likely find that the live chat agent cannot deal with deletion requests. Instead, the standard response is to tell you to send in an email, as this is how they prefer to deal with such matters. Due to this, we recommend skipping live chat and heading straight for the ‘delete by email’ option outlined below.

Deleting 10cric Account Via Email

10cric delete account email

In short, the answer to how to delete a 10cric account is ‘by email’. Using the same email address associated with your account created after 10Cric registration, you should write a message to In this email, you should include key account information, such as your name, date of birth, and the reason for your deletion request. You do not have to go into great detail for this, so a few sentences should do.

This is the process you should follow, whether on desktop or mobile. In most cases, you should receive a response within a couple of days.

10cric Self-Exclusion

If you want to break from gambling, permanently closing your account is certainly one option. With this, you need to be aware that the action is not reversible, and closed accounts cannot be recovered. For a less permanent solution, one option is to sign up for self-exclusion. This will block you out of your account for a set period, for example, six months, but users can end it early upon request.

10cric Steps for Self-Exclusion

Should you want to set up a self-exclusion period, all you need to do is email As with a deletion request, use the same email address registered to your 10cric account. There are two essential bits of information to include in the email, the first being the reason for wanting self-exclusion. Users should also state clearly how long they want the self-exclusion period to last. It is better to give a longer estimate as it is possible to end the self-exclusion period early and reactivate an account.

How To Reactivate 10cric Self-Excluded Profile

Being able to easily reactivate a self-excluded account is both a strength and a weakness. The strength is that it gives players greater control over their accounts, stopping them from being excluded longer than they wish. However, this might be a problem for someone suffering from a gambling addiction, as it is too easy to get back online and gamble again.

To reactivate an account, send an email to Note that any request is subject to a 24-hour cool-off period in case a user wishes to change their mind.

Reasons to Deactivate 10cric Account

Reasons why an online gambler might want to delete or self-exclude their 10cric account vary. Sometimes it can be to do with gambling addiction, people spending (and losing) more than they can afford. Maybe it has not reached this stage yet, but a person just feels unable to bet responsibly. Reasons do not have to be as serious as this, though. Some might find gambling too time-consuming and would rather do something else. Alternatively, they might want to gamble with another bookmaker, as 10Cric is not fulfilling their needs.

If you are seeking a new bookmaker, many of which come with an attractive welcome offer, look at our recommendations below:

Nostrabet’s Advice Before Deleting Your Account

Before requesting for your account to be deleted, there are specific steps we strongly recommend you follow:

  1. Check if there are any open bets on the account. If there are, try to cash them out, as 10Cric does offer this feature for some bets.
  2. Consider making use of any promotions, for example, free bets, before moving to step three.
  3. Withdraw all funds from your account and wait until you have received the money.

These are the main steps to follow, but you may wish to contact customer support and ask if there is anything else to consider.


Can I undergo the 10cric registration again with the email of my deleted account?

Re-registering as though you were a new player with your former email address can cause issues. Anyone looking to return to 10cric after closing their account should email instead.

Is there a way to recover my deleted 10cric account?

No, once 10Cric delete an account, it cannot be recovered.

What if I can’t delete my account for some reason?

Try setting set up a lengthy period of self-exclusion instead. Alternatively, change your password to something you cannot remember, delete any saved payment methods and opt out of marketing materials.

What happens if I delete my account when there is an open bet?

If you have an open bet that will not be settled soon, 10Cric will not cancel the bet and refund your stake. Instead, if you decide to delete your account, 10Cric will scrap the bet and keep the stake.

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