Stake Weekly Bonus – Next Date, Calculator & Code [2024]

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Calculate your Weekly Bonus in under 10 seconds here:

Stake Weekly Bonus is an offer that allows you to enjoy a share of a $75,000 prize pool. The weekly offer is given on Saturdays, and once you participate and win, you will receive your prize after the promotional period ends every week. Usually, it ends on Saturdays at 1:30 pm GMT.

What is the Stake Weekly Bonus

stake weekly boost

The Weekly bonus part of all bonuses is not the same as the Stake Weekly Giveaway. The former is a VIP bonus that will give you cashback on your wagers for the last 7 days. The latter is a rich offer that contains a prize pool of $75,000, usually divided among 15 players on Saturday at 1:30 pm GMT.

To participate in the Stake Weekly Giveaway, you must place a wager of at least $1000 to secure a single ticket. The number of tickets that you can buy is unlimited. The higher the entries, the higher the chances of winning. Once the Giveaway period ends, the winners will be determined. Immediately after one hour, the lucky winners will share the prize pool.

Although the promotion may look like a sportsbook deal, you will receive giveaways in both the sportsbook and casino sections.

The VIP weekly bonus is another matter. It is calculated based on your wagers and you get a refund back together with a base bonus depending on your Stake VIP rank. Mind you only Bronze members or those with hight status can participate.

How to Calculate the Stake Weekly Boost?

stake weekly bonus

Usually, the amount of giveaway prizes you win at Stake will depend on several factors. See the factors below to get answers to the question ‘how is take weekly bonus calculated.’

  • Your VIP Level at Stake
    The higher the VIP level, the better the bonuses you receive from the promotion. Therefore, you should play more, climb to better levels, and win more in the promotion.
  • Your stake amounts in the last 7 days
    The amount you have wagered in the last 7 days will affect how much you win. The prize will differ if you have spent $10,000 and another punter has spent $4000.
  • The outcome of your bets
    Whether you lose or win, most of your bets will affect the boost you receive. You can always confirm this using our Stake Weekly bonus calculator.

How to Claim Your Weekly Stake Bonus?

You need to have an account at to enjoy this promotion. You can first register a new account if you do not have one. If you have an account, this is how to claim weekly bonus Stake.

  1. Firstly, log into your Stake account and go to the promotions section.
  2. Secondly, opt into the promotion and wager to receive entry. Each entry will have a special number.
  3. Keep wagering for more entries into the promotion.
  4. Check to see all your entry numbers under the VIP section of your account profile.

When the giveaway draw happens on Saturday and you win, you will receive your gift after exactly one hour. But you will need to check Stake Telegram to know if you are among the lucky winners. Through this group, you will also get Stake weekly bonus links.

Since the Giveaway will close at 1:30 pm GMT, you will get the Giveaway at 3:00 GMT. Besides, it is worth noting that Stake uses Google’s official random generator live to determine the winning entry. Therefore, the promotion is highly fair.

When is the Next Weekly Bonus Drop

The Stake Weekly Giveaway comes after every 7 days. Since the Giveaway was done last Saturday, the next one will be available on Saturday, May 2024.

How Does the Stake VIP Level Determine the Bonus Amounts?

stake VIP weekly bonuses

The casino has a wonderful VIP programme. The programme has different Stake VIP levels, starting with the lowest – Bronze, to the highest – Diamond. Rising the ladder of the programme means more wagering.

On the matter of bonuses, Stake will reward its most loyal customers more. Consequently, players on the top levels get bigger and better rewards compared to new players.

This explains why new players will receive fewer bonus amounts in the Giveaway compared to players on the upper levels of the programme.

Main Terms and Conditions to Mind

Although this is one of the most generous price boosts you will have, it does not come freely. You need to observe various terms and conditions that include the following:

  • You must have an account that is in good standing at Stake.
  • Secondly, the Giveaway covers both sports and casino wagers.
  • If you engage in fraud or are suspected of doing so, your entry ticket will be voided.
  • Besides, employees of the stake casino cannot participate in this promotion.
  • Any ticket you place between 2 and 3 GMT on Saturday will not count towards the tickets in the Giveaway.
  • Finally, only Bronze or higher ranked members can participate.


Do I need a Stake Weekly bonus code?

You don’t need a Stake Weekly bonus code to enjoy this weekly Giveaway.

What is the Stake Bronze weekly bonus?

The Stake Bronze weekly bonus depends on the amount you have wagered in the last 7 days. However, this adds to the set weekly bonus perk for Bronze punters.

How do I find a direct Stake weekly link?

You should join the Telegram group for VIP players at Stake to get a direct Stake weekly link.

Is there also a Stake weekly raffle?

No, the Stake Weekly Raffle is the same as the Stake Weekly Giveaway promotion, which offers you a share in a $75,000 prize pool.

Where do I find the Stake weekly giveaway winners?

The Stake Weekly Giveaway winners are on the Stake VIP player’s Telegram channel.

What are some alternatives to this weekly Giveaway?

There are several alternatives to the weekly giveaway bonus. A good example is the Stake Monthly Bonus that follows similar principles in its core.

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