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Exciting news is on the horizon! We’ve just caught a glimpse of something that’s guaranteed to hype up all the arcade gamers among the casino crowds. Video games and iGaming have always had their similarities; however, what comes next might bring the two closer than anything ever did in the past.

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Recently, the roos of Roobet have teamed up with the esteemed Lucky Pengwin folks, known to mix tech and fun in their works. And guess what? They’re brewing something special, and it’s going to be a blast!

Introducing Yeti Cash Dash – a unique 3rd person platformer that mixes gameplay mechanics and real-money bets in a groundbreaking and super fun way! This means that you’ll be jumping around like a kangaroo in a way you would in a traditional video game while being able to bet and win real cash prizes!

roobet yeti cash dash bet

As a Yeti, you take on the village chief’s mission to traverse and navigate through the treacherous icy terrains of a fantasy world, not unlike the Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda. Ace it, and not only will you earn your rite of passage, but you just might end up in a treasure trove full of riches and good times!

roobet yeti cash dash betting

Mark your calendars for early September 2023, as that’s when the Yeti Cash Dash will hit the scene, exclusively at Roobet. The best part? It is playable without downloading anything and will be compatible with any device that you choose to play it on.

Keep your eyes peeled for the exact launch date, as this is the one that you don’t want to miss!

Try Roo’s Spin & Score September While You Wait

We might not quite be there yeti, but that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of fun at Roobet. In fact, we can think of no less than 250,000 reasons for you to stay tuned and pay the kangaroos a visit – or a couple, through the month.

To kick things off, we have the Roo’s $50,000 Spin & Score Raffle:

  • From September 4th to 17th
  • $50,000 total prize pool
  • 100 total winners
  • Win a ticket for every $500 wagered
  • 5X Tickets – on Yeti Cash Dash

Then, during the raffle’s peak, a chance to double down with a set with Roo’s Hall of Fame Missions:

  • From September 11th to 17th
  • Bet $0.50+
  • Play on eight selected games
  • Win a piece of $50,000

The party doesn’t stop there! You can join a competition right after these two have reached their grand finale! Spin the reels, hit the multipliers, and collect the points to win Roo’s $60,000 Top Frag Tourney:

  • From September 18th to 24th
  • Prize pool of $60,000
  • Play on selected slots
  • Bet $1 and collect points
  • Be among 500 winners

As if it wasn’t enough, the raffle returns with Roo’s $50,000 Raffle Reloaded:

  • From September 18th to October 1st
  • Bet $0.50+
  • $50,000 total prize pool

Don’t Miss Out on a Month of Fun!

The best part about all of it is that this is only a bit of what you can expect from Crypto’s Fastest Growing Casino throughout September.

Make a habit of checking back regularly, take a shot at over $250,000 combined prize pool, and be among the first to get a taste of Yeti Cash Dash, available exclusively at Roobet!

Kristiyan Kyulyunkov
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Play for fun
This game is not suitable for people under 18