Lock and Load, Roobet Cup 2023 is here

roobet cup 2023 is here
Roobet Cup 2023 Offers
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After many long years and countless updates, both minor and major, the godfather of competitive first-person shooters is taking it to the next level.

Hopping closely around the release of Counter-Strike 2 are the Roos of Roobet. They have been patiently waiting for the opportunity to hit you with what you’ve been asking for – the next Roobet Cup!

Just like its predecessor, the debut Roobet Cup, this year’s iteration will see 16 teams competing through eight days for the $250,000 grand prize, starting on October 25th.

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Take on the Roobet Cup Raffle and win in style

Being big fans of the game, they know what every Counter-Strike 2 player simply can’t stay away from. If the first thought that came to your mind was skins, you’re right.

By betting $10 or more on the Roobet Cup, you’ll get a ticket for the raffle. Five cards will be randomly picked once the tournament’s over, and their lucky owners rewarded with a total of $25,000 in CS2 skins! Additionally, the winners will get a prize code for the limited edition merch from the Roobet Style Store, with a value of $1,000 in total.

Each ticket you obtain will increase your chances of winning, and there’s no limit to how many of those you can have. Take advantage and stock up on them while you can, for a chance at some fashionable prizes.

Roobet Cup Raffle:

  • One ticket with every $10+ bet
  • Five lucky winners will get: $5,000 in CS2 skins & $1,000 worth of Roobet Cup merch

Avoid betting pitfalls with Roobet Cup First Map Insurance

Those who love to play it as safely as possible will love the First Map insurance. If you place a bet on your team to win, and you do it before the match starts, you can have your money back if they lose the game.

You must place a single bet on the winning market that matches the odds of 1.70 or exceeds them. The team you’re betting on needs to win on the first map of the draft. If this happens, your bet is insured. This means that even if your favorite loses the game, you’ll get your wager refunded. Up to $100 of the wager’s worth will be added back to your balance as a free bet, to try your luck one more time.

Roobet Cup First Map Insurance:

  • Bet on Roobet Cup’s winner market
  • Pre-match, 1.70 odds, single bets of $10+
  • Your pick must win the first map
  • Get up to $100 back if they lose the match

All aboard the Roobet Cup hype train

Who’s ready for one more Roobet Cup? Are you excited about $25,000 in new skins and another $1,000 in exclusive brand merch? Hop on over and join the online community of Crypto’s Fastest Growing Casino, and empower all your Roobet Cup bets with their promos!

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