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Roobet Offer: Agent Roo's Casino Rooyale
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Join Agent Roo’s $100,000 Casino Rooyale

Being the Crypto’s Fastest Growing Casino sure sets the bar rather high for the good kangaroos of Roobet. However, they keep finding new ways to deliver with every event, promotion, and innovation that they hit us with.

The latest in their endeavors is Agent Roo’s $100,000 Casino Rooyale raffle, which, although a mouthful, promises also to fill our pockets! As if a prize pool of $100,000 wasn’t enough on its own, a whole new “Mission System” offers an additional way for the players to grab a few extra bucks at Roobet crypto casino! We know it sounds great, and we promise to tell you all about it, but let’s take things one at a time.

Join Agent Roo's Casino Rooyale

Agent Roo’s $100,000 Casino Rooyale | July 10th – 25th:

  • 100 lucky winners will share the prize pool of $100,000
  • The luckiest roobetter walks away with a $10,000
  • Wager $500 on any game to earn a raffle ticket
  • You can get 5x tickets for the same amount wagered by playing Roo Bonanza or The Roo House

How to Join Agent Roo’s $100,000 Casino Rooyale?

The total prize fund of $100,000 is in the title of the event, but you might be wondering about the grand prize. While 100 lucky roobetters will be sharing the prize pool between themselves, the luckiest player will get no less than $10,000, all for themselves!

As for the mechanics and how to take part in the raffle, you’ll be glad to know that they are very straightforward. Play any game, and wager a total of $500 to win a single raffle ticket. Get more tickets to increase your chances of being drawn as one of the winners, and hope for a bit of luck. Playing certain games like Roo Bonanza and The Roo House will help you get more tickets fast by giving you 5x more tickets per $500 wagered.

Of course, the more tickets you get, the higher your chances of placing anywhere among the lucky 100 will be. Don’t shy away from those featured house games, and stock up on as many tickets as you can!

Join now, and try out the Missions System

As we’ve already teased at the beginning, the kangaroos have come up with something completely new. A mission system with many tasks for you to complete across every slot and a way to grab even more rewards when you spin those reels.

The tasks can vary and may require you to accomplish different things. Some may feel easier to complete than the rest, but they’ll undoubtedly make your time with the games more enjoyable. However, there’s one guaranteed consistency across all of the tasks – you’ll always be immediately rewarded upon their completion!

To try out the new mission system, pay a visit to Roobet anytime between the 3rd and the 30th of July. Take your shot at a combined prize of $400,000! Take part in Agent Roo’s Casino Rooyale raffle, complete two sets of missions filled with tasks, and compete at two tournaments while you’re at it!

Visit Roobet now, and check out a brand new way to play and profit!

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