LeoVegas Live Roulette Terms

leovegas live roulette terms
Live Roulette Betting Terms at LeoVegas Casino online
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Live roulette is one of the most interactive online casino games you can play at Leovegas. HD graphics, friendly croupiers, and comprehensible rules are commonplace here! Despite its straightforwardness, the game requires players to understand the Leovegas live roulette terms, how to use them, and where they apply before launching and wagering on the likely outcome of the game.

Though basic, these will give you an edge over the casino and enhance your gaming experience. As a result, here is a detailed list of 25+ live roulette terms you must know before playing live roulette at Leovegas.

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Apres la boule passe

An expression (French) stating that a different croupier will throw the roulette ball on the next game at the same table.

American Roulette

This is the version of roulette most commonly played in North, South and Central America. It is distinctively different from the European version due to the double zero. This version of the game has 38 pockets with numbers 1-36. The two extra pockets have single and double zero.


The amount of money or stake set aside by a player for wagering on live roulette games. The cash may be for a single session or a specific period.

Block Betting

Wagering on a stack of numbers on the same section of the table. This only applies to the table and not the live roulette board or wheel.


A French roulette version where the wheel displays numbers 1 to 9 with every numeral repeated twice. Players can only wager on a single number during a round. This live roulette version aims to increase the gamer’s chances of winning the bet.


All numbers on the roulette board game appear on a black background. For example, all odd numbers lying between 11 and 18 are blacks. It is the same for all odd numbers between 29 and 36. Also, even numbers from 1 to 10 and 19 to 28 are black on any live roulette board.

Biased Wheel

A wheel where the outcome is not random but somewhat predictable due to foul play or wear and tear of the table. As a result, the ball may end up falling in a particular pocket more often than expected.

Corner Bet

Also known as Square Bet or Carré. This is a common term among gamblers who best understand how to play roulette. It involves placing roulette chips where the four numbers adjacent to each other meet. If successful, the bet pays in the ratio of 8:1.


The wooden section of the roulette wheel comprises the conch, inner wall, outer wall, and rim minus the turntable that spins the wheel.


Also known as the dealer. A skilled individual who operates the live roulette game. They take players’ bets, spins the roulette wheel, toss the roulette ball, and announce the outcome.

Column Bet

Wagering on the 12 numbers forming a column on the roulette table. The bet works in the following combination 3 to 36, 2 to 35, and 1 to 34. If the chance is successful, it pays out in Leovegas roulette odds of 2:1.


Also called a split bet. It is wagering on two numerals lying next to each other on the roulette table. The numbers can be horizontal or vertical but not diagonal. If the bet is correct, it pays out in Leovegas live roulette odds of 17:1.


Wagering on three blocks containing 12 numbers. The combination comprises groups 1 to 12, 13 to 24, and 25 to 36. According to Leovegas betting rules, a correct dozen bet pays out in the ratio of 2:1.

En Prison

A special Leovegas betting rule for live roulette where the wager is returned if the roulette ball stops on a zero. However, this is only the case if the bet was on even Leovegas roulette odds.

Even Wager or Bet

A common live roulette bet where the payout is 1:1. In roulette, this bet entails wagering on Odd/Even or Black/Red.

Faites vos jeux

A common term in French Roulette that translates to “Place Your Bets”. A phrase uttered by the croupier directing players to make their predictions and wager money.

House Edge

A fraction of the player’s money gets returned to the table, and the percentage the operator keeps over time. Basically, the percentage of money Leovegas online casino will make for every roulette bet placed.

La Partage

A roulette rule where the player retains half of their stake in case of a loss, whereas the house keeps the other half. This happens if the ball falls on a zero for an even money bet.


A popular live roulette betting strategy is common when placing binary bets such as Red/Black. The betting system requires you to double your stake whenever you lose.

Mini Roulette

A popular version of live online roulette that consists of 13 pockets making it easy to bet on and play.


Numerals that appear on both sides of the roulette wheel but are not neighbours of zero, neither are they part of the 5/8 series. The numbers include 1, 20, 14, 31, 9 blacks and 17, 34, and 6 reds. Betting on the numbers requires you to stake a total of 5 chips.

Outside Bets

Wagers on the outside of the numbered area. Used when betting on colours and even/odd numbers, among other options.


The small indents on the roulette wheel are coloured red or black with numbers. It is the area where the ball falls on the roulette wheel.


Also called high bets. Wagering on roulette combination that contains numbers 19 to 36. In case of a win, the wager pays out in the ratio of 1:1.

Rien ne va plus

Translated to “No More Bets”. A French expression the croupier uses to indicate players cannot place bets for the roulette game.


The part of the roulette that rotates. It contains numbered pockets coloured Red/Black. The numbers labelled on the section vary depending on the live roulette played.


The section of the roulette wheel is labelled zero or coloured green. Every time the ball falls on the section, all bets are forfeited.


Leovegas is a 2012 gambling site with a licence from the Malta Gambling Authority (MGA). The platform offers numerous live roulette games, which you can play for as little as $0.50.

As discussed above, the only way to enjoy Leovegas roulette is to grasp the above terms and understand their use. Therefore, carefully review every item discussed above for a deeper understanding of the game.

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