Best Betting Sites in Nigeria

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Where can we bet securely and which are the leading bookmakers in Nigeria?

There are not one or two licensed bookmakers in Nigeria, so punters will need help to choose the right website for them. To help with this choice, we provide a table with one of the best online bookmakers which will meet the expectations of Nigerian customers.

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Betting in Nigeria is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the online field. Although punters are limited in terms of where they can legally and safely bet in brick and mortar establishments, the internet provides the opportunity for many to access reputable betting companies, and take advantage of great odds on local as well as international betting events.

Interesting Facts about Betting in Nigeria

  • The minimum age to legally gamble in Nigeria is 18
  • Approximately 60 million adult Nigerians bet regularly, which is equivalent to 30% of the population
  • Sports betting is the most common form of gambling in the country
  • Online gambling is considered a legal grey area in Nigeria, and punters who continue to play on unlicensed sites do not receive any legal support
  • The first local online betting site to get up and running was NairaGames, and that was only in 2013
  • Although the online gambling market in Nigeria is growing, it is limited in part because only 47% of the population has access to the internet.

Gambling Legislation and Laws

Some forms of gambling are legal in Nigeria, but not all. Two different laws essentially determine what kind of betting is allowed within the country. The first relevant piece of legislation is the Gaming Machines (Prohibition) Act of 1997. This completely banned all gaming machines that were operated using coins or tokens, and they are still illegal today.

The second law is Chapter 22 of the Nigerian Criminal Code Act, which states that all forms of gambling are illegal, except for card games based on skill (like poker), backgammon, the national lottery, casinos, and state-run betting pools.

Neither of these pertains directly to online gambling, and within the country at a national level, it is considered illegal to own and operate an online casino or sports betting site. However, the government does not regulate what customers do on overseas sites, which is how many Nigerians gamble online. At a state level, Lagos (Nigeria’s largest city) offers licenses to online sites and regulates the market through the Lagos State Lottery Board (LSLB).

Top online betting websites in Nigeria

Due to the confusing legalities surrounding online betting in Nigeria, there are not as many vendors willing to accept Nigerian players, as there are in other countries. Despite this, there are still a number of high-quality bookmakers that offer their services to this market, and provide everything that bettors could want. Some of the best betting sites for Nigeria include:

This is the largest betting site in Nigeria and was made purely for Nigerians. The Bet9ja site offers its services only in the Nigerian naira (NGN), and there is a huge focus on local sports championships, as well as international. Because they are a local company, everything is tailored to the Nigerian market – not just the sporting offers, but also the payment methods, and customer service support. It is worht mentioning that the company has developed a very well-optimised mobile website for the customers who prefer tho bet using their mobile devices.

The platform Betway is a massive international site, that is working hard to establish themselves within the Nigerian market. They have a site that is tailored specifically to the Nigerian market, which is mobile-friendly because that is the platform that most punters use. The size of the company means that they can offer a vast range of sports, and different types of bets, so there is something for every niche betting interest. The casino section will meet the expectations of all the casino fans, and besides, Betway offers a generous welcome bonus for the newcomers in the company’s casino.

The brand Nairabet was the first local site to hit the Nigerian market, and they have been a favourite ever since, both locally and in other African countries. They offer both sports betting and casino games, but their sports market is undoubtedly the most popular. The website has an incredibly simple design, which makes it easy for everyone to understand and navigate. They offer over 20 different sports to bet on, both local and international games and championships.

Competition between Operators

There is no monopoly when it comes to online gambling; there are a number of different sites that offer their services to the market. This is beneficial to punters because it means that vendors are constantly looking to improve their services and offer better odds, to gain more customers, as well as provide variety.

When it comes to betting in brick and mortar establishments, things are slightly different. There are only a handful of physical casinos in Nigeria that have been granted licenses to operate. While this does not constitute a monopoly, as they are all independent, it does limit the market competition, as well as limit the number of users that can access them.

Bonuses from Nigerian Bookmakers

Nigerian bookmakers offer a range of bonuses for all of their customers. All reputable local and international betting sites offer welcome bonuses for new customers who sign up and make their first deposit, which is usually in the form of credit, or free bets. Beware though, that these welcome bonuses may appear to be high in value, but they can often have strict wagering requirements attached before any actual winnings can be withdrawn.

There are also bonuses and promotions that are for existing customers. These are often far more varied than the welcome bonuses, and can sometimes be used each week/month/game. These promotions may involve increased odds on certain games or types of bets, bet accumulators, or mobile bonuses. These bonuses are also often changing, so punters should regularly check to ensure they are not missing out on anything.

Betting Features and Options in the Nigerian Bookmakers

Bookmakers are constantly looking to entice their punters with new and exciting features, to encourage them to continue playing. Some of the most commonly-found features include:

Live Betting
Live betting allows customers the opportunity to continue to bet on events, even after they have started. Usually, the betting odds will change in real-time according to what is happening in the game or match, and punters can place bets that are more educated and likely to win, compared to bets placed prior to starting with odds that rely on statistics from previous events.

Live Casino
Although not every betting site in Nigeria offers casino-style gambling, those that do should also offer live casino services. This allows bettors to play casino games against other real people, in real-time. The live casino feature is designed to mimic a brick and mortar casino as much as possible and makes online casinos a more social experience.

Live Streaming
This service allows punters to watch the event that they have bet on, and this often goes in tandem with live betting. Live streaming is a great feature, especially for events that would be otherwise untelevised, and unwatchable (due to the fact that they may be an obscure sport, or it might be a foreign match). Most sites require a minimum bet on the specific event before you can access the live stream, but this is generally pretty low.

Bet Builder
Bet builders have a range of different names, but they all mean the same thing. Customers can combine a number of different bets, for better odds. Most sites offer flexibility with these services, letting punters choose how many bets they want to add, and what kind of bets. If all of the bets are successful, punters win more than they would if they had placed the same number of independent bets.

Cash Out
The cash-out option is also widely available on most sites and allows users to exit a bet early. If a punter is worried that odds will change and a bet will ultimately lose, they can choose to end their bet early, taking winnings based on the odds at the time, regardless of the final outcomes. Some sites will offer partial cash-out option, so you can still retain some of the bet, and also automatic cash out, as soon as odds hit a certain point that you have specified.

Available Payment Methods

Nigerian betting sites offer a range of different payment methods so that there is a convenient option for everyone. Among the most commonly-accepted methods are Visa and Mastercard, as well as e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. Deposits are generally instantaneous and do not incur a fee. Although it varies from site to site, the minimum that can be deposited is usually around 100 NGN. Withdrawals can be made using the same methods, and although they are still free, it can take up to 24 hours.

While all Kenyan betting sites will accept the local currency (NGN), there is no guarantee that international sites will, in fact, many of them do not. Where this is the case, most sites will provide users with the opportunity to convert their local currency into something that is more widely used, such as USD or EUR. Punters should be cautious with these services because many of the conversions can be costly.

Mobile Betting in Nigeria

Mobile betting is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to bet throughout the country. Sites are aware of this and tailor their services accordingly. Many online bookmakers offer free apps to download so that punters can play on a platform that is specifically designed to be used on a smaller device and often requires fewer data to download unnecessary graphics. For sites that do not have apps, there is always the mobile version of the desktop site. These vendors design their services specifically for the mobile user to play anywhere, any time.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are heavily restricted in Nigeria, although this does not prevent punters from being able to access them. Although Nigerian law never mentions the internet side of gambling, there are certain forms of casino betting that are explicitly banned, such as slot machines.

Punters should be aware that when they are accessing illegal gaming sites, they have no legal protection. Therefore they should exercise caution, and if they really want to bet on online casinos, try and find a reputable site.

Leading Sports for Betting in Nigeria

Sports betting is one of the most common forms of gambling in Nigeria, and the high demand has resulted in a diverse market that offers all punters could want. The most common sports to bet on are:

  • Football
    Football is the most popular sport globally, and British influence within Nigeria increased interest in the sport, as well as in betting on it. International markets undoubtedly have a wide variety of games and championships to browse, but local and continental sites will offer options that are closer to home and include other African teams.
  • Basketball
    Nigeria has one of the best basketball teams in Africa, and enjoyment in the sport has increased interest in betting on it. The team frequently plays teams from other countries within the continent, but also further abroad, and these can be bet on from both local and international sites.
  • Athletics
    Nigeria is known to have an exceptionally talented athletics population, and many athletes have represented the country at global events such as the Olympics. Local sites will, of course, offer greater coverage on national events, but international bookmakers will often also cover the larger events.

The Profile of a Nigerian Bettor

Due to the patchy nature of the legalities of betting in Nigeria, not a lot is known about the average bettor. However, what can be deduced is that punters are more likely to be male, and more likely to be young. Some studies have also shown that there are a higher than the average number of individuals who bet frequently (multiple times a week), compared to other countries where the average punter only bets occasionally.


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Our Verdict

The current situation regarding gambling in Nigeria means that punters have relatively free access to all kinds of betting sites, and can play however they please. The regulatory authority in Lagos offers licenses to sites that are safe and reliable, and punters can also play on international betting sites.

Despite that, there is still rampant fraud and illegal activity within the online Nigerian betting community. Because it is not regulated at a national level, this leaves room for a crime that goes undetected, and customers become victims. When this occurs, they also have no legal protection due to the status of online gambling.

Only time will tell if the Nigerian government decides to update their laws specifically to protect online players, a demographic that is exponentially growing. Until then, punters should exercise caution because there are still safe sites that can be used and enjoyed.

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