How We Rate?

Since we started operating in 2013, we at Nostrabet have been at the forefront of the iGaming industry. Our experts spent thousands of hours analyzing some of the world’s premier iGaming operators to provide you with the best reviews. Nostrabet only works with competent professionals with multiple years of experience, so they always go through everything you have to know about a given operator.

Over 10 years of experience in the Gambling industry

16+ hours of monitoring from our team every day

Competent professionals with multiple years of experience

Thousands of users daily on our website

Expert reviews of over 400 betting sites worldwide

Continually updating the information

What is Our Review Process?

Creating an in-depth review of an online bookmaker and casino is a process that consists of several key steps. You can learn more about them below.

1. Beginning

The first step of the procedure is to take a quick overview of a given site to make sure it is legit. Our experts have the skills and knowledge to do that. After we make sure the site is real, we move on to the next step.

2. Planning

Here, our writers and other team members come up with a general structure for the review. We cover everything a customer may want about the given site, allowing people to make the best choice.

3. Writing

This is the most important step in our review process and the one that takes the most time. Our writers have as much time as they need to cover everything from A to Z.

4. Validation

After the content is ready, it’s time for our professional editors to step in and ensure it is suitable for uploading.

5. Publishing

In this step, Nostrabet’s team sprinkles its magic by adding pictures, videos, and everything else while publishing the review.

6. Updating

The last step of the process never ends because it includes constant updates. We monitor every operator we promote, so you can be sure that the content is always up to date.

Who are Our Casino & Betting Experts

Nostrabet’s team consists of proven professionals who can provide people with the information they need. Each team member excels in a given area, giving us the best possible expertise when analyzing gambling websites.

Everyone from Nostrabet has at least a couple of qualifications in the iGaming/Gaming field, which means people know what they’re doing. You can learn more about the team by visiting the About Us page.

How We Rate – at least 10 Factors Considered

Now that you know more about the review process, it’s time to unlock the mystery behind our ratings. Here’s what we always pay attention to.


Your security has always been our priority, so the first thing we check is if the website is safe to use. All of the bookmakers and casinos at Nostrabet have proven they’re safe for users.


The security features are important but not enough to guarantee that you won’t have any issues. Consequently, we always check whether the website has a license and, if so, which is the issuing commission.

Payment Options

Since people will be playing for real money, we must examine the payment options. We check each deposit and withdrawal solution, its minimum/maximum requirements, processing time, fees, and more.

Sports Betting or Casino Games Covered

Some platforms offer sports betting sections, others have casinos, but certain operators have both. Regardless of the situation, we analyze everything these places can provide by testing them.

Betting Features

Most gambling platforms use betting features to stand out from the rest. Although some of them are useful, our many years of experience have helped us realize that only some things are worth it. Therefore, the team tests each option individually.

Bonus Offers

We know players like using bonuses, but we also want to help them make the most of them. Consequently, we analyze each offer’s Terms and Conditions and explain them so you know what you’re getting into.

Mobile Compatibility

We know that most people who browse the internet use mobile devices rather than PCs. Therefore, we always check if the given betting operator is mobile-compatible. Some companies have mobile apps and websites, whereas others only offer the latter.

User Experience

Everything mentioned so far is important, but we also analyze the overall user experience while playing. Unsurprisingly, some websites seem much better than others, even if they have fewer features.


Alongside everything mentioned above, our team also checks things like:

  • Registration Process
  • Verification Proceure
  • Help Section
  • Betting Limits
  • Maximum Winnings
  • VIP Program
  • Affiliate Program
  • Customer Support
  • Responsible Gambling Options

Our Rating Scale

At Nostrabet, we use a rating scale from 0 to 5 because it allows us to accurately rate all gambling websites. Needless to say, it is challenging for an iGaming operator to get a 5/5 because it has to be perfect. The good news is that a lot of companies have excellent options and come close to the ideal score.

You won’t find any low-rated operators since we are picky and only work with top-tier brands. Consequently, you can’t go wrong with any operator available at Nostrabet, regardless if it’s a bookie or a casino.


After it opened its doors in 2013, Nostrabet quickly established itself as one of the premier websites for everything gambling-related. The team has grown massively over the years, and everyone who’s a part of it is a well-known name in the iGaming space.

Our website has customers from all over the world because they trust our expertise. After all, we are betting on sports and playing casino games, so we know what you’re looking for and what works best.

What differentiates us from the rest is that our team improves daily. Everyone wants to keep improving, which reflects in everything we do.

How do We Protect Customers from Untrustworthy Betting Sites?

One of our missions is to ensure all our customers stay safe while having fun. To achieve this, we have created two important lists of gambling websites.

Blacklisted Operators

Thanks to our users’ feedback and our team’s experience, we have created special page for Blacklistd Bookmakers. We do not recommend using those websites because they have all kinds of issues. This includes things like problems with the payment options, untrustworthy customer support teams, conditions that are not user-friendly, and more.

Recommended Online Betting Sites

On the other hand, our recommended online betting sites list consists of iGaming brands that provide excellent services. Each company here has lived up to our and our customers’ expectations. Many of them have several years of experience behind their backs, so we can safely recommend them.


Which are the main factors to consider when choosing an online betting website?

The main factors to consider when choosing an online betting website are its safety features, payment options, and betting alternatives. There are other important factors to take into account, such as mobile services, customer support, bonuses, and more.

What are the reasons behind a bookmaker’s high score?

The reason behind a bookmaker’s high score is the overall services of the given site. Operators with safe platforms and multiple options are prone to receive higher scores than others.

Why are there blacklisted betting sites?

There are blacklisted betting sites because they do not adhere to our standards.

How do you choose the betting sites and online casinos to test?

We choose betting sites and online casinos to test by analyzing countless iGaming operators. Following our brief overview, we can determine which companies receive a more in-depth analysis.

How can we be sure that the scores and reviews on the website are unbiased?

Our team consists of professionals that use objective criteria to determine a given site’s score. Consequently, all of our reviews are unbiased.