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How to Win in 1xbet

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Winning in online casino games at 1xbet requires a few 1xbet tips. Gambling is not necessarily a mindless activity, and this article will guide you through the basic 1xbet hacks and tricks to use when improving your game to earn on 1xbet.

how to win at 1xbet

10 Tips to Win 1xbet games

Beginning with the list below, here’s where you can start when setting up your strategy to make some amount playing on 1xbet.

These tips to win 1xbet games are actions you can take to improve your betting approach and increase the chance of winning a bet on sports or a casino game such as poker, roulette or blackjack. Several elements come together to make a fantastic player win at card games and sports betting at 1xbet online casino. They are patience, experience, timing, and knowledge of the odds, payouts and probabilities.

Tips to improve the chance of winning on 1xbet are collected by Nostrabet experts to help beginner gamblers and anyone who wants to improve their chance of winning. Find 10 tips to win 1xbet games listed below.

#1 Don’t hurry when placing bets

To improve your chances of winning 1xbet games, don’t be in a hurry to make a move, take a decision, or pick a side in a bet. You might feel under pressure, or like you don’t have much time. However, maintaining a calm demeanour and keeping a clear head will increase the chance of winning 1xbet online casino games like blackjack and poker.

Many card games have time limits for decisions and live bets on sports. The amount of time you have could be under a minute. At 1xbet, you can use the time limit as part of your gambling strategy for a specific game and bet types to do better than other players or find the best value. To do this, a player should process information, calculate the chances of winning, and comprehend the possible outcomes while betting, all within a moment.

According to research from the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, making uninformed and rapid decisions leads to irrational choices. It’s one of the biggest reasons online casinos and offline casinos earn more, as the stress of an irrational decision can cause more hurry and panic, leading to future losses. Therefore, not being in a hurry while gambling is an essential tip to win games in 1xbet. It works for all decisions but is particularly effective for live sports betting, poker, and blackjack games on 1xbet.

#2 Don’t be afraid to cash out

One of the essential skills you need to learn is knowing when to walk away from a bet. Be realistic in your expectations, and don’t chase after a win. If it’s going wrong and there’s no salvaging your wager, it’s better to cut your losses and cash out.

#3 Watch other players and learn

Wagering often means watching what everybody else is doing and trying to understand why they are doing it. Good observational skills are essential in gambling. Watching other players teaches you new strategies for your gameplay. You also learn more about the players and any weaknesses they have.

#4 Bet higher on fewer games

In gaming, like in most things, quality is more important than quantity. So, be selective about your wagers. Use your bankroll strategically and only place your bet after research and stats have indicated that it’s a sure win. Remember that not every game is worth betting on, even if it’s the big game of the season. Only bet on games that have value.

#5 Follow the game strategy of other players

This tip follows tip 4; you can learn just as much from your competitors as you do from other players. You can learn to shop around for the best odds and lines from competitors, but keep in mind location can heavily influence these odds. What is available in your home country might not be legal in other countries.

#6 Calculate the possibilities better

Understanding basic math is an essential skill; it helps you understand the odds and value. Trying to find the best position to bet on is all about understanding the expected value and recognizing when the odds are higher or lower than they should be. Betting on the value means you have to spot the advantage and take it. Which requires some basic math and knowledge of the game. Be cautious though, overextending your budget is a risk when value betting.

#7 Read statistics

You need to know more than the game’s basic rules if you wager on it. Knowing the rules, the players, and the location is only where you start. Intelligent betting requires reading all the statistics you can find for the game or match you are wagering on, including statistics regarding your bet’s odds, type, and bookmaker.

#8 Gather info about every game type

It’s to your advantage to read about different kinds of games and their betting strategies. Betting strategies change for every kind of match, game, or sport. Reading about the different types of games allows you to expand your knowledge, and it will enable you to find strategies that share a commonality.

#9 Pay attention to the most successful gamblers

Successful gamblers often have a system, and it’s only practical to listen if they are generous enough to share their ideas. However, this doesn’t mean that you should follow it precisely. Take in the advice and then make it your own. Adapt all relevant advice to improve your own gameplay; but, remember that no system is infallible. Trust your instincts, and don’t make a bet if it means ignoring logic.

#10 Use logic for 1xbet games

One of the most challenging things to do consistently is to follow the numbers and bet on the statistics. Don’t play when under the influence, even if that influence is your own emotions. Keeping a clear head and ignoring bias is essential, even if it means betting on a game that you don’t enjoy playing.

The above 10 tips are meaningless if you don’t find a way to apply them to your system; this can also be a challenge. However, the most consistent advice we can give you is to manage your bankroll, take advantage when you spot a value bet, and go big. Betting intelligently is a delicate balance between trusting your instincts and calculations. You can layer some strategies over others, change them on the fly, and try different methods to see what works for you.

Is cheating in 1xbet possible?

No, though there are unofficial apps online that appear to collect cheat codes and hacks for top sportsbooks and online casinos, including 1xbet. However, these apps are primarily scams. We recommend that you avoid such apps as they could pose a threat to your data.

1xbet has been accused of operating illegally in the past, resulting in the UKGC removing the license in the UK. There have also been unfavourable player reviews, citing issues with accounts being closed without warning and problems with making withdrawals. One player had his account closed because his father also had an account. 1xbet stated that their terms only allowed a single person per family to have an account. This action resulted in an approximately $1,700 (€1,450) loss for the player. This story isn’t the norm, as there are just as many satisfied customers.

How does 1xbet work?

homepage of 1xbet

To win on 1xbet, you should know how the website works, which varies according to your location. One of the most significant differences is that not all countries allow 1xbet to run the betting exchange. Without the betting exchange, 1xbet functions the same as most online casinos and sportsbooks. You place a bet, you win or lose, you carry on. However, the betting exchange has a different approach, here you can exchange a wager with other players, and 1xbet is simply the platform you’re using to bet for a small fee. There are two types of bets available, for and against; one player bets for an event, another player bets against it, and the bet is matched. Read more about this in this 1xbet review.

How to use 1xbet accumulator bets?

When many bets are combined into one wager, it’s called an accumulator bet. All the separate bets have to be correctly predicted to win, so the odds paid out are typically much higher due to the difficulty in predicting multiple correct outcomes. Accumulator bets are risky for the same reason, even one wrong prediction and the total bet loses. However, the increased odds tempt many players, especially in football wagers.

1xbet offers the Accumulator of the Day promo in the live sports section; the way it works is that the first column has the matches for the day. Typically, it will show the games in separate rows, starting with the sport, the date, the two teams and their outcomes, and the individual odds. Then you will see the bonus at the bottom, along with the overall odds. You can then ‘Add to Bet Slip’ if you accept the wager.

How to get better when playing 1xbet gambling games?

Here are a few ways to improve your game when gambling at 1xbet:

  • Know the rules of the game;
  • Learn the best practices for playing the game;
  • Look for the best jackpot;
  • Find games with a high RTP or low house edge;
  • Stay focused and budget wisely.

How to find 1xbet players to learn from them?

There are several ways to find 1xbet players so that you can learn more:

  • 1xbet has a blog on its website, where you can see articles on the latest big winners.
  • Use the 1xbet Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for the latest updates.
  • Watch 1xbet channels on twitch tv.
  • YouTube has several videos about 1xbet, as well as a dedicated channel.

Is there a 1xbet community to learn sports betting?

Yes there are many 1xbet communities you may choose from to learn about sports betting. Additionally, many websites are dedicated to helping gamblers learn more about sports betting. You can find channels on YouTube, Reddit threads, and 1xbet also has Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. All of which offer tips; however, if you’re looking for a social community rather than answers to specific questions, then you might be out of luck. Most forums discuss issues and workarounds with other players, though these are valuable tips.

Does 1xbet offer info for possible gambling tricks?

No. 1xbet does not offer information on possible gambling tricks. 1xbet’s customer support is relatively sparse compared to other websites, which extends to advice on gambling and what problems might be faced. There is no FAQ section on the website. Still, they are thoroughly represented on social media to find the answers to your questions there.

Find 1xbet on social media platforms here:

Is winning at sports betting harder than playing online casino games in 1xbet?

Yes, winning sports games is more challenging than casino games at 1xbet. While you also have betting strategies for playing casino games, they differ from sports games in one crucial way: you need to account for people’s actions in a sports game. When playing slots, you don’t need to worry if the goalie was injured in the last match; there is no goalie. Other factors to consider when betting on sports at 1xbet are:

  • The game’s location
  • The weather on the day
  • Players’ form
  • Stats for the last few months (or years)

With casino games, you need to worry about RTP, volatility, odds, and other players and the dealer with card games.

Is winning on 1xbet harder than other casino sites?

No, 1xbet is not any harder than other casinos. The best way to choose the right casino for you is to go to the website and see if your favourite games are available and the odds or RTP. If the casino meets your requirements, your next step will be to read reviews and the site’s terms. Remember to keep a clear head, stay focused on winning, and make your decision based on logic.

Below is a short comparison between 1xbet and other casinos so that you can see where some of the differences lie:

  • 22bet: 1xbet has more payment methods available and supports more currencies. However, both have mobile apps and a good selection of games. 1xbet’s welcome bonus at the casino offers more at up to €1,500 ($1,800) for the first deposit, whereas 22bet offers €300 (approximately $360).
  • MELbet: 1xbet has a more comprehensive range of languages. Even though Melbet and 1xbet have an equally good range of games available, Melbet emphasizes the sportsbook more than the casino.
  • BetWinner: 1xbet’s site is easier to navigate, has more extensive casino offerings, and supports more currencies. Again. 1xbet’s welcome offer beats out the competition from BetWinner.

Read about it in our Casino review if you want to know more.

Last updated: 28 Jun, 2022 at 12:37
Veselin Ignatov
Veselin IgnatovVeselin's primary job is to create unique content, such as reviews and analyses of different bookmakers and other topics from the iGaming industry.

Expert Reviews

Liam Hoofe
Liam Hoofe
Overal Rating:

A good casino and sportsbook ruined by high deposit limits and a lack of promotions

At first glance, I thought 1xbet was a really good online bookmaker and casino, but as I began to dig a little deeper, I found a few issues that damaged my experience of the site.

First - the good. I really like the layout and design of the site. Everything is really easy to find, and the sports selection is good. The slots here are also varied, with some of my favourite developers, including Nolimit City and Hacksaw Gaming, providing their products. The live casino is also packed, with the likes of Evolution and Ezugi filling it with their games.

However, my biggest issue with the site was the minimum deposits and withdrawals. The casino requires a minimum deposit of €/£/$50 to get playing, and it doesn’t lend itself well to casual play. I also found the lack of decent promotions for the casino section to be a disappointment.

Overall, while there is plenty of variety here, the lack of decent promotions and the high deposits put me off. If you have no problem with these, you will probably enjoy your experience on the site.

  • Pros
  • Simple design
  • A good range of online slots is available
  • Cons
  • Limited Promotions
  • High deposit options
Gary Tomlinson
Gary Tomlinson
Overal Rating:

A highly reputable bookie but not available for UK Players

1xBet is one of those bookies where the live betting odds in certain markets are sometimes slow to move, which is excellent news for value bettors, or those on the lookout for arbitrage opportunities.

The vast number of betting markets that are available is very impressive, so it would be fair to say that this is a bookie that is able to cater to the needs of any sports betting enthusiast.

Special mention must be made to the live betting section of the website, which is very well laid out and easy to place bets in fast-moving markets.

I have always found live chat support to be highly knowledgeable without losing that ‘friendly’ touch, so it does not come as much of a surprise that this bookie is one of the top bookies in the business.

I would be happier if 1xBet was licensed by the likes of the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority instead of holding a Curacao Gaming Licence, but they are not breaking any rules as it is all that is required in the jurisdiction from which they are operating.

At the end of the day, 1xBet is a reputable bookie that has built up a decent reputation since its inception back in 2007.

  • Pros
  • Great for Live Betting
  • Good Live chat Support
  • Many Slot Games
  • Cons
  • Do not have UK License