Best Betting Sites in China

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Where can we bet securely and which are the leading bookmakers in China?

The Asian gambling market is known to be one of the largest in the world. The same applies to the Chinese market as well. Due to that fact, it could be difficult to find the best site for placing bets, and because of that we are here to help by recommending you one of the top online bookmakers in China:

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Online gambling in China is illegal, but this does not stop millions of people from continuing to access international bookmakers. Gambling has long traditions in Chinese culture, and the introduction of Western-style gambling has appealed to several people, as well as made it easier to gamble at an international level. With the use of tools such as VPNs, Chinese bettors can access the global gambling market, and have the opportunity to bet however they want to.

Interesting Facts about Betting in China

  • Gambling is illegal in mainland China
  • The only legal forms of gambling are the two state-run lotteries
  • It is believed that the annual revenue from online gambling is more than USD 145 billion (1 trillion yuan)
  • The legal lottery in comparison only generates around $40 billion
  • The only place where gambling is legal is Macau – a territory that used to be controlled by the Portuguese
  • Macau is known as the gambling capital of the world
  • Gambling is a part of traditional Chinese culture, with many people growing up playing Mahjong

Gambling Legislation and Laws

Gambling is illegal in China and has been since 1949 when the communist party gained power. Article 303 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China states that it is illegal to gamble, as well as offer gambling services. The law also states that these kinds of crimes come with potential punishments of imprisonment and fines.

The government views online gambling and land-based gambling the same and punishes any offenders similarly. Although the government does its best to block international betting sites, there are ways around this with VPNs.

The government does not consider the lottery to be a form of gambling, and this is why punters are legally allowed to partake in the state-run lotteries.

Top Online Betting Websites in China

Even though online gambling is illegal in China, there is still a massive market for it, and a number of international providers willing to offer their services. Here are some of the most popular online betting sites in China:

This is an Asian-run betting site, licensed in the Philippines. The site has existed since 2004 and has garnered a strong following in the time since, both in Asia and beyond. They offer their services in a range of languages to cater to the Asian population, and this includes Mandarin and Cantonese. The online bookmaker Dafabet boast 24/7 live customer support, and an impressive market of sports betting, as well as a variety of different casino games, including live casino options.

22Bet is another site that offers both sports betting and casino options for punters, so there is something for everyone. As one of the most popular betting sites globally, 22Bet has a range of betting markets and opportunities on offer for their customers. They are a relatively new betting site, however in the few years that they have existed, they have managed to successfully tap into the competitive betting market, and continue to grow.

Betwinner has been operating since 2007 and offers its customers sports betting and casino options. They are a large international company, and they have a wide range of sports to bet on, including Chinese and Asian tournaments, as well as larger, international games. The website of BetWinner is easy to use and can be translated into several different languages for better understanding.

Competition Between Operators

In terms of legal gambling, the Chinese government holds a monopoly over the market. They operate the only two legal lotteries in the mainland, which also happen to be the only legitimate form of gambling. Punters are severely restricted when it comes to gambling legally, and this is only exacerbated by the fact that there is no market, to increase competition and make winnings more favourable.

Despite this, there is a large illegal gambling scene in China, and this is open to all international bookmakers that want to offer their services to Chinese punters. There is really healthy competition between providers, and bettors can take their pick of many different betting sites that offer a wide range of betting options.

Bonuses from Chinese Bookmakers

There are a number of different bonuses and promotions that punters can access, making their online playing more fun and exciting. These bonuses differ from site to site, but there are some similarities across the board. Almost all good Chinese bookmakers will offer customers a bonus simply for signing up to the site. This bonus can differ, and some sites offer a sports welcome bonus and a casino bonus, allowing customers to choose the one that is right for them.

For the existing customers, there are also bonuses and promotions so that they are encouraged to continue to play on the site. These are incredibly diverse and are frequently changing. Punters can receive free spins on certain slot games, increased odds on sports matches, or a number of other bonuses that are designed to increase their winnings.

Betting Features and Options in Chinese Bookmakers

The online gambling market can be competitive, and bookmakers need to offer the latest in features to stand out and increase their customer base. Here are the most common features that can be found in Chinese bookmakers, all designed to make betting online a more enjoyable experience:

Live Betting
Traditional gambling generally involved placing bets before the start of an event. With live betting, customers can place bets even after the start of an event, with odds that are frequently changing in real-time. This means that customers can place bets based on what really is happening in the game, and they do not have to rely on previous statistics, which increases their chance of winning.

Live Streaming
This feature allows punters to watch an event that they have bet on, through the bookmaker. This is great when it comes to international sporting events, that might not be televised – punters can still watch and know exactly what is happening in real-time.

Live Casino
This feature is designed to mimic the experience of being in a real casino as much as possible. Punters can play casino games with other people from around the world, in real-time. This adds a social aspect back to gambling, that often gets lost in online betting.

Cash Out
The cash-out feature allows punters to withdraw from a bet before the end of an event. If bettors are worried that the odds are about to shift and they’re going to lose, they can cash out their bet, and collect winnings at the time of cash out, regardless of the final outcome and final odds. Many sites will also allow punters to complete partial cash out, leaving some of the bet in the running, or an automatic cash out, where the bet is cashed out as soon as odds hit the specific point.

Bet Builder
The bet builder has a different name depending on what site punters are using, but the premise is still the same. Punters can combine several different bets on the same event, and receive better odds than if they had placed a number of separate bets. Many sites offer a lot of flexibility with the bet builders that allows punters to choose precisely which bets they really want to combine, and how many.

Available Payment Methods

Due to the illegal nature of online gambling in China, it can be challenging to find a payment method that has not been blocked by the government. Most Chinese gamblers will find it difficult to deposit and withdraw money with bank cards such as Visa, Mastercard or Maestro because bank payments to illegal sites have been banned. Similarly, certain e-wallets such as Neteller also will not work, because the Chinese government has cracked down on them.

Chinese punters are better off using prepaid cards, such as Union Pay. Although there are limits as to how much money you can load onto these cards at a time, it is an anonymous way to transfer funds, that the Chinese government has not yet blocked.

The form of currency used in China is the yuan (CNY). While many sites will allow punters to gamble in this currency, equally there are many that will not. Punters will need to convert their currency – while many sites offer this service, they charge hefty conversion fees, and gamblers should be aware of this before they register.

Mobile Betting in China

Mobile betting is becoming increasingly popular within the country, as more and more people are looking to gamble wherever they want, and whenever. Almost all international betting sites offer mobile apps to download and play on, but many of these are banned from Chinese app stores.

For punters who cannot access specific betting apps but still want to play on their mobile devices, sites will offer a mobile version of their betting website. This is usually exactly the same as the main site but tailored to be used on mobile devices, and take up fewer data.

Online Casinos

While there are no online casinos that are legally available, there are some illegal ones that Chinese bettors can access if they wish. These offer the full range of casino games, such as slots, card games, roulette, and live casinos. There are a number of different sites that offer these games, so players can compare and contrast and find a website that is right for them.

Leading Sports for Betting in China

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling, not just in China but globally. Here are some of the most commonly bet on sports, and ones that are widely covered by betting sites.

  • Football
    Football is actually the most popular sport in the world, and China can also get swept up in its buzz. Betting on the sport has a long history, and most gambling sites will offer a range of different betting options on the games, such as who will win, who will score the first goal, the final score, etc. International betting sites offer coverage of the most famous European leagues, as well as games that are closer to home.
  • Basketball
    Basketball rose in popularity exponentially when Yao Ming became the first Chinese basketballer to play in the NBA. Support for the sport has continued to grow, just like betting on the games has. While all international sites fully cover championships such as the NBA, there are a few that also cover Asian leagues, which provide more opportunity to bet on local teams.
  • Badminton
    Badminton is a sport that China excels at, at a global level. Although not every betting site offers coverage of the sport, some do, such as Dafabet. Punters who are interested in this sport will be able to bet, they just need to find the right site to do it.
  • Table Tennis
    This is another sport that China excels at internationally. While most sites offer coverage of the competitions, Asian betting sites are more likely to provide a more extensive range of local tournaments and Championships, allowing punters greater access to betting on local sports stars. Betting on the sport peaks during its coverage in the Summer Olympics every four years, although there are more frequent matches to bet on as well.
  • Volleyball
    Unlike many sports, volleyball is a sport that women excel at, more so than men. This may be some of the reason that it is so popular with a wide range of punters. The sport is widely covered by international betting sites, and Asian bookmakers very often offer extensive coverage of Asian tournaments that China participates in, as well as larger global ones.

The Profile of a Chinese Bettor

Very little is known about Chinese gamblers because they engage in illegal activities. However, it is known that Chinese people tend to gamble more than their Western counterparts. This may be due to the fact that gambling has roots in traditional Chinese culture, with games such as Mahjong, and the introduction to Western styles of gambling only increased the habit. Rates of gambling within the country are also growing, despite its illegal nature.


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Can I still bet online using international betting sites?

Are there any taxes for Chinese players on their winnings?

Can I open an account and pay in CNY?

Can I open an account even if they do not accept CNY?

Are there any betting restrictions on Chinese players?

Final Thoughts

The illegal nature of online gambling in China means that it can be somewhat tricky for punters to bet safely. If anything occurs, such as fraud, they have no legal support. Despite the threat of fines and prison time, several punters choose to continue with the hobby anyway. There are enough international betting sites that are willing to offer their services and cater to the demand, so it is unlikely that things will change.

The Chinese government is also unlikely to reverse their stance on gambling, both online and land-based, so it is doubtful that legal gambling will ever branch out beyond lotteries. Punters should remain cautious and aware of the risks that they are taking to safely navigate the situation.

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