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How to Change password at
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To change your password on bet9ja, you have to:

bet9ja change password
  1. First, go to bet9ja’s official website.
  2. Second, select “Login”, provide your username and password, and choose “Log In”.
  3. Third, choose “My Account”, followed by the same option to see the pop-up window.
  4. Fourth, go to “Account Settings” and choose “Change Password”.
  5. Fifth, enter your old password and provide the new one.
  6. Sixth, press “Change Password” to complete the process.

Knowing how to change password on Bet9ja can come in handy, especially if you’re using the same combination of letters and numbers for other accounts. Luckily, the process is really simple and takes just a couple of seconds.

Go to Bet9ja

Possible issues with changing password

Although you should avoid problems once you learn how to change your password on Bet9ja, there are some exceptions. For example, you may come across the following issues:

  • Login problems
  • The page won’t load
  • You’ve forgotten your existing password
  • Bet9ja blocked your account

Regardless of the problem, you should contact the customer support department. Bet9ja works with some industry-leading customer support agents, which means you can rely on them to help you when needed.


How often can I change my Bet9ja password?

You can change your password several times. Usually, Bet9ja does not have a specific limit, but this might change in the future.

Can my new password have 5 characters?

No, your new password needs to have at least 6 characters. Furthermore, it must contain letters and numbers without any spaces.

How to restore the password to my Bet9ja account if I’ve forgotten it?

If you can’t remember the current password to your Bet9ja account, you can use the “Forgotten Password?” option. The latter will allow you to restore your password in minutes.

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