62% of U.S. Bettors Used an Offline Betting Platform To Wager on the Super Bowl LVII

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The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sports events of the year in the U.S. Even people who’re not fans of American football watch this competition because of its incredible halftime shows and ads. Unsurprisingly, the Super Bowl is also very attractive to people who like to bet on sports.

According to Nostrabet.com, around 62% of the U.S. bettors who’ve wagered on the Super Bowl LVII used an offline betting platform to do that. This result is strange, considering that most punters prefer using online bookmakers. “There is no arguing that online sports betting is becoming more popular than its land-based alternative in many parts of the world. However, it seems like this isn’t the case in the U.S. because locals prefer using the traditional sports betting operators”, said Kristiyan from Nostrabet.

If that’s the case, why do most American bettors choose offline betting platforms to wager on the Super Bowl LVII? Well, we’re about to go through some of the reasons and learn more about the differences between the two.

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Why do U.S. bettors prefer an offline bookmaker over an online sports betting operator?

This is undoubtedly one of the questions many people ask themselves, especially those who’ve been using an online bookmaker for many years. There are many reasons why this is the case, and we’re about to cover them.

Starting with the elephant in the room, the USA is a huge country divided into different states. As we all know, each state has its own legislation, which means that people in some parts of the country can’t use an online bookmaker. Although there have been many legislative changes, iGaming is mostly illegal throughout the country.

This means that people who want to bet on sports online don’t always have the chance to do so. Some use offshore sportsbooks, but this isn’t recommended for numerous reasons. Hence, the only thing they have left is to place sports bets using an offline platform.

Another reason why most Americans who’ve wagered on the Super Bowl LVII chose an offline bookmaker is the odds. Even though some leading iGaming operators provide exceptional odds to their clients, most places aren’t like that. Consequently, U.S. punters prefer offline bookmakers because they allow them to bet on higher odds.

What are the other advantages of an offline bookmaker?

Aside from the potentially higher odds and the fact that most statutes allow those kinds of bookmakers to offer their services, there are a couple of other things that make offline bookmakers a lot more interesting than their online counterparts.

The biggest reason why U.S. bettors choose them is that they feel more comfortable using those bookmakers. Sure, they have to go there in person, but the level of trust is definitely higher. Even though some top-tier online bookmakers offer safe betting services, some operators will try to scam you. Luckily, that’s not something you need to worry about if you choose land-based operators.

Another thing many people don’t always consider is the social aspect of betting. While betting online is undoubtedly more convenient, you can go somewhere, talk to other people, and place a bet makes offline betting very attractive. Some people don’t like that, but most prefer social interaction while betting.

Speaking of social interactions, an important thing to remember is that offline betting platforms allow you to talk to the staff face to face. This may not be important to some people, but others appreciate it because they can ask all kinds of questions.

The benefits of using an online bookmaker in the USA and other countries

Even though 62% of people who’ve wagered on the Super Bowl LVII chose an offline bookie, 38% wagered online. The percentage may not seem impressive, but it’s not bad for a country where most states make online betting illegal.

There are many reasons why more and more sports betting fans want to bet online for big events, such as the Super Bowl. If we put the convenience factor aside, most of the top-tier online bookies will offer people exclusive bonuses. Many offers are available, but brands often include exclusive promotions for big events, such as the Super Bowl.

Some bonuses allow people to bet for free, whereas others give them access to cashback and other offers. Users rarely find bonuses in an offline betting operator.

Putting the promotions aside, online bookmakers also provide sports bettors with a wide range of tools that they can use. Not everyone takes advantage of them, but experienced U.S. bettors always check if they’re available.

When discussing sports betting tools, most brands offer Cash Out and the option for people to bet on live matches. What’s more interesting is that many bookies also have their own live-streaming service, allowing bettors to watch and bet simultaneously. Some operators go one step further, allowing punters to create their bets, use special features, and more.

The future of the sports betting industry in America

Judging from the stats after the end of the 2023 Super Bowl, it is clear that most Americans prefer land-based sports betting operators. However, if we look at the recent legislative changes in some states, we can see that this is prone to change.

When writing this article, only a few states in the USA allow online sports betting. That said, the Supreme Court’s ruling from a few years ago paved the way for states to decide what to do with this industry. Consequently, online sports betting should become way more popular in this part of the world.

Only some sports bettors in the country will have access to both things. Sadly, the rest will have to use a land-based operator even if they don’t want to.

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