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1xBet Section Virtual Sports

After nearly a decade of entertaining its vast online audience comprising of members from counties spread across the globe and all segments of the social spectrum, 1XBet established itself as one of the major international players in the online sportsbook arena. As a result, its members have a massively varied array of interests, which requires the company to continuously meet their unique tastes by catering to the demands of all its members.

To satisfy the range of hugely differing popular interests, the sportsbook necessarily sports one of the most comprehensive collections of unique sporting types, markets, and betting options in the industry. Naturally, this sees 1xBet’s virtual sports product offer unmatched benefits which punters find exceedingly hard to resist, stocked to the gills with complete ranges comprising of top-end virtual sports products sourced from several of the industry’s foremost developers.

Virtual Sports from Golden Race

Golden Race, one of 1XBet’s key virtual sports providers, delivers its own brand of excellence to the bookmaker’s virtual sports entertainment range. Its complete variety of virtual sports accessible via a large button dedicated to the brand on the virtual sports section main page. The Golden Race virtual sports lounge offers Motorbikes, Speedway, Horses, Greyhounds, and Football, with each sporting type featuring numerous events spread across many racetrack locales.

Virtual Football

1xBet's virtual footbal from Golden Race

As with any online sportsbook, the natural popularity enjoyed by Football ensures it fans receives the most attention and the greatest variety of teams, leagues, markets, and betting options.


Golden Race Virtual Football features a large number of teams competing in what is globally the most popularly followed leagues, including England League, Italy League, Euro 20, France League, Germany League, Poland League, Turkey League, and Nation Cup. To provide an added level of realism and immersion, each league comprises of 20 teams competing in virtual stadiums closely mimicking their real-life counterpart teams in those championships.

An Upcoming event calendar also keeps punters abreast of all upcoming matches and fixtures, while a results history offers statistical data on the performance of each team.

Match duration

Virtual Football League has match kick-offs scheduled 3 minutes apart, for each of the leagues up to 10 matches run concurrently during each match week, with live streaming available for each game. Each virtual football match commonly lasts 1 minute 15 seconds with no breaks for Half-Time.

Betting options and markets

Due to the huge selection of virtual football matches to bet on and watch, punters enjoy a vast number of bet options, quite similar to actual those found in real life betting markets. Golden Race offers Double Chance, 1X2, Goal/No-Goal, HT/FT, O/U 1.5 – 2.5 – 3.5, Total Goals, Correct Score, Handicap Over/Under, and Asian Handicap.

Virtual Horse Racing

1xBet's virtual horses from Golden Race

In addition to Football, the Golden Race brand offers punters the excitement of Virtual Horse Racing. The racebook features horse races 24 hours a day, all run on a virtual California Park Raceway, and each live streamed race has six horses in the running.

Betting options and markets

Here the Golden Race product features one most extensive ranges of betting markets available in the industry. Offered betting markets comprise of Even/Odd, Win/Place/Show, Over/Under, Quinella, Trifecta, and Exacta. The action is even more dynamic than experienced in real life with odds varying from as low as 1/1, to rise well into double digits.

Race duration

Individual virtual races last a minute each, with run-starts set at 3-minute intervals, leaving punters with a 2-minute interval between races during which highlights of the previous race will air followed by previews of upcoming fixtures.

Virtual Greyhounds

1xBet's virtual Greyhounds from Golden Race

1XBet continues the virtual race action with Virtual Greyhounds also from acclaimed provider Global Race. Designed with the goal to closely imitate the action at real-life dog races, each virtual race features six greyhounds chasing down the lure around the dirt track for one lap of a virtual London Stadium.

Betting options and markets

Greyhounds, identical to the betting markets in horseracing, Virtual Greyhounds offer betting markets comprising of Even/Odd, Win/Place/Show, Over/Under, Quinella, Trifecta, and Exacta. The action is even more dynamic than experienced in real life with odds varying from as low as 1/1, to rise well into double digits.

Race duration

Each race lasts approximately 45 seconds, which is the time required for the dogs to complete one lap of the London Stadium course. With a competition scheduled to occur every 3 minutes, punters will enjoy a 2-minute break between each event.

Virtual Speedway

1xBet's virtual speedway from Golden Race

Virtual Speedway moves us from away from the athletes and into the mechanical section of racing action. One immediately notices a marked improvement in the quality of the streamed video covering the races over that experienced in the other virtual races up to this point. Racing is exciting, dynamic, featuring surprisingly realistic graphics when compared to similar products, with punters able to view coverage of their races via streamed video on the integrated media player.

Betting options and markets

Comparable to the range of betting options available in other racing markets Speedway racing offers Even/Odd, Win/Place/Show, Over/Under, Quinella, Trifecta, and Exacta. There is one key difference to other racing sports, in Speedway they limit Bets on Places to just 1st and 2nd positions, this is simply due to the limited number of competitors in this sport.

Race duration

As in real Speedway, the racers have five laps around the dirt oval during which they compete for the top spots on the rostrum. Races require approximately 45 seconds from start to finish, with a 15-second overview of race highlights and results at the end of each race, followed by a 2-minute break period for placing bets that lasts until betting closes 10 seconds before the start of the next race.

Virtual Motorbikes

1xBet's virtual motorbikes from Golden Race

The second option in 1XBet’s Global Race mechanical racing pitlane, Virtual Motorbikes, bears a strikingly close resemblance to the world of real Moto GP racing, however, unlike their real counterparts, only six racers vie for one of the two podium positions available in each virtual race.

Betting options and markets

Again, as with other virtual race formats, Virtual Motorbikes feature six betting markets, including Even/Odd, Win/Place/Show, Over/Under, Quinella, Trifecta, and Exacta

Race duration

Virtual Motorbike races last 1 minute 45 seconds each, which is a fair while longer than any of the other racing products offered by this bookmaker. Once again streaming video feeds cover each entire race from multiple camera angles, the end of each race id followed by a 15-second overview of race highlights and results where-after a 1-minute break allows punters to place bets on the next race.

Bet on 1xBet's Virtuals

Virtual Sports from Global Bet

Global Bet, a speedily growing online software developer, specialising in the creation of 3D gaming environments for the virtual sports betting industry, delivers its products to more than 130 online entertainment venues located in over 25 legal jurisdictions. Its 1XBet library features four unique virtual sports betting products, Virtual Football, Virtual Greyhounds, Virtual Camels, and Virtual Horses and unsurprisingly for a 3D specialist developer each impress pleasantly with its levels of realism and quality.

Virtual Football

1xBet's virtual football from Global Bet

Due to its near universal global popularity, it would be remiss of any good online sports betting venue to place any games ahead of football, as such 1XBet’s number one Global Bet product is Virtual Football. Virtual Football allows punters to choose between formats, league, or non-league events, with two critical differences between the two formats, non-league events follow a free for all style allowing matchups between teams unlikely to ever meet on the field in the virtual league or real-life. Besides, punters have the option to view non-league matches via streamed video on the integrated media player while.


Global Bet’s Virtual Football features a single league comprising of 16 teams based on leading international teams from around the world, represented regions include Greece, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Israel, Georgia, Ukraine, France, Germany, Italy, England, USA, Spain, and Kazakhstan.

Match duration

Non-league matches require about 1 minute from kick-off to the final whistle with 3-minute breaks between games and streamed video coverage of the entire event including highlights of significant chances a goal and any serious fouls committed.

Betting options and markets

As with any decent football product Global Bet’s virtual football features over 12 markets including Double Chance, 1X2, Goal/No-Goal, HT/FT, Over/Under, Total Goals, Correct Score, Handicap Over/Under.

Virtual Football League

1xBet's Virtual Football league from Global bet

Virtual Football League centres its action around Europe’s top teams and their performance in their respective real-life leagues spanning tournaments such as the European Championship and other famous international events. All teams compete in matches scaled upon official game formats from these actual competitions with players able to select from players and events specific match days to wager on.


Global Bet’s Virtual Football League product features one league comprising of 17 teams modelled upon leading real-life football clubs in and around Russia and Europe commonly found competing for honours in the EPL, Serie A, Bundesliga, and La Liga. League match fixtures take place according to a rigidly set schedule, played in both a home and away format and as previously stated offer no live streaming option.

Match duration

Virtual match duration length depends on the format chosen by the punter, league, or non-league. Virtual league matches play out on match days lasting 2 minutes & 30 seconds during which eight games play concurrently, with 4-minute breaks between match days allowing punters to place bets on each upcoming match day and occur 24 hrs a day.

Betting options and markets

Global Bet’s Virtua Football league offers a satisfying list of betting markets such as Double Chance, 1X2, Goal/No-Goal, HT/FT, Over/Under, Total Goals, Correct Score, Handicap Over/Under, and Asian Handicap.

Virtual Horse Racing

1xBet's virtual horses from Global Bet

Global Bet certainly catered well for horse racing aficionados at 1XBet, graphically visuals closely mimic real-life events with the number of runners varying from six to eight horses per race. Punters have the option to view all race events streamed in real time via the integrated video player.

Betting options and markets

1XBet features five betting markets to cover betting options on all Global Bet Virtual Horse Races. These include Forecast, Quinella, Over/Under 3.5, Even/Odd, and Tricast. Events follow no pre-set schedule; each race runs purely at the punter’s request making each event new and unique and allows for continuous betting 24/7/365.

Race duration

Each race requires 30 – 40 seconds from gate opening to the flag with individual events occurring at 3-minute intervals, or however long the punter requires to place new bets.

Virtual Greyhounds

1xBet's virtual greyhounds from Global Bet

Global Bet keeps punters keen on racing at the racetrack with an impressive Virtual Greyhound product featuring 6 to 8 dogs per race run purely on punter demand. RNG software determines the outcome of all races to ensure continuous fairness in all results. Also, video stream feeds allow punters to follow all races in real time.

Betting options and markets

Featured betting markets on Global Bet’s Virtual Greyhounds include Forecast, Tricast, Even/Odd, Quinella, and Over/Under. Catering to its extensive international membership base 1XBet allows punters to view the odds in any of the following UK, US, Hong Kong, Malay, Indonesian, or Decimal, formats.

Race duration

Virtual Dog races run for approximately 30 seconds with 2 minutes separating individual race starts to allow the punter time for new bet selections.

Virtual Camels

1xBet's virtual camels from

Slightly out of the norm, Global Bet’s product ensemble includes Virtual Camels and all the action six to eight camels can provide, which proves as exciting and dynamic as any of the other racing events. Set in an environment simulating a desert which lends an element of authenticity to the games, the streamed video feed even features dunes in the background for a heightened sense of realism, including race commentary done in local style.

Betting options and markets

Punters can place bets on all five standard race markets including Wins, as well as Forecast, Tricast, Quinella, Over/Under 3.5, and Even/Odd.

Race duration

Camel races last close to a minute each with the racers doing a single lap of the track, with race-starts set at 2-minute intervals which leaves 1-minute for punters to place their new bets.

Virtual Sports from 1X2Network

With the company launched as far back as 2002, 1X2 Network established quite a name for itself as a provider of top-end virtual sports betting products to the online industry. Known for its successful strategic partnering with numerous industry-leading online sportsbooks and casino brands which allowed the entry of its products into entertainment companies across Europe, Asia, and numerous other regions across the globe. The company’s current virtual sports range features only two products, Virtual Football and Virtual Rugby.

Virtual Soccer Leagues

1x2's Virtual Football on 1xbet.com

The design quality, flawless graphics, and overall punter experience delivered by 1X2 Network’s Virtual Football matches became one of the vital aspects differentiating its products from that of its competitors, and it clearly reflects in the 1XBet offering. Interestingly, in an age dominated by all-encompassing HTML5 code, this developer still chooses to offer Flash-based products.


1X2s Virtual Soccer/Football features more than 40 leagues comprising of teams modelled after those in real-life championships such as the EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, French Ligue 1, and Dutch Eredivisie.

Match duration

Individual league seasons last 1 hour, split into 5-minute long match days populated by virtual matches 1-minute & 30 seconds each in duration. Live streamed video provides coverage of all games which includes a recap of numerous match highlights.

Betting options and markets

In keeping with the quality of its other Virtual Football products 1X2 matches offer punters the opportunity to place bets on the complete range of markets including Lose/Draw/Win, Over/Under, Total Goals Scored, HT/FT, Correct Score, and Double Chance.

Virtual Rugby

1xBet Virtual Rugby from 1x2Network

Virtual Rugby represents one of the less common sporting types currently found in the virtual sports betting world. Nonetheless, 1X2’s product stands on its own merit with regards to the quality and essence of its punter experience, offering an additional touch of flavour to the 1x2Bet virtual sportsbook. The Virtual Rugby competition emulates the real-life Rugby World Cup competition’s teams and matches with teams at the start of the season sorted into groups where teams through knockout style playoffs progress to the finals where two surviving teams meet for the deciding match to determine the eventual RWC winner.

Betting options and markets

The virtual rugby competitions provide punters with round the clock betting action via a goodly number of betting markets offering bets on Home or Away Win, Handicap Bets and Draw.

Match duration

Virtual rugby matches play out in match days with games lasting 1 minute & 20 seconds each, after each match the video feed features match highlights for 15 seconds, followed by an interval of 1-minute & 30 seconds before the start of the next game.

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Scout Gaming

1XBet partnered with Scout Gaming intending to introduce virtual betting aspects into the real world, with games and tournaments occurring in real-time where teams consisting of players from both fantasy leagues and the real world. Betting options require a buy-in where the winners walk away with the total prize pool. Featured Scout Gaming sports include NHL, Football, and Basketball offering players the excitement delivered by betting on the best real-world teams. Here players have the option of acting as team manager for an entire team for the season or just one specific match day.

Virtual Sports Providers

1XBet with painstaking care selected a group of the world’s best virtual sports betting providers to create what is quite frankly an outstanding virtual sports betting product in both its depth and widely varied range of entertainment options. All featured games represent the pinnacle of the respective efforts of each provider, as a group the 1X2Bet product wields the combined might and beauty of the products from industry leading providers such as 1X2Network, Global Bet, Golden Race, and Scout Gaming all aimed at successfully meeting the betting entertainment need of the sportsbook’s global audience.

Live betting on Virtuals

The 1XBet virtual sportsbook only allows for a relatively limited number of Live In-Play betting opportunities which is purely due to the combined natures of In-Play betting and Virtual Sports. While real-life sports offer a nearly innumerable amount of betting opportunities, the sheer speed at which virtual games occur does not provide the chance of many betting opportunities. However, this does not leave virtual sports fans high and dry when it comes to in-play betting as the 1XBet eSports section offers similar levels of immersion and excitement accompanied by a far greater number of betting opportunities.

Virtual Sports Mobile Betting

The 1XBet mobile portal and the dedicated apps make partaking in virtual sports betting an exceedingly pleasant, easy, and convenient experience. Punters have the complete range of all 1XBet sports betting options and markets as discussed in detail above right at their fingertips at all times wherever they may be. As such, placing bets on any of the featured virtual sports remain an equally satisfying and fulfilling experience for all punters on the go.

Virtual Sports Offers

For the moment 1XBet features no specific promotional offers aimed at the virtual sports enthusiast. Fortunately, they will not find it challenging to make do with one of the sportsbook’s many other generous promo offers.

Deposit and Withdrawal methods

1XBet offers an astoundingly comprehensive range of internationally famous financing options which allows all of its members to find one or more locally convenient ways of financing their sportsbook activities. We detail some of the available banking options in our table below.

Payment MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for Deposit
Visa LogoVisa$1-Instant
Skrill LogoSkrill$1-Instant
Skrill 1-Tap LogoSkrill 1-Tap$1-Instant
AirTM LogoAirTM$1-Instant
MoneyGO LogoMoneyGO₽100-Instant
WebMoney LogoWebMoney$1-Instant
Perfect Money LogoPerfect Money$1-Instant
AstroPay LogoAstroPay$1-Instant
Jeton Wallet LogoJeton Wallet$1-Instant
Vcreditos LogoVcreditos$1-Instant
Sticpay LogoSticpay$1-Instant
EcoPayz LogoEcoPayz$1-Instant
Neteller LogoNeteller$1-Instant
Payeer LogoPayeer$1-Instant
Cryptocurrency LogoCryptocurrency$1-Instant
Bitcoin LogoBitcoin$1-Instant
Dogecoin LogoDogecoin$1-Instant
Litecoin LogoLitecoin$1-Instant
1xbet Cash Logo1xbet Cash$1-Instant
Jeton Cash LogoJeton Cash$1-Instant
Pago Efectivo LogoPago Efectivo$1-Instant
Bank Wire Transfer LogoBank Wire Transfer$1-Instant
Online Bank Transfer LogoOnline Bank Transfer$1-Instant
Payment MethodWithdrawal MinimumWithdrawal MaximumTime for Withdrawal
Visa LogoVisa$1.50-up to 7 days
Skrill LogoSkrill$1.50-15 minutes
Skrill 1-Tap LogoSkrill 1-Tap
AirTM LogoAirTM$1.50-15 minutes
MoneyGO LogoMoneyGO₽100-15 minutes
WebMoney LogoWebMoney$1.50-15 minutes
Perfect Money LogoPerfect Money$1.50-15 minutes
AstroPay LogoAstroPay$1.50-15 minutes
Jeton Wallet LogoJeton Wallet$1.50-15 minutes
Vcreditos LogoVcreditos$1.50-15 minutes
Sticpay LogoSticpay$1.50-15 minutes
EcoPayz LogoEcoPayz$1.50-15 minutes
Neteller LogoNeteller$1.50-15 minutes
Payeer LogoPayeer$1.50-15 minutes
Cryptocurrency LogoCryptocurrency$1.50-15 minutes
Bitcoin LogoBitcoin$1.50-15 minutes
Dogecoin LogoDogecoin$1.50-15 minutes
Litecoin LogoLitecoin$1.50-15 minutes
1xbet Cash Logo1xbet Cash$1.50-15 minutes
Jeton Cash LogoJeton Cash
Pago Efectivo LogoPago Efectivo
Bank Wire Transfer LogoBank Wire Transfer$1.50-up to 7 days
Online Bank Transfer LogoOnline Bank Transfer$1.50-up to 24 hours


Why can I not view all the virtual sports available on my PC via my mobile?

It could be a compatibility issue stemming from the fact that some games are Flash-based and all mobile smart devices may not support Flash anymore.

I am a sports fan and want to wager on virtual sports, but the 1XBet site does not open in my browser. How do I fix it?

You may not be able to access the specific section from your country, or your service provider may restrict you, try using a VPN.

Can I place multiple bets on virtual sports?

Yes, 1XBet offers multiple bets on any number of its virtual sports products.

Q: Will it influence the result of a race or match if I accidentally close the video feed during an event?

No, RNG software determines all event outcomes according to its pre-determined ruleset aimed at enforcing fairness in all its virtual products across the board.

Does 1XBet offer the Cash out option on any of its virtual sports?

No, the speed at which virtual sports matches and outcomes occur precludes any in-play wagering.

How can I determine at what time of the day will there be virtual sports to wager on?

All virtual sports continuously feature new events which start occurring around the clock 24/7/365.

I have a query on the results of one of my virtual rugby matches how do I contact 1XBet?

You can contact them via their landline at +44 127 325-69-87, twitter at @1xbet_Support, WhatsApp at +35795764426, or email them at info@1xbet.com.

Rating and Final verdict

After investing considerable time playing and betting on most of the 1XBet virtual sports products to offer a thorough assessment of the quality of its products, the level of immersion and sense realism, there is little doubt that while some may feature similar products, few compare to the sheer variety and number of betting options and markets offered here! As such, we rate 1XBet’s virtual sportsbook a 9/10.

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Last updated: 23 Jan, 2024 at 02:01
Veselin Ignatov
Veselin IgnatovVeselin's primary job is to create unique content, such as reviews and analyses of different bookmakers and other topics from the iGaming industry.

Expert Reviews

Liam Hoofe
Liam Hoofe
Overal Rating:

A good casino and sportsbook ruined by high deposit limits and a lack of promotions

At first glance, I thought 1xbet was a really good online bookmaker and casino, but as I began to dig a little deeper, I found a few issues that damaged my experience of the site.

First - the good. I really like the layout and design of the site. Everything is really easy to find, and the sports selection is good. The slots here are also varied, with some of my favourite developers, including Nolimit City and Hacksaw Gaming, providing their products. The live casino is also packed, with the likes of Evolution and Ezugi filling it with their games.

However, my biggest issue with the site was the minimum deposits and withdrawals. The casino requires a minimum deposit of €/£/$50 to get playing, and it doesn’t lend itself well to casual play. I also found the lack of decent promotions for the casino section to be a disappointment.

Overall, while there is plenty of variety here, the lack of decent promotions and the high deposits put me off. If you have no problem with these, you will probably enjoy your experience on the site.

  • Pros
  • Simple design
  • A good range of online slots is available
  • Cons
  • Limited Promotions
  • High deposit options
Gary Tomlinson
Gary Tomlinson
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A highly reputable bookie but not available for UK Players

1xBet is one of those bookies where the live betting odds in certain markets are sometimes slow to move, which is excellent news for value bettors, or those on the lookout for arbitrage opportunities.

The vast number of betting markets that are available is very impressive, so it would be fair to say that this is a bookie that is able to cater to the needs of any sports betting enthusiast.

Special mention must be made to the live betting section of the website, which is very well laid out and easy to place bets in fast-moving markets.

I have always found live chat support to be highly knowledgeable without losing that ‘friendly’ touch, so it does not come as much of a surprise that this bookie is one of the top bookies in the business.

I would be happier if 1xBet was licensed by the likes of the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority instead of holding a Curacao Gaming Licence, but they are not breaking any rules as it is all that is required in the jurisdiction from which they are operating.

At the end of the day, 1xBet is a reputable bookie that has built up a decent reputation since its inception back in 2007.

  • Pros
  • Great for Live Betting
  • Good Live chat Support
  • Many Slot Games
  • Cons
  • Do not have UK License