How to Bet Soccer on Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets How to Bet on Soccer
How to bet on soccer at Hollywoodbets

If you ever wondered how to bet on soccer at Hollywoodbets, the answer is pretty straightforward. You simply need to navigate to the sports section on the Hollywoodbets website or app, select “Soccer” from the list of available sports, choose a league or tournament, browse the available matches you want to bet on, select a market and enter a bet amount.

With soccer being one of the most popular and convenient sports to bet on, but it is exciting to watch. Therefore, not only is it important for you to how to bet soccer on Hollywoodbets, but it is important for you to understand the soccer betting options at Hollywoodbets. This article will explain the betting options for soccer and more.

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Understanding Soccer Betting Options

Having an understanding of the betting options and how they apply to soccer betting is crucial for those who want a successful betting experience. With so many betting options to avail at Hollywoodbets, it is also important to understand which betting options are best suited for soccer betting. Below is a summary of Hollywoodbets most popular betting markets.

Match Result – Betting on the outcome of the match (win, draw, or lose)

Match result is a betting market that requires betting on the result of a specific match or sporting event. This market is one of the most popular as it offers bettors the option to back a team to win, lose or end in a draw.

Over/Under – Predicting the total number of goals scored in a match

The Over/Under market is betting on a set of odds where the total number of points or goals will be under or over 2.5 goals predictions set by the bookmaker. Essentially, if you think the total score will be more than the projected total, you bet on over and if you believe the total score will be less, you bet on under.

Handicap – Adding or subtracting goals to even the odds between teams

The handicap market involves adding or subtracting a pre-established number of goals or points or from a football team’s final score. Effectively, this soccer betting market allows the bookie to level the playing field between the strongest and weakest teams. For example, if you were to bet on Man UTD at -1 to win a match, you would minus 1 from the total goals they scored for your handicap bet to win.

First Goal Scorer – Betting on the player who scores the first goal

The first goal scorer market is betting on who will be the first player to score a goal in a football match. The nice thing about this market is it does not matter whether the goal is scored during the first half, second half or extra time.

Both Teams to Score – Betting on both teams to score

The betting market is as the name implies, you are betting that both teams will score during a football match.If both teams each score one goal, you will win regardless of the final score. Likewise, if one team fails to score or the match is goalless, you will lose your bet.

How to Place a Soccer Bet on Hollywoodbets’ Platform

While knowing the type of soccer betting options you can avail is an important part of the process, you also need to know how to place a soccer bet at Hollywoodbets. The step-by-step Hollywoodbets soccer betting guide below explains that process.

Hollywoodbets Bet Slip
  1. Log in to your Hollywoodbets account via the desktop site or app.
  2. Click the “Sports” tab to navigate to the sports section.
  3. Select a soccer league or tournament from the list of available options.
  4. Browse through the list of matches and choose one you would like to bet on.
  5. Choose your bet type (single bet, multiple bet, or system bet).
  6. Enter a stake amount and click the “Place Bet” button.

Remember, when selecting a match to bet on, it is important to review the different bet types for each match, such as match result, first goal scorer, handicap, and both teams to score as the odds and payouts will differ based on which market you select.

Furthermore, it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions for each bet before submitting your bet slip as once you click the “Place Bet” button, your bet cannot be reversed.

All that is left then is to wait for the match to begin and for the results to be posted. If your bet was successful, the amount won will be credited to your account within an hour or less by Hollywoodbets.

Managing Your Soocer Bets

Like most online betting establishments, Hollywoodbets is serious about responsible gambling. As such, Hollywoodbets is committed to offering its members a variety of account management and self-exclusion tools that allow bettors to gamble responsibly. These range from being able to set deposit limits to being able to temporarily suspend your account for various periods of time.

However, while it is important to utilise the tools available to you, bankroll management and responsible betting go hand-in-hand. Hollywoodbets offers a number of ways you can bet responsibly. Along with monitoring the outcomes of your bets, you can track your bets to stay updated on the latest results and use the Hollywoodbets cash-out option.

The Hollywoodbets cash-out option is one of the best options you can use when it comes to responsible betting as it allows you to cash out your bet when outcomes are looking less favourable. By using this option, you can a portion of your bet and save it for a rainy day.

Tips for Successful Soccer Betting at Hollywoodbets

The most successful soccer bettors rely on a combination of knowledge, research and statistics to help them be successful at soccer betting. Part of that comes from staying updated on team news, injuries, and form to help them to be more successful. They also follow these tips for successful soccer betting at Hollywoodbets.

Research your Bets Thoroughly

Before you place a soccer bet, you should always research your bets thoroughly. This allows you to check for any factors that may influence the outcome of the match you are betting on. By using this information, you can make an informed decision and identify the potential value of your bet.

Be Selective with your Bets

Being selective with your bets is one of the best ways to avoid the pitfalls of betting on multiple events simultaneously. However, it is far better to be selective with the matches you bet on as it allows you to focus on the markets and the potential of those markets in terms of potential.

Look for the Best Odds

Looking for the best odds is a no-brainer when betting at Hollywoodbets. Always take the time to identify the odds and take advantage of those that offer the best value as they can significantly increase the amount you may win.


Which sports can you bet on Hollywoodbets?

At Hollywoodbets, you can bet on horse racing, soccer, badminton, tennis, MMA, rugby, golf, American football, Aussie rules, baseball, boxing, cycling, basketball, darts, futsal, handball, ice hockey, motorsports, snooker, volleyball and table tennis.

What promotions and bonuses are offered by Hollywoodbets for soccer betting?

While the sports welcome bonus is the primary promotion and bonus for soccer by Hollywoodbets, other Hollywoodbets bonuses for soccer include a money back soccer and soccer bonus bonanza promotion.

How can I calculate potential winnings for my soccer bets?

While you can manually calculate your potential winnings for your soccer bets, the amount you can potentially win is automatically calculated by Hollywoodbets and displayed on your betting slip.

Can I bet on live soccer matches at Hollywoodbets?

Yes, you can bet on live soccer matches at Hollywoodbets by clicking on the “Live In-Play” tab.

Can I place multiple soccer bets on the same match?

Yes, you can multiple soccer bets with Hollywoodbets same match bet builder.

What soccer leagues can I place bets on?

You will find the most popular soccer leagues, including premier league and la liga.

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