How to Delete Hollywoodbets Account

Hollywoodbets Delete Account
Delete Hollywoodbets Account

Whether for a personal decision or practising responsible gambling, learning how to delete your Hollywoodbets gets you one step closer to your goal. Like the account creation process discussed in this Hollywoodbets review, most players need help understanding how to go about the process and preparations involved in account deletion. This guide covers the step-by-step procedure of how to close your Hollywoodbets account, the preparations, and some of the considerations after completing the process.

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Reasons for Deleting a Hollywoodbets Account

Betting at Hollywoodbets can be fun/fulfilling sports betting company, thanks to its one-stop-shop approach! You get sports, casino games, lucky numbers, and virtuals, like Aviator. Generous promotions and reliable payment methods are also part of the perks. However, deleting your Hollywoodbets account can come around for either of the following reasons:

Personal Decision

You may decide to close your account for reasons well-known to you. For instance, focusing on other life aspects or stepping away from gambling. Regardless of the decision, it is prudent to be fully informed before taking the steps. Understand what deleting an account entails and whether it is what you intend to do. Also, compare it with the self-exclusion option before concluding.

Responsible Gambling

Some users may opt to delete their betting accounts to practise responsible gambling. Responsible gambling is an issue most gamblers grapple with, and many turn to deleting their Hollywoodbets account as a stop-gap measure to their gambling problem. We also recommend you seek assistance from responsible gambling organisations, like the National Responsible Gambling Programme of South Africa, if the problem persists.

Preparation Before Deleting Your Account

Before deleting your Hollywoodbets account, there are several steps to guarantee a swift exit. These include:

Withdrawal of Funds

First, make arrangements to withdraw the remaining balance from your account. To do so, visit the Hollywoodbets website and proceed as follows:

  1. Hit the account link
  2. Select withdraw option
  3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and add a reference
  4. Submit your withdrawal request

Once you complete the steps, you’ll receive a text from Hollywoodbets acknowledging your withdrawal request. Wait for the operator to process the withdrawal before disbursing the cash into your e-wallet or account.

Cancellation of Bets and Offers

Another preparation you need to make is the cancellation of bets and offers. Since Hollywoodbets does not allow punters to cancel bets once live, you need to wait until the completion of the event. You can also initiate a full cash-out to stop the bet before the event concludes. On the other hand, contact customer support and request them to cancel any active and upcoming offers. This should be easy, especially if you use live chat. If they ask why you need to cancel your bonuses, inform them you wish to close your Hollywoodbets account.

How to Delete Your Hollywoodbets Account

With the intermediary steps/preparations for account deleting addressed, you can begin the actual process. If you are unfamiliar with how to delete Hollywoodbets account, you should know that there are three main steps involved. These include:

  1. Contacting Customer Support
  2. Reaching out to Hollywoodbets customer support should be the first step you take. You can use live chat, which is fast, secure, and responsive. OR the email address Email is just as secure, though responses may not be timely compared to live chat. Either way, it will serve the purpose.

  3. Requesting Account Deletion
  4. After contacting Hollywoodbets customer representatives, go straight to the point and state that you wish to delete your account. They may ask you some questions about the topic before giving you the go-ahead. For emails, include a subject, like ‘Request to Delete My Hollywoodbets Account.’ The body should then explain why you wish to do so. Be as detailed as possible while avoiding fluff.

  5. Confirming Deletion
  6. The operator will ask you to confirm that you really need to delete your Hollywoodbets account. They may give you a time limit to make the confirmation. Once you do, they will process your request and give you feedback within the shortest period confirming the deletion of your Hollywoodbets accounts. Note that the response time may vary depending on the communication option you use. Also, the confirmation may arrive via email if you made the request using live chat. Either way, once the operator confirms account deletion, it is only a matter of time before your Hollywoodbets account is deactivated.

Important Considerations After Account Deletion

You ought to know what happens after Hollywoodbets account termination. Yes, you will no longer be a member making it impossible to enjoy Hollywoodbets betting services. But then, where does your data go, and is it possible to reopen an account? Well, check the details below to know:

Data Retention and Privacy

You must share personal details/address information when registering for a Hollywoodbets account, including documents to verify your particulars per the FICA requirements. After account deletion, the operator does not simply wipe the information from their servers. According to Hollywoodbets terms and conditions, they will retain the information for a period of 5 years. This is according to FICA and other regulatory requirements.

Reopening Accounts

You are always welcome to reopen your betting account with Hollywoodbets. You can do this anytime you wish and without restrictions. The only downside is that you will have to start fresh with a new account. This means you must sign up for an account, share your information, and complete account verification procedures. Also, you will not have access to your betting or gambling history. This is why it is recommended to consider self-exclusion instead of account deletion if you reckon you will need your old account later.


Can I delete my betting account temporarily?

Yes, you can delete your Hollywoodbets account temporarily. Do so by taking advantage of their self-exclusion program and indicating the period. This can be months or even years.

Will my account be deleted immediately upon request?

No, your account will not be deleted immediately upon request. The operator must analyse and confirm you own the account before completing the process.

Can I undo the account deletion process if I change my mind?

You can only undo the Hollywoodbets account deletion process if it is still ongoing. However, once they confirm account deletion, there is little you can do.

Is there a deadline for confirming the account deletion?

Yes, the operator will indicate the time you have to confirm the deletion of your account. This is usually to give the go-ahead for the process to continue.

Will I receive any confirmation of account deletion?

Yes, the operator will inform you after deleting your account. The confirmation will be via email.

What should I do if I have concerns or questions after deleting my account?

If you have concerns or questions regarding account deletion, you can contact customer support for assistance. Some of the communication options you can use include email or live chat.

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