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Aviator is one of the world’s leading crash games and it is available on SportingBet. In fact, you can find it inside the live casino category, with a separate section called Aviator. To play SportingBet Aviator, I had to:

Sportingbet aviator steps
  1. Sign up with SportingBet.
  2. Choose the Aviator section or select the game from the live casino category.
  3. Add a screen name.
  4. Once ready, you can test the game with the 5000 ZAR virtual balance.
  5. The title allows you to change different settings.
  6. Go to Sportingbet SA

I believe this has to be among SportingBet’s most impressive options, and I know a lot of you will want to learn more about it. So, let’s dive into the important details.

Where to find the Aviator game on Sportingbet

sportingbet find aviator

Users can access SportingBet Aviator inside its own category or by going to the live casino. With that said, players who want to check everything the game offers will need to create an account. Once I registered with SportingBet, I could check all of the settings, learn the rules, and test the game itself.

Aviator is one of those games that you can also find while using your mobile device. Since Spribe developed it, the company optimized the title for smartphones and tablets.

How the Aviator Game Works

Aviator is a unique game, and it can’t be compared to anything else found on SportingBet. This is a crash game where you must place a bet at the beginning of each round. Once that happens, you need to use the Cash Out option before the plane flies away. Many people want to look for a SportingBet Aviator predictor for that, but in the end, it all comes down to luck.

Once the plane starts flying, there will be a number followed by an X after it. This will indicate the multiplier of your bet. Having a 3.00x multiplier, for example, means you will receive 3x the bet amount. Failing to Cash Out on time means you lose your bet.

I also found that the game has a lot of different features, interesting limits, and more.

Crash Game Mechanics

As mentioned, the main thing behind SportingBet Aviator or any other crash game is to use cash out before the plane flies away. You do not know when it will happen, meaning you must manage your risk. There will be instances where the plane may reach 10x or more, but it could crash as soon as it takes off.

Aviator RTP and Volatility

The RTP (Return to Player) is among the key metrics used by people to choose what game they want to play. After I analyzed Aviator by Spribe, it became clear the game’s RTP is at 97%.

Regarding its volatility, based on my knowledge and experience, I will give it a low to medium rating. There are more volatile Crash Games out there, but Aviator was among the first of its kind, so it kept its rate a bit lower.

Aviator Max Win

If you decide to use SportingBet Aviator, you will see that the maximum win for one bet is capped at 180,000 ZAR. You don’t need to look online for the limits because they are accessible inside Aviator’s menu.

The lowest bet amount is 2 ZAR, whereas the maximum bet you can place while playing is 1800 ZAR. These limits allow high rollers and those on a budget to have an amazing experience.

SportingBet Aviator Interface, Theme & Sound

sportingbet aviator interface

When it comes down to design, Aviator is probably not the most eye-catching title you will find. While the animations may not seem that good, the overall layout of the game is incredible.

Once you start using it, you can see all of your bets and the top bets in the left corner. If you look below the field where the plane is flying, you can see the betting options. Above it, Aviator placed the most recent multipliers.

Lastly, there’s a menu button in the top-right corner, where you can check the limits, read the rules, use free bets, turn on/off sound, music and animation, and more.

Aviator Demo & Free Play

Something that has an impact on the popularity of SportingBet Aviator is the free play option. After I opened the title for the first time, I saw that there was a 5000 ZAR virtual balance. This allowed me to test how the game works before making a deposit.

All you need to do to access the free play Aviator option is to open the game. Once you learn how it works, SportingBet will allow you to make a deposit and place bets using the funds you’ve deposited.

Aviator Game Features

Besides the free play option, I found a lot of other features while using the Aviator Game. Allow me to walk you through some of them:

  • Live Bets – Aviator is a game that takes place in real-time, and you are playing with real people. Therefore, all bets are live.
  • Live Statistics – As mentioned, the game allows you to monitor different stats, such as the bets placed and the multipliers that occurred recently.
  • In-Game Chat – Aviator allows players to chat while enjoying their favorite game. This allows you to exchange experience, ask for tips, and more.
  • Rain Feature – This is a unique option from Aviator that can reward players with free bets. The option appears in the chat randomly, and players can get the rewards by tapping the “claim’ button.

Aviator Mobile Compatibility

SportingBet is one of South Africa’s gambling brands, where you can find apps and mobile websites. If you are a fan of mobile gambling and want to use Aviator on the go, SportingBet will allow you to do that.

The game is available on your handheld device, and you must complete the same steps to access it. However, I’ve noticed that SportingBet may require you to make a deposit before you can open Aviator and test it.

How to Win the SportingBet Aviator Game – Tips & Tricks

You must be lucky to win the SportingBet Aviator game, but relying on luck alone is usually insufficient. A lot of people rely on different betting strategies while playing. For example, the Martingale betting system, where gamblers double their bet when losing and reset their bets to the amount they started with when winning.

Those who don’t follow a specific betting strategy may look for an Aviator predictor, but the important thing to have is proper risk management. Aviator’s limits allow you to place all kinds of bets, so take advantage of them and adjust according to your budget.

Another thing to remember is that timing is very important. Since you can check what happened in the last rounds, you can keep track of the multipliers and try to “predict” when it will be higher.

Is there a Sportingbet Aviator Predictor?

No, there is no Sportingbet Aviator predictor. You may come across websites that offer such services, but I’ve researched all of them, and none is accurate. Therefore, I don’t suggest using such sites and paying high amounts of money for them.


Through my trial and error, I discovered that Aviator is one of the best crash games you can try out. SportingBet offers the title, and it will allow you to experience everything it has.

I like the fact that they have user-friendly bet limits and many customization options. Also, the fact that you can experience it for free makes it even more intriguing. Overall, I think it’s an option that is worth trying.


Is the Aviator game fair and safe?

Yes, the Aviator game is fair and safe.

What are the minimum and maximum bets I can make while playing Aviator and Sportingbet?

At SportingBet, the minimum bet while playing Aviator is 2 ZAR, whereas the maximum is 1800 ZAR.

Can I play Aviator at Sportingbet with a bonus?

Yes, you could play Aviator at SportinhBet with a bonus, but only if there is an exclusive offer for the game.

Is there an Aviator demo available at SportingBet?

Yes, once you open the game, you will have a virtual balance that you can use to test the game’s services.

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