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Mostbet India is one place where you can try out the exciting and extremely popular Aviator online game. The best part is that you do not even need to be a registered user at Mostbet to try it. Simply head to their website and you can try out the game completely free, with no sign-up or real money required.

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How to Play Aviator Game in Mostbet?

mostbet aviator demo mode

You can try out Aviator using real money or play money as the official Mostbet website supports both. No matter which mode you pick, you will see the same game on your screen. The only difference is that you can only win actual money in the full real-money mode.  

Play for Free in Demo
  • If you are not logged into an account, or you have zero funds, clicking the ‘Aviator’ link on the homepage will boot up the demo mode of the game. With this, you will be given some fake money to use on the game so that you can test it out risk-free. If you run out of play funds, just refresh the page to reset the figure.
Play for Real
  • If you have funds in your Mostbet account, the game will load up in real money mode by default when you click the ‘Aviator’ homepage link. This will also happen if you click the orange play button if accessing Aviator via the Mostbet online casino. You can, however, switch to play-money by clicking ‘demo’ in the top right corner. Alternatively, you can click ‘play for free’ button on the game thumbnail in the casino. You can always be sure that you are in real-play mode because your account balance will appear on the top of the game screen.

How does Aviator game on Mostbet Work?

Aviator is a game with a ‘crash’ mechanic which means the game is all about timing. How it works is that a ‘lucky plane’ will take flight and as it stays on screen the bet multiplier continues to rise. This bet multiplier, which always begins at 1x, determines how much money you will win when cashing out.

In the early stages, the multiplier rise is relatively slow but it accelerates the longer the plane is in the air. At a pre-determined random moment, the plane will suddenly ‘fly away’ off-screen. At this point, the round is over and anyone who had not cashed in their bet will lose their stake. The trick is always to cash out your bet before the plane flies away. This is how you win money playing Aviator but the longer you wait before cashing out, the more you will win due to the increased bet multiplier. 

⚙️ ProviderSpribe
📌 RTP97%
🏁 VolatilityLow to medium
💸 Minimum Bet10 INR
💎 Maximum Bet10,000 INR
🏆 AutoplayYes
💶 Maximum Payout1,000,000 INR

Rules of the Game

There are not too many rules involved with Aviator as it is a simple game to learn. For each round, there are basically just three steps you need to follow.

  1. Place a bet before take off with a stake of your choosing. You can place one or two bets per round.
  2. Watch the plane fly on your screen and the bet multiplier will steadily increase.
  3. Cash out before the plane disappears. Failure to do this means you lose the bet. You can either cash out your bet manually or set up an auto-cash out which will cash out your bet once it hits the specified bet multiplier.
  4. Due to having an RTP of 97%, on average three of every 100 rounds will see the plane fly away at the very start of the round before anyone can cashout.
  5. Aviator uses a provably fair random number generator algorithm to ensure complete fairness of the game.
  6. All players will be betting on the same round at the same time, and you can see their bets and winnings on-screen.

How to Win the Mostbet Aviator Game?

There are no Mostbet Aviator tricks that will land you a guaranteed profit on this game. As with any Mostbet online casino game, there is no such thing as a sure win. There are some strategies though that can potentially improve your chance of success whenever you start playing Aviator. We would also stress the importance of being aware of your spending and playing within your limits. If you end up spending too much, you can find yourself chasing losses and this approach often backfires.  

Strategies that Work – Tested & Approved by Real Players

Real players in India have tried and tested the following strategies, with many having their favourites among them. Here at Nostrabet we have given them all a thorough try too and in all cases, they have proven to be viable tactics. Although there is no ‘best’ option from the list, they all make for a sensible way of playing Aviator no matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced bettor.  

Single Bet Strategy

There is nothing too fancy about this strategy, it simply involves you placing a single, rather than a double bet. The reasoning behind this is that you can put all your focus into a single bet, something you cannot do with a double. This gives you greater control when it comes to manually cashing out as you can have the cursor ready and waiting over that one cash-out button. There is no fixed multiplier you need to aim for, it can be just down to whenever feels right for you. We particularly recommend this approach when you initially start playing Aviator.

The 1.5x Strategy

This ‘slow and steady’ approach might not appeal to everyone but it does see you get a lot of winning bets. The idea behind this one is that you will always cash out at a 1.5x multiplier, so a 15 INR return from a 10 INR bet, for example. A 50% profit is low but this is a low-risk strategy that aims to give players lots of smaller wins. It is important to stay disciplined with it though and not let the multiplier go higher whenever you feel like it might pay to do so.

Double Up Strategy

Very similar to the 1.5x strategy only here you will aim to cash out at 2.0x, thus doubling your money with every win. For this approach, you might want to be a little more selective with the rounds you participate in. Some players will wait for two or three consecutive low multiplier rounds to pass before placing their bets.

Aviator Multi-Bet Strategies

Aviator allows you to place two separate bets each round, and they can be worth different amounts. Thanks to this, some players like to have one ‘safe bet’ which they will cash out early, and one ‘ambitious bet’ they will let run for much longer. The idea behind this is that a player can lock in some returns while still standing a chance of scoring a big multiplier. Generally speaking with this approach, the low-multiplier bet should be the larger of the two stakes.

Strategies to Avoid – Hacking and Cheating the Aviator with Bots and Cheat-Codes

You may see a video or read a website talking about a possible Mostbet aviator hack. We are not here to verify if these hacks work, only to tell you that you should never make any attempt to override, hack, or otherwise cheat the game. Doing so is illegal and fully against the terms and conditions of your Mostbet account.

If caught, not only will you lose your account and access to your funds but you may find yourself blacklisted at other sites too.

Pros & Cons

  • More interactive than most casino games
  • Uncomplicated mechanism
  • Ability to place two bets at once
  • Various strategies available
  • Can get a little repetitive after a while
  • Requires a stable internet connection


What is Mostbet Aviator?

Mostbet is a popular online casino and sportsbook and Aviator is one of the games they offer. Aviator itself is a crash mechanic game that requires players to cash out before the on-screen plane disappears.

Is Mostbet Aviator available on mobile devices?

On both Android and iOS, if you download the Mostbet app you can play Aviator while on the move. You can also play it from the mobile site, with no Mostbet aviator app download required. As with the mobile site, the Mostbet aviator mobile app is completely free to download. 

What are the rules and strategies for winning in Mostbet Aviator?

Playing Aviator is best when you understand the main rules and strategies outlined earlier in this guide.

Is there a Mostbet bonus exclusively for Aviator?

Yes, Mostbet run a no deposit welcome bonus specifically for the game aviator. Through this deal, new customers will receive five free bets when they start playing Aviator. Various other promotions Mostbet run are also redeemable on the Aviator game (but not exclusively).

Can I try Mostbet Aviator for free before betting real money?

Absolutely, playing an aviator is something you can do with real or fake virtual money. We recommend starting in free mode and then switching whenever you are comfortable.

How do I cash out my winnings from Mostbet Aviator?

Whenever you want to cash out winnings from Aviator Mostbet online game, you will find there are a lot of withdrawal options including Goole Pay, bank transfer, PhonePe, UPI, PerfectMoney and various cryptocurrencies.

Can I play the game Aviator at other online casinos?

Yes, Avaiator is available at other websites but by playing Aviator at Mostbet you benefit from all the features they offer. This includes a wide range of payment methods (including crypto), their loyalty program and the excellent Mostbet mobile app.

Is the Aviator game different on the Mostbet app?

No, the mobile phone experience is the same as the desktop experience across Android and iOS devices. The only difference is that you tap the screen rather than click in order to cash out.

Do I have to Download the Aviator game Mostbet?

No, there is no Mostbet aviator download, you simply load the game up in your browser at Mostbet casino.

The Bottom Line: Play Aviator for Fun & The Chance to Win

During our Mostbet Aviator review, we have explored the various ways to play this fun and easy-to-learn game. Having tested it across numerous days we enjoyed how it offers something different from your more traditional online casino games. There are numerous ways to bet and occasional big wins are possible with a little bit of luck. Overall, we believe that many Mostbet customers will enjoy playing Aviator and its free-to-play demo mode means there is little reason not to try it out.

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