Horse Race Betting Strategies with Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes is a well-known sportsbook that’s based out of the United Kingdom. The UK Gambling Commission licenses Ladbrokes, and the London Stock Exchange has it listed. It follows all regulations, so you can ensure your money is safe with this online gambling site. Although based out of the UK, Ladbrokes has betting shops all over the world.

There are many sports available for betting with Ladbrokes, but horse racing is one of the most popular. Ladbrokes has a simple layout, so it’s straightforward to navigate. Punters and fans of Ladbrokes Horse Races can enjoy the many bonuses and promotions.

Horse races are exciting and have been popular for many years. Actually, the first bookie started with horse racing, before expanding to other sports. We’re going to go over all you need to know about horse race betting with Ladbrokes.

As a disclaimer, we’re not promising that you’ll win or make a profit with Ladbrokes on horse racing. These are just our tips and strategies to better your chances.

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Available Markets

Ladbrokes offers many tracks to bet on in the UK and from other countries around the world. For the United Kingdom and Ireland, some of the tracks are Newcastle, Kempton, Yarmouth, Newmarket, Lingfield, and Haydock.

The French race tracks available are Lavel, Nantes, Marseille-Borely, Vichy, Evreux, and La Teste De Buch. You can bet on the South African tracks at Vaal and Kenilworth racecourses. In the United States, some available racetracks are Fort Erie, Lone Star, Mountaineer Park, Belmont Park, Gulfstream, and Tampa Bay Downs.

In Australia, some tracks available are Randwick, Emerald, Belmont, Canberra, Doomben, Gawler, and Ladbrokes Park. There are also available tracks in Chile at Concepcion. These aren’t all of the tracks available to bet on, just a few. Look at the Ladbrokes site to find out all of them.

Horse Race Betting Strategies

ladbrokes horse racing betting strategies

There are many betting strategies punters use in horse race betting. Some of the best ones to use are each-way betting, dutching betting, and value horse racing betting.

Each Way Betting

Each-way betting is made up of two bets. One is a winning bet, and the other is a place bet. The win bet means you’ll choose the exact horse that will win, and a place bet means that that horse will place in the top three.

You’ll want to bet the same amount on each bet. You’re hoping to win both bets when the horse comes in first, which also means it will place. However, if your horse doesn’t go in there first, you’ll still have your bet covered if it places.

This works out best when you bet on a horse that is consistently doing well and winning a few races here and there. Each-way betting protects you, so you won’t lose when you choose the correct horse. You’ll either be making a profit off of both best or breaking even when the horse doesn’t come in first.

There still is a chance that you lose both bets when the horse is having an off day, but that’s a part of gambling. Looking at the odds, the bookies create before the race gives you a good idea about which horse the bookie expects to do well.

Each-way betting is a low-risk betting strategy when you choose the correct horses.

Dutching Betting

Dutching betting is a little more complicated than each way better. You’ll have to spend some time looking at the odds at multiple sportsbooks and placing many bets on different outcomes. With proper analysis of the odds and strategic bets placed, it will be unlikely you’ll lose.

You can do this with Ladbrokes and other sportsbooks that offer the same races to bet on. To perfect this strategy, you’ll have to understand mathematics and know that you won’t always be perfect.

It’s more involved in horse racing than football or tennis because there are so many possible outcomes. In football, there are only two possibilities for the winner, Team A or Team B. However, and horse racing has so many outcomes because they’re all competing separately. There are usually ten horses to a race, so that means there are ten possible winners.

If done correctly, dutching betting can be a great way to ensure you don’t lose big on a race.

Value Horse Racing Betting

This betting strategy also requires you to understand the odds sportsbook creates. You’re not betting on the one you think is going to win, but on the one that will give you the most value based on the odds.

The highest value horse is usually the one that is least likely to win. It’s better to choose one in the lower middle because the value of one is still good, and there is a possibility that the horse will win.

While betting on the horse that is most likely to win is safer, you’ll likely only win the amount you bet in a one to one ratio. A riskier bet on the one that’s least likely to win can triple or more your money. You might not win your bet as much, but when you do, the value will be higher and can cover your losses.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantage of using a betting strategy is that they are known ways to better your chances. With each-way betting, you’re protecting yourself when your first place bet doesn’t win, but places. There are chances that you’ll win both bets, but you’re likely to win one at least.

The disadvantage of this type of betting is that when the horse doesn’t place at all, you’ll lose on both bets. Even if the horse does well consistently, there is always the possibility that you will lose.

Dutching betting has its advantages because it covers all outcomes. This results in at least breaking even if done correctly. The disadvantage of dutching betting is that it takes a lot of skill to perfect. You’ll likely have a period where you lose more than you win.

Value horse racing betting is excellent for making a significant profit based on how much you wager. You only have to win once to make up for all of your bets. It can be a way to make a quick profit.

The disadvantage is that the horse you’re betting on rarely wins. That’s why the payout is more significant. You’re going to lose money before you make a profit. Hopefully, it will cover the losses.


ladbrokes horse races

When you’re a beginner, our advice is to try out a couple of strategies to understand which one you like the best. Some people are successful with one type of betting, while others don’t find the same profit.

Make sure to have a budget to stick to, so you don’t gamble more than you want. Start with small, low-risk bets, and when your bankroll grows, you can become riskier.

Ladbrokes Mobile Betting

You can bet on any horse race using a mobile device with Ladbrokes. It’s available on the Apple App Store or for Androids on Google Play with a few to choose from. Look for the sportsbook. You’ll then be able to access your account through Ladbrokes mobile app, directly from your phone.

There are some exclusive bonuses only available to mobile users. You can use this promo cash for wagering and make real profit with Ladbrokes. Punters love this because that means you can bet on the go, and not only in your home.

The Bottom Line

Horse betting is reliable with Ladbrokes. You get some of the best odds and can feel safe depositing money because the UK Gambling Commissions regulate it. Horse race betting is one of the favourites among punters, along with football and tennis at Ladbrokes.

You can practice a few of the betting strategies mentioned above when betting on horse racing with this gambling site. Although those are not all of the ways to bet, they’re popular.

We can’t promise our strategies will make you a profit, or you’ll win every time. We can only state that using an approach will better your chances to win. If you’re a British person that wants to horse race gamble in your free time, we suggest looking at Ladbrokes.

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