How to Play Irish Lottery with Ladbrokes

The first Irish Lottery draw was in 1987, and the Irish government created it to raise funds for supporting good causes. Since then, it has grown a lot and today is one of the world’s largest lottery games.

Many online gambling sites have Irish Lottery, including Ladbrokes – one of the leading online bookmakers. People enjoy playing the Irish Lottery because they are betting on the odds of what number the ball comes out. There are fixed odds, and this is different from the National Lottery.

We’re going to go over all you need to know about how to play Irish Lottery with Ladbrokes.

As a disclaimer, we can’t promise you’ll win using our strategies; it only creates better chances for you.

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Basics of Irish Lottery

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There are different variations of Irish Lottery, and Ladbrokes offers two different ones; the 6 number and 7 number draw. You have to choose 1 to 5 numbers between 1 and 47. The odds are different depending on how many numbers you want and if you’re playing 6 or 7 numbers.

The more numbers you pick, the higher your odds, and if you win, you’ll earn more money. The odds are higher with the 6 number draw than the 7 number draw because with the 7 number draw you have a better chance to win.

What are the Odds?

The odds for Ladbrokes depend on if you’re playing six-ball draw or the 7. The Lottery created fixed odds, so that means they won’t change from week to week. The Irish government plays the Lottery on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8 pm. There are three draws altogether.

With the 6 number draw, if you only bet on one ball, the odds are 1/7. If you choose two numbers, the odds change to 1/54. When you select 3 numbers the odds are 1/701. With four balls, it increases to 1/7,200. Finally, if you choose all five numbers, your odds are 1/125,000.

Now, for the seven ball draw, the odds are different. When placing your bet, you have to select if you want to add the bonus ball. When you choose one number, your odds are 1 /6. It increases to be 1/39 when you add a second ball. If you want 3 digits, the odds are 1/376 and 4 numbers at 1/ 3,800. Lastly, when you choose five numbers, the odds are 1/ 40,000.

Tips and tricks

With Ladbrokes, you can wager any amount you want with the Irish Lottery. The more you bet, the more you can win and the more you can lose. Our recommendation is to bet higher on one or two numbers because you’re more likely to succeed. Then, with the 3 to 5 digits, bet smaller amounts because it’s harder to win, but even if you place a small bet, if you hit it, you’ll still have an enormous reward.

Common Successful Strategies and Tactics

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There are many ways to play Irish Lottery, but one of the best strategies is a patent bet. This is when you choose three numbers, and you play them in a certain way. First, you’ll place a separate one number bet with your three numbers. Then three two number bets, using the same three numbers above in different combinations. Lastly, one three-ball bet, using the same three numbers.

It’s best if you bet low with this betting strategy and it’s possible you’ll break even more times than not.

For example, let’s say your numbers are 7, 22, and 14 and you wager €/£1 on all bets for the 6 number draw. You’ll be placing €/£1 on 7, €/£1 on 22, and €/£1 on 14 with the odds of 1/ 7. Next, you’ll do €/£1 on 7 and 22, €/£1 on 7 and 14, and €/£1 on 14 and 22. The final bet is €/£1 on 7,22, and 14 with the odds of 1/ 701.

If you hit just one of the numbers, you’ll get at least €/£7 back in winnings, which is what you wagered in the beginning, so you’ll break even. However, when two or more numbers hit, you’ll see a profit from both one number bets, and an additional reward from the two together in the two number bet.

If you’re lucky, you can win all seven bets when all three numbers are drawn. There is still the possibility to lose all of your chances using this method because even with the one number bet, the odds are still 1/ 6.

If you add a four number to the mix, you’ll be practising a Lucky 15 strategy and with five numbers a Lucky 21 strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using Ladbrokes for Irish Lottery Legal?

Yes, because the UK Gambling Commission licenses Ladbrokes, you can ensure that it is legal and giving you fair odds. Every Wednesday and Saturday night, Ladbrokes will inform you if you’ve won and it adds the winnings to your account balance, and you can withdraw it.

What does “Lucky Pick” on the Ladbrokes website mean?

The Lucky Pick is a system Ladbrokes uses to choose numbers for you randomly. Many people like this feature because the results are random as well. There’s less you have to think about, and it could choose the winning numbers for you.

People who want to use one of the many strategies with the Irish Lottery should stay away from the Lucky Pick. You won’t be able to control which numbers the random number generator chooses, and the plan won’t work.

Can I use Promo Codes for Irish Lottery with Ladbrokes?

As of right now, no there aren’t any special promotions for the lottery section of Ladbrokes. Although this online gambling site has promotions like the welcome bonus, the free bonus cash cannot be used for any lottery.

Can I check the Irish Lottery result on Ladbrokes?

Yes, Ladbrokes posts the winning numbers on its website. It would notify you if you won.

How much can I win on Irish Lottery?

The jackpot minimum is 2 million Euros or Pounds, while there is no maximum jackpot. This is because you can enter how much you want to wager, and that number determines how much you win.

The largest Irish Lottery jackpot so far was €/£189,963,411. However, this is extremely difficult to do with the odds at around 1 in every 10,700,000. You have to get all six numbers perfectly matched.

The Bottom Line

If you enjoy doing a little gambling here and there, but don’t have an interest in casino games or sports, the Lottery is a fun thing to gamble on. The Irish Lottery is one of the most famous ones in the world, and many online gambling sites offer this. People enjoy the fixed odds of it and using different strategies to find out what works best for them.

It makes it easier than having to find a cashier that sells the tickets. Also, you’ll be instantly notified when you win. Ladbrokes has good odds, and you can feel safe gambling with this site. If you’ve never tried Irish Lottery, try it today!

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