About Maria

Name: Maria Kostadinova

Age: 24

Education and training:
  • Vocational High School of Economics and Management
  • Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”
Diplomas and Degrees:
  • Economic Informatics
  • Software Technologies and Design
  • Business Informatics with English
Work Duties:
  • Writing of original content
  • Preparing structures for upcoming bookmakers
  • Checking and editing of reviews, publications, and articles
  • Filling in details after having checked the official sites of the top bookmakers we write for
  • Editing content and processing images

Hello, Maria. Introduce yourself and tell us more about you.

Hello! My name is Maria, I am 24 years old, and I was born in Pazardzhik (my favourite place in the world), but live in Plovdiv at present. I moved to this beautiful city to continue my studies at Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”. I majored in the Bachelor program Software Technologies and Design. It is strange how I always go for majors that are in the curriculums for the first time. The same happened back in High School. When I enrolled in Vocational High School, I picked Economic Informatics class. There was only one class formed because it was just launched. A year later there was a tremendous interest in it, and the number of classes grew. At university, a similar situation occurred. When I got accepted into Software Technologies and Design, there was no one to ask what the study syllabus had been. I had to rely on myself which wasn’t a problem given my drive and motivation for success. This experience taught me a valuable lesson in life. Now my motto is “Walk on the path less travelled as that makes all the difference”.

How did you end up working for Nostrabet?

If there’s been one thing I’ve always been sure of is that doing something you love means not having to work a day. At the time I was introduced to the world of online gambling and the affiliate business, I had yet to graduate. In fact, I was preparing for my thesis. The chance to work for Nostrabet came about in the summer of 2017, and I took it. Initially, I only formatted and uploaded reviews on our platform which wasn’t as developed as it is now. The difference was that our team constituted only a few people who worked in close collaboration. Since then, both our site’s content and the number of people working on it increased. Still, our goal remains the same, namely making our readers happy and providing them with high-quality and professional content.

What part of your job appeals to you the most?

It is definitely the variety that accompanies the day of a content writer. Sometimes my daily tasks involve submitting bonus offers of a given bookmaker. There are days when I have to prepare a structure for a new bookie to be uploaded to the site. On most days, though, I am in charge of formatting, editing, and checking reviews. I also process thematic images that I compress and upload on our pages.

Which was the most intriguing task you have taken on so far?

Every task I get is exciting in my opinion. As a result, I always approach each assignment with caution. I would never allow myself to present content that does not meet my highest criteria to our readers. I am my own biggest critic.

Would like to share anything else with Nostrabet’s readers?

I hope you find the information posted on our website informative and helpful. Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment as we appreciate any feedback we get from our readers, be it positive or negative. That is how we learn, grow and improve.

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