About Katerina

Hello, my name is Katerina Gadzheva, and since 2019 I have been working as a writer for Nostrabet. Throughout this time, my primary goal has always been to provide English content of the highest quality for our readers. My main responsibilities include writing detailed and comprehensive reviews about reputable and reliable online casinos and bookmakers. My work entails an in-depth study of the many aspects related to various online betting platforms. It is up to me to provide this information in an accessible and understandable way for you, our readers. I often have to make translations as well as help with designing the content on Nostrbet’s pages. I can safely say that writing gives me immense pleasure. I write with ease focusing on the smallest details, which helps me maintain the high content standards on our site. You can be sure that the information provided by me in the reviews about the various online casinos and bookmakers has been verified and is true at the time of writing.

If you are interested to know more about me, I can share with you that I was born in 1987. During my high school years, I studied English intensely, which allowed me to realize how much I love to write. In addition to languages, I also had to take intensive subjects such as computer science and mathematics. I continued my education at the Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”, where I graduated as a Bachelor in English Philology in 2011. Two years later, I obtained a Master’s Degree in English Linguistics and Translation. Thanks to my studies there, I was granted the opportunity to visit the United States where I spent half a year. When I got back, it didn’t last long. Soon after that, I started working as an English teacher and moved to sunny Malta where I stayed for three years. These months spent abroad helped me become more confident in my linguistic competence.

Why I chose to enter the online gambling industry

You may wonder why I chose to enter the online gambling industry. At least for me, that was the obvious choice. I love writing, I like sports, and my work at Nostrabet is a combination of both my passions. Now I have the chance to communicate with people from all over the world without leaving the city where I live. Of course, I continue to travel whenever I can, especially for pleasure.

Final comments

If I’m not glued to my computer leaning over the keyboard, you’ll probably find me outside either in nature or in a gym. I did practice volleyball professionally, but now I’m just a fan of the game. Sport is something I take pleasure in so I often play table tennis, bowling, and pools with friends. I regularly follow soccer matches on TV. I love watching tennis and snooker as well as hockey when I have the time. In the summer, I go camping in the mountain or at the seaside, while during the winter months I accompany my friends for skiing.

Some people cannot live without their phones, and I cannot live without my laptop. I bring it with me wherever I go along with a pocket-sized wireless device. The writing muse may pay me a visit at the most unexpected of moments, and I have to be ready to make the most of the situation. That is, at least in my opinion, the fate of any dedicated writer, whose purpose is to provide original, informative, and memorable content.

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