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  1. Gary McPhee
    Just want to endorse Benjamin's comments. I won $15000 and when I requested a withdrawal of $9000 it was met with deafening silence. Eventually I was directed to the "VIP" manager who advised me that $9000 was too much. Now that's strange considering they are "matched" bets so supposedly some punter lost the $15000 I won. So why is $9000 too much? They eventually paid me $5000 and despite about 25 email and "chats" since I have never had a reply to any further requests. Be warned.
  2. Gary McPhee
    HinWould just like to echo Benjamins frustration. No wonder they are licenced in Curacao. I was up $15000 and after they fobbed me off they finally paid me $5000. Since been ghosted and they refuse to reply to any of my emails.nAbsolute grubs !!! Dont abuse your money. Its a NO-WIN situation.
  3. Benjamin Schiff
    Hi I just wanted everyone to know that I went up 25k over a couple of months span and when I went to withdraw they ghosted me, and only when I blew up their costumer service team did they finally give me my initial deposit of 2k back. This was an extremely exhausting and demoralizing experience and for everyone's sake please do your best to make sure no one who has ever visited this site will ever have to deal with again.
    1. Doug Henderson
      How did you blast their customer support? I am only looking to get $300 back and I cant get anyone to respond to me. I did a withdrawal previously and didnt have a problem. Now, nothing. Are they out of business?
  4. Alli
    very limited, no cashout, small bonuses, no live streaming, no live betting....